15EPSS Konvas motor UPGRADE


Konvas-1M, 2M cameras can have a few version of motors.
This can be electrical motor with analog system of speed stabilization 15EPSS

15EPSS motor - analog sync motor of Konvas camera included motor module and power unit module.
Power unit module included system of speed stabilization and voltage changer from 8 v to 52 v.
That's why, power unit ask of big current from battery of 8 v.
The peak current can be up to 23 A. That's why, you heed high power battery, 10..16AH.
The original battery CSC 8 v 15 ah.
But, original battery do not available now.
You can have a few versions to choose of battery.
This can be 6 v 12 ah SLA battery, but, you will have speeds up to 24 fps only and speed 24 fps do not will have spare power for good stabilization.

Other idea, to order of upgrade of 15EPSS power unit for 6 v battery, the all speeds will work fine and will have good spare power.

DO NOT USE OF 12V high power  battery, you can burn down of power unit electronics.

You can connect of 6 v 10..15 Ah SLA battery for test of 15EPSS motor.
The speed 16 FPS and less must be sych correct.
24 fps speed can be sync too, but, with fine charged 6 v, high power 12 ah and more battery.

Upgrade of power unit for use of 6 v battery.
We can upgrade of electronic of 15EPSS  power unit for use of 6 v 12 ah SLA battery.
The power unit will have high stabilization and good spare power at all speeds from 8 fps  up to 32 fps.
We can setup of other, do not standard speeds too. This can be speeds 30 fps and other.

This is battery have size, compatible with free  square of power unit module for setup of battery.


6 v SLA battery  will have output voltage :

 The voltage more 6.33 v – 100% power of battery

6.2 v = 75% of power

6.1 v = 40% of power

6.0  v = 25% power

            5.9 or less  = discharger

 Power unit have main power on-off switch.