Wanting to score for your O-level Social Studies exam? Coming to this web page is your first step to getting your A1 for Social Studies! Social Studies is a compulsory subject in Singapore GCE O-level Examination. Some students combination would require them to include Social Studies in their L1R5 / L1R4.

Olevelssstudynotes is a non-profitable website created by an ex-Olevel Student (Olevel in 2010), Xavier See Jing Han who would like to help other students acquire A1 for their humanities too. 
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What that is written in the notes are not 100% correct and accurate. They are written by a student. However, hopefully it will be useful to you. Use at your own risk as the author will not be responsible for errors etc.

ZHSS Social Studies Department
Upper Secondary EPB Social Studies (Sec 3 Textbook)
Upper Secondary EPB Social Studies (Sec 4 Textbook)


Xavier See Jing Han 



Name:            Xavier See Jing Han Secondary:     ZHSS
Tertiary:         CJC 

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