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About Us

The Olentangy Watershed Alliance (OWA) was formed in April 1999. Our mission is to work in partnership with farming, urban and other local communities to understand, appreciate and responsibly use the Olentangy River, its tributaries and watershed. 

OWA is governed by the Board of Directors who operate according to OWA's by-laws and make decisions based on a majority vote, although consensus is sought. Board members work to provide organizational direction to the Watershed Coordinator.  

The OWA Board meeting time currently varies. Please look at the events calendar for the location of the upcoming meetings, or our Facebook page. Visitors are welcome; OWA invites those who are interested in taking an active decision-making role in the organization to apply for Board nomination. Please contact our Watershed Coordinator or Board President for more details.

Upper Olentangy Watershed Action Plan

The Upper Olentangy Watershed Management and Action Plan was written by faculty and staff at The Ohio State University, Department of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering.  The goal of the plan is to provide watershed stakeholders and decision-makers a strategic framework for actions that will protect and enhance the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the Upper Olentangy River and its tributaries.  The Watershed Action Plan was developed through an integrated and collaborative approach that engaged a variety of stakeholders in the planning process, including concerned citizens, the agricultural community, conservation groups, government agencies, public utilities, and many others.  Included in the report is a detailed watershed inventory based on extensive field research, technical analyses, and public participation.  In addition, individual action plans detailing the causes and sources of impairments, restoration goals, and implementation objectives were developed for each of the 18 sub-watersheds.  The Watershed Action Plan is now officially endorsed by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, and was highly praised by experts in the field of watershed protection.

Board Members

Jeff Kauffman             President (Interim)
                                   Vice President
Susan Logan              Treasurer, Secretary
Caroline Cicerchi        Watershed Coordinator               ccicerchi@delawareohio.net

Other Members

Del-Co Water Co. - Glenn Marzluf
June Bargar
Marci Bird
Robert Brooke
William Cackler
Harry Condry
Crawford Soil & Water Conservation District
Terry Croft
Jan Fleischmann
John Foreman
Lynn Foreman
John Fried
Mary Fried
Frank Hinchey
Martha Hinchey
Louann Holmes
Jane Kush
Marlene Lee
Kenneth Lewis
Linda Lewis
Herb Lucas
Gale Martin
Bill McCarthy
Paul Monks
Morrow Soil & Water Conservation District
Chris Roshon
Mike Sapp
Avry Spring
Chad Spring
Brad Stanton
PK Tudor
Richard Tuttle
Noelle Van Pulis
Paul Vandermeer

Ex Officio

Bob Bargar 
Sarah Hess Boone
Gale Martin
Brian McCombs
Erin Miller
Kristin Piper