Scientist-Researcher, Specialist in usage of Formal Methods in Software Engineering, Software Developer
(testing and verification of Safety-Critical 
and QoS (Quality of Service) Systems, re-engineering, cybersecurity)

Leading researcher in Glushkov Institute of cybernetics



Author of technology of usage of symbolic methods in model-based testing and software verification especially symbolic white-box and integration model-based testing methods, methods of invariants generation, methods of re-engineering  (business rules extraction from program code, languages migration, model transformation), cybersecurity(vulnerability verification, malicious software detection) .

Architect and Developer of Program Systems (Java/C++/C) - Verification of Requirements Specifications System (2001 - 2008), System Generic Test Generator(2011 - 2016), Insertion Modelling System (from 2003), Algebraic Programming System (from 1990), Business Rules Extraction (2016-2018)

Co-Author of insertion programming (modelling) and predicate transformers theories together with A.Ad. Letichevsky and V.Peschanenko