Peer-reviewed publications in reversed chronological order

1. Drosophila Rab2 controls endosome-lysosome fusion and LAMP delivery to late endosomes. Lund VK, Madsen KL, Kjaerulff O. Autophagy 2018. In press. PDF (accepted manuscript)

2. An amphipathic helix encodes cellular curvature sensing and directs function of the BAR domain protein PICK1. Herlo R, Lycas MD, Lund VK, Jansen AM, Khelashvili G, Chan R, Bhatia V, Pedersen TS, Albornoz PBC, Johner N, Christensen N, Erlandsson S, Stoklund M, Larsen JB, Weinstein H, Kjærulff O, Stamou D, gether U, Madsen KL. Cell Reports 2018. Accepted. PDF

3. Mactosylceramide Prevents Glial Cell Overgrowth by Inhibiting Insulin and Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor Signaling. Gerdøe-Kristensen S, Lund VK, Wandall HH, Kjaerulff OJournal of Cellular Physiology 2017, 232:3112-3127. PDF 

4. PICK1-Deficiency Impairs Secretory Vesicle Biogenesis and Leads to Growth Retardation and Decreased Glucose Tolerance. Birgitte Holst*, Kenneth L Madsen, Anna M Jansen, Chunyu Jin, Mattias Rickhag, Viktor K. Lund, Morten Jensen, Vikram Bhatia, Gunnar Sørensen, Andreas N. Madsen, Zhichao Xue, Siri K Møller, David Woldbye, Klaus Qvortrup, Richard Huganir, Dimitrios Stamou, Ole Kjærulff*, Ulrik Gether*. PLoS Biology 2013, 11(4): e1001542. *Authors for correspondence. PDF 

5. Katja Dahlgaard, Anita Jung, Klaus Qvortrup, Henrik Clausen, Ole Kjaerulff* and Hans Wandall*. A neurofibromatosis-like phenotype in Drosophila lacking glycosylceramide extension. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 2012, 109 (18): 6987-92. *Authors for correspondence. PDF 

6. Ole Kjærulff, Hans Wandall. Neurofibromatose 1: sygdomsmekanismer og deres terapeutiske perspektiver. Ugeskrift for Læger 2012; 174 (10): 642. PDF 

7. Kjaerulff O, Brodin L, Jung A. The structure and function of endophilin proteins. Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics 2011, 60:137-54. PDF 

8. Jung A, Labarrera C, Jansen A, Qvortrup K, Wild K and Kjaerulff O. A mutational analysis of the endophilin-A N-BAR domain performed in living flies. PLoS ONE 2010 (5) 9492: 1-14. PDF 

9. Jansen A, Nässel D, Madsen K, Jung A, Gether U, Kjaerulff O. PICK1 expression in the Drosophila nervous system primarily occurs in the neuroendocrine system. Journal of Comparative Neurology 2009, 517: 313-322. PDF 

10. Rusu P, Jansen A, Soba P, Kirsch J, Lower A, Merdes G, Kuan YH, Jung A, Beyreuther K, Kjaerulff O*, Kins S*. Axonal accumulation of synaptic markers in APP transgenic Drosophila depends onthe NPTY motif and is paralleled by defects in synaptic plasticity. European  Journal of Neuroscience 2007, 25:1079-86. *Equal contribution. PDF 

11. Owe-Larsson B, Chaves-Olarte E, Chauhan A, Kjaerulff O, Brask J, Thelestam M, Brodin L, Low P. Inhibition of hippocampal synaptic transmission by impairment of Ral function. Neuroreport. 2005, 16:1805-8. PDF 

12. Bloom O, Evergren E, Tomilin N, Kjaerulff O, Löw P, Brodin L, Pieribone VA, Greengard P, Shupliakov O. Colocalization of synapsin and actin during synaptic vesicle recycling. Journal of Cell Biology 2003, 161:737-47. PDF 

13. Merrywest SD, McDearmid JR, Kjaerulff O, Kiehn O, Sillar KT. Mechanisms underlying the noradrenergic modulation of longitudinal coordination during swimming in Xenopus laevis tadpoles. European Journal of Neuroscience 2003, 17: 1013-22. PDF 

14. Kjaerulff O, Verstreken P, Bellen HJ. Synaptic vesicle retrieval: still time for a kiss. Nature Cell Biology 2002, 4:245-8. PDF 

15.  Shupliakov O, Bloom O, Gustafsson JS, Kjaerulff O, Low P, Tomilin N, Pieribone VA, Greengard P, Brodin L. Impaired recycling of synaptic vesicles after acute perturbation of the presynaptic actin cytoskeleton. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 2002, 99:14476-81. PDF 

16. Verstreken P*, Kjaerulff O*, Lloyd TE, Atkinson R, Zhou Y, Meinertzhagen IA, Bellen HJ. Endophilin mutations block clathrin-mediated endocytosis but not neurotransmitter release. Cell 2002, 109:101-12. *Equal contribution PDF 

17. Kjaerulff O, Kiehn O. 5-HT modulation of multiple inward rectifiers in motoneurons in intact preparations of the neonatal rat spinal cord. Journal of Neurophysiology 2001, 85:580-93. PDF 

18. Kiehn O, Kjaerulff O, Tresch MC, Harris-Warrick RM. Contributions of intrinsic motor neuron properties to the production of rhythmic motor output in the mammalian spinal cord. Brain Research Bulletin 2000, 53: 649-59. PDF 

19. Gad H, Ringstad N, Low P, Kjaerulff O, Gustafsson J, Wenk M, Di Paolo G, Nemoto Y, Crun J, Ellisman MH, De Camilli P, Shupliakov O, Brodin L. Fission and uncoating of synaptic clathrin-coated vesicles are perturbed by disruption of interactions with the SH3 domain of endophilin. Neuron 2000, 27:301-12. PDF 

20. Kiehn O, Sillar KT, Kjaerulff O, McDearmid JR. Effects of noradrenaline on locomotor rhythm-generating networks in the isolated neonatal rat spinal cord. Journal of Neurophysiology 1999, 82:741-6. PDF 

21. Eide AL, Glover J, Kjaerulff O, Kiehn O. Characterization of commissural interneurons in the lumbar region of the neonatal rat spinal cord. Journal of Comparative Neurology1999, 403:332-45. PDF 

22. Kiehn O, Kjaerulff O. Distribution of central pattern generators for rhythmic motor outputs in the spinal cord of limbed vertebrates. Proceedings of the Annual New York Academy of Sciences 1998, 860:110-29. PDF 

23. Kjaerulff O, Kiehn O. Crossed rhythmic synaptic input to motoneurons during selective activation of the contralateral spinal locomotor network. Journal of Neuroscience 1997, 17:9433-47. PDF 

24. Kjaerulff O, Kiehn O. Distribution of networks generating and coordinating locomotor activity in the neonatal rat spinal cord in vitro: a lesion study. Journal of Neuroscience1996, 16:5777-94. PDF 



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