STIX Fonts - TTF (True Type)

Conversion from the OTF originals



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These are the STIX fonts converted from OTF (Open Type) to TTF (True Type), suitable for use in Java applications (Java 6 cannot use OTF fonts -Adobe-1 encoding- for displaying, at least in SUN's JRE / JDK).

This download corresponds to the 0.9 (beta) version of the fonts, released on 31 October 2007.

These fonts are converted directly from the originals using the FontForge program ( and the original STIX license applies here too (see it at

Please, note that the converted fonts display a bit ugly respect from the originals in OTF format due to the conversion, but may be useable for testing while we wait for the final release of the STIX fonts. Perhaps using antialiasing can reduce ugliness, but I hope STIX project will release also a proper True Type version.

* * *

The STIX Example is a zip file containing a Netbeans project (source code included) showing a comparison of a text with a formula in different fonts (default font, Arial Unicode and STIX General). There is an executable JAR in the "STIX Example\dist" directory. Screenshot here.

It is of interest the "x hat" symbol (average x) that is showed properly only with the STIX font (the other fonts show two separate symbols). This symbol is generated with the Unicode escape plus the Unicode symbol for the "hat" and the x:

  • \u0305x

The formula is generated with this String:

  • "\u0305x = \u03A3 (x\u2081 + x\u2082 + ... + xn) / n"