A simple multiplatform reminder program (with 3 alarms) 




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a-larm is a reminder program with three configurable alarms.

It is an opensource program under the GPL v3 license. As such, it is free (in the both senses: free as in beer and free as in freedom xD)

  • Enable/disable each alarm individually.
  • Enable/disable all alarms at once.
  • Allows to set a custom text for each alarm.
  • Shows different nice clock photos when alarms expires.
  • Works with computer hibernation/suspend.
  • Easily accessible via system tray.
  • Multiplatform and translated to 3 languages (english, spanish and catalan).

Download a-larm 1.0 for Windows with the link on the left of the page. Requirements: Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista.

GNU/Linux version coming soon.

Source code available on the a-larm project page at Google Code (obtainable via Subversion).

New version 1.0.2!

New version with a nasty bug corrected (crash when alarm fired and program was on tray) and new features:

  • Program window starts centered on screen
  • Program is showed when double-clicking tray icon.
  • Added information on how to download and compile a-larm in the compilation.txt file.

New version 1.0.1!

Due to a bug on version 1.0 relating to loading of JPEG images on systems without Qt4 installed, a new version correcting this has been released. 

If you downloaded version 1.0, you can download the 1.0 to 1.0.1 upgrade file (only 168 KB) instead of full 1.0.1 version. To apply the update, simply unzip its contents into the installed a-larm directory (make sure to have a-larm program stopped before updating).