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These articles provide information on object tracking algorithms and related source code in C++.  OpenCV is used as base for implementation.

 Image Alignment Algorithms
 In this article we describe two image alignment algorithms: the Lucas-Kanade forwards additive algorithm and Baker-Dellaert-Matthews inverse compositional algorithm. We also provide C source code for these algorithms.

Image Alignment Algorithms - Part II
In this article we implement forwards compositional and Hager-Belhumeur inverse additive image alignment algorithms. We slightly modify the code of algorithms that we already implemented in Part I of this article. We compare performance and convergence speed of all implemented algorithms in three simple experiments.

Implementing a Simple 2D Object Tracker
In this article we implement a simple 2D object tracker with dynamic template and template pixel weights. Inter-frame object motion can be estimated using one of four available image alignment algorithms: forwards additive, forwards compositional, inverse additive, or inverse compositional.