Church Office News
  • Need the Newsletter? If you know of anyone who is not getting our newsletter, please tell them to call or email the church office.
  • Newsletter Deadline All information to be included in the newsletter must be received by the third Sunday of each month.

Offering Box - A secure box has been installed in the rear of the sanctuary for you to deposit your offering or other important papers.  If you happen to be in the church when the office isn't open, you can deposit your papers and offerings in that silver box at the rear of the sanctuary.  It has been secured to the floor and is locked.  It will be opened on a Sunday morning so the offerings in there can be combined with those in worship that day.  Thanks for your continued support of our church.

Sponsor Altar Flowers or Bulletins!  If you no longer wish to have your name on the flower or bulletin list, or you would like to be a sponsor, please notify the office (610-966-3601), email at, otherwise your name will be carried over from year to year.  Prices to sponsor flowers are $30.00; bulletins are $10.00. 

Greeters and Liturgists

If you would like to be included on our Greeters list or our Liturgists list please let the office or Pastor Lori know.


Mark your calendar for our Summer Worship Schedule.  Worship hour will move to 9:00 a.m. beginning July 2.  Our choir takes the summer off therefore we are looking for anyone who would like to share a special talent during Worship.  Please talk to Pastor Lori.  Thank you!

Pill Bottles - We are collecting empty brown/orange pill bottles.  Please remove labels.  Missionaries are using these to dispense medicines.  Thanks to Julia Yeakel for helping us to share the Love of God in this way.  A collection box is on the pew in our upper level Social Room outside of Pastor’s office.

Eyeglass Donations - A collection box for used eyeglasses is at the front door entrance of the Sanctuary.  The Lions Club appreciates your donations.


Lost and Found – Do you sometimes find things missing?  You forget where you left something?  We have a Lost and Found box you could check anytime – it is located on top of the mailboxes across from our upstairs bathroom.  If you don’t see what you are looking for in the box, ask Pastor Lori, we may have it in the office.  We have a few things in there under lock and key!!

Emergency Night Help Form.  If you would be willing to help with dinner preparation in the evenings please fill out one of the forms located at the entrances to church and drop it in the offering plate any Sunday.  We normally do the prep work the week before a Church Dinner during the day, but in case of an emergency it would be nice to know who we can call.  Or you can call the church office at 610-966-3601 and we will put your name on the list.  Thank you