wine street ride - fall 2017

Welcome  to our bicycle tour!

 26th October 2017
National holiday in Austria

Iris, tired and retired bicyclist
Heide, my spouse.

Queen weather in Austrias Waldviertel ("forest quarter"). - our Indian summer in the wine country, North/East of Vienna.

An enjoyable ride.

To all who receive regular my report:
please forgive to be on the address directory.
Some may be interested, some not.
Most of you are bicyclist's, and I thought it could be interested for you...
Please stay tuned!

Our tour started at Traismauer. Following the Danube trail west until Hollenburg. Crossing over at the bridge.
Riding further West until Krems. The an uphill climb to Gneixendorf via "Bründelgraben". Riding on side roads to Langenlois. Lunch time at Langenlois! Continued riding on the "old wine street" (Bergstrasse Schiltern) towards Schiltern.
And all the way back to Traismauer.

Distance: just sweet 62 kilometers.

here is my picture report.

Good luck to our followers.

how long long will you run?

YouTube Video

and here the amateur:

YouTube Video

 starting at the Danube trail at Traismauer
 crossing over to the North side of the Danube at Hollenburg
 spiral bicycle path at the bridge
 Arriving at the city of Krems
still motivated bicyclist
 Bründelgraben is a rather steep uphill climb at Krems
 Passing the little town Gneixendorf
 riding on side roads
 ...and enjoying "forgotten" grapes in the wine yards
 remember the good times!
 "forgotten grapes"
 that's the road sign which gave the name of the tour
 winery at Langenlois
 winery - but not good for vegetarians
 found that huge pumpkin
 Heides school
 pumpkin - heavy?
 found a lunch restaurant at Langenlois
 everything is "goose meal" - we are vegetarians
 self explaining
 bicyclists award
 go team go!
 spouse arrives soon...
 rolling hills
 I remember that rest bench, when my father has been alive - he liked that bench for a rest

destination of our our tour:

- end of tour -