Old Warren House is a Key Stage 4 Pupil Referral Unit serving the needs of pupil with emotional and/or behavioural difficulties. The school caters for pupils in Years 10 and 11 of their education who live within the Northern Area of Suffolk. Pupils are all referred to Old Warren House through the local authority.
We can offer a limited number of pupils whose behavioural and emotional needs are, at the time of admission, in excess of what can be resolved by the parent school. Old Warren House aims to address the individual difficulties of pupils through the provision of a differentiated and appropriate curriculum based on a thorough assessment of the pupils needs.
We offer a fresh start in a supportive learning environment. Within a framework of equal opportunities we provide access to good educational opportunities and promote achievement and attainment for everyone who comes to our school. We foster an open environment where pupils feel they are being treated with dignity and respect.
"Old Warren House provides a good quality of education for its students. Many elements of its work are outstanding. Students are provided with an exceptionally safe and secure environment within which the large majority thrive. Outstanding care, guidance and support underpin every aspect of the school's work.... Strong partnerships with a wide range of other professionals, voluntary sector organisations and educational settings enable this school to promote students learning and well being exceptionally we.. Behaviour is excellent." (Ofsted, October 2010).