The Carmichael Family Page

Widdington Nursery group November 1969 
Cathie 4 3/4 years in middle of picture looking down
Stephen Carmichael Back row just below teaches head 

Jane, Richard and Andrew Carmichael, 
On the corner of Church Street, Widdington  1945ish

March 1970, Ian and Cathie outside Vine Cottage Widdington 

March 1970, Ian and Cathie outside Vine Cottage Widdington 

1972 Ian and Cathie Carmichael

September 1972, Ian and Cathie outside Vine Cottage Widdington 

Outside the Flue de lys

Looks like Vote Conservative on the poster the chaps holding up

Nora Carmichael Having book signed by 
Richard Backer 

Down the Hut ( Village Hall)
Ann Morris, Jo Chipperfield, Mrs Cooper ( Betty), Dillon Robinson, 
Mrs Dellow, .?, Rev. Court, Nora Carmichael, .?, Mrs Lane,Gwen Simmons, .?, 
Front Row
Ada Braybrooke  (Andrews). Pearmans, Stally girls.

Widdington Hall, Home to Mr Richard Carmichael.

We think it was taken before WW2 

Widdington Hall
Clearing out Pond 

Widdington Hall, From the Air 

Andrew, Widdington Hall

Pond clearing Widdington Hall

Nuffield Universal Tractors, it will have been made between 1948 and 1955

When in 1948 the Morris Motors Agricultural Division launched their tractor range the 
name Nuffield was chosen to be the brand name for the companies agricultural products.
The models introduced at the 1948 Smithfield Show were the Nuffield Universal M4 
and the tricycle-wheeled M3. Both tractors were powered by an engine based on the 
side-valve Morris Commercial four cylinder lorry engine.
The first diesel powered Nuffield was the Universal DM4 which was powered by a 48 h.p. 
Perkins P4 (TA) engine. When Morris Motors became part of the British Motor Corporation (BMC)
 in 1951 the Perkins engine was retained 
until 1954 when it was replaced by 45 h.p. BMC diesel engine.

Pond clearing

Andrew, Richard and Stuart Carmichael

The Carmichael's 1945-6

On the pond Widdington Hall


Inside Widdington Hall late 1950s

Andrew, Nora, Jane, Bill and Richards mid 1950s

Mary, Jan, Steve, Cathie, Ian Carmichael, Gran McQueen, Nan Turner Outside Bungalow

Widdington from Church Tower

Widdington from Church tower 

Field at the back of Church 


New Amberdon Hall                                                                                                                    New Amberdon Hall Debden Essex 2013
Grannie McQueen Farm 

Mrs McQueen of New Amberdon Hall, Debden, Essex

Mr James McQueen, aged 65,  Funeral, Feb 21st 1940
Mr McQueen was killed on a tractor

Tractor that Killed Mr James McQueen, 1939 or 1940 

The tractor look like an Fordson N