Home Remedies that help to settle an Upset Stomach

An upset stomach can be the cause of many ailments, stresses or reactions to various foods. 
Try these home remedies to help soothe your stomach.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar
Mix 1 teaspoon of vinegar with 3-4 ounces of water and drink to settle stomach and relief nausea. 

2. Baking Soda 
Add one teaspoon of baking soda into an 8 ounces glass of water and drink. Will reduce stomach acidity and discomfort. 

3. Burnt Toast 
Burnt toast helps to absorb toxins in the stomach that can cause discomfort while neutralizing acids.  

4. Carrots and Mint Juice 
Boil four sliced carrots in four cups of water with one teaspoon of dried peppermint or one peppermint tea bag. Cook for 15 minutes on medium heat until carrots are soft. Remove tea bag and add a dash of ground ginger or lemon and drink to settle your stomach.         

5. Carbonated Beverages 
Slowly sip carbonated beverages to avoid an upset stomach. 

6. Cinnamon 
Sprinkle cinnamon on toast, tapioca pudding or dissolve into boiling water to make tea and drink up to 4 times a day. Cinnamon is known for settling the stomach. 

7. Chamomile Tea 
Drinking a cup of chamomile tea soothes a stomach upset. 

8. Caraway Seeds  
Caraway seeds are packed with vitamins that inhibit the growth of bacteria that causes indigestion gas and bloating. Nibble on a few seeds after meals to prevent gas discomfort or to relieve an upset stomach. 

9. Fennel 
For indigestion, gas or bloating sip a fennel tea or chew on a few seeds. Fennel helps support digestion, reduces gas, helps to relieve cramps and reduces nausea from an upset stomach. 

10. Ginger
Ginger has natural anti-inflammatory properties used as a digestive aid and nausea remedy. Take ginger capsules, drink ginger tea or ginger ale to soothe the stomach.

11. Herbal Tea 
Drink chamomile, cinnamon, fennel, ginger, peppermint, lemon balm, licorice, sage, valerian and yarrow to soothe an upset stomach. 

12. Peppermint or Spearmint Tea
Drink tea to help an upset stomach. The aroma alone will help to soothe the stomach. 

13. Raw Honey 
Honey contains enzymes which aid in digestion. Take a spoonful or combine with a drink to settle the stomach.

14. Rice Tea 
Boil 1/2 cup of rice in 6 cups of water for 15 minutes. Strain then add a bit of honey and drink warm. Great for soothing an upset stomach. 

15. Saltine Crackers 
Eating a few saltine crackers helps to settle an upset stomach by absorbing stomach acids.  

16. Thyme 
Add to soup or sprinkle on food to help with cramps and bloating. Can also steep one tsp dried thyme in 1 cup boiling water allowing to set for 10 minutes, drain and drink. 

17. Yogurt
Live bacteria in yogurt ease digestive discomfort and boosts immune system. Non-fat plain yogurt without sugar or added flavoring is best. 

18. Hot Water Bottle
Hold a hot water bottle against your stomach to soothe an upset stomach. 

19. Lemon or Lime Juice
Biting into a fresh lemon or lime can help an upset stomach or add juice to a glass of water and drink. 

20. Papaya
Eat a fresh papaya or take papaya capsules to aid in digestion and soothe an upset stomach. Dried papaya does not produce same results. 

21. Herbs
Simply chew on some herbs such as cardamom, coriander, fennel, ginger, fenugreek, and caraway to help an upset stomach, intestinal spasms and to relieve nausea. 

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