Recommended Hair Removal Methods for Unwanted hair.
Don't remove hair in a method that promotes hair growth.


As a licensed Electrologist, I've seen many people use hair removal methods that encourage hair growth and as a result of these practices create a greater unwanted hair growth problem. There are several methods of removing unwanted hair between Electrolysis or Laser treatments that will not promote hair growth, which one can also use as a regular removal regiment. 

The first removal method is cutting the hair.  If you hold the hair taut with tweezers, you'll be able to cut the hair extremely close to the skin without cutting yourself. The second method is bleaching the hair. There are many products on the market that you can use to lighten the hair, or if you want a natural remedy you can use lemon juice to accomplish the same result; however, it does take several applications. A recommended practice you can start before heading off to bed that will lighten the hair and tones your skin.  

The most important removal method to avoid is pulling out the hair. When hair is pulled out of the follicle, the body recognizes this as an injury and sends blood to the area to heal the wound.  Blood nourishes the hair and promotes healthy hair growth.  So, if you're intentions are to get rid of your unwanted facial hair the last thing you want to do is nourish the hair making it stronger.  So, in conclusion, don't wax or tweeze the hair especially in hormone influenced areas such as the upper lip, chin, and sternum. Consult your doctor if you suddenly experience excessive hair growth in these areas for it may indicate a health issue.  

  Electrolysis Probe

Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal treatment that destroys the growth of unwanted hair. The process of removal consists of a fine probe that is inserted into the hair follicle, and a minuscule amount of electrical current is administered to the root of the hair. There is a bit of discomfort for a brief moment though individual tolerance varies from person to person. For electrolysis to be effective, you should follow a continuous treatment schedule. Consult an electrologist near you for more information. 

This method is most often used to remove hair from legs, underarms and sometimes the bikini area, however, in this area often causes ingrown hairs. In a pinch, it's one method of removing excessive unwanted facial hair between electrologist treatments when unable to schedule timely appointments for treatments.  

One of the most popular methods of removing hair from eyebrows, though in the last decade waxing has become more common. A time-consuming method of hair removal it is also painful. Not a recommended method of removing unwanted facial hair in hormonally influenced areas such as upper lip, chin, and sternum. 

Another painful way of removing unwanted hair however much faster than plucking one hair at a time. Often used to remove bikini hair, however, doing so can lead to ingrown hairs and unsightly scars. Not a recommended method of removing unwanted facial hair in hormonally influenced areas such as upper lip, chin, and sternum. 

There are many bleaching agents on the market to lighten unwanted hair to hide dark pigmented hair growing in undesired areas of the face and body. It's recommended to do a patch test in an inconspicuous area first before applying on a noticeable area such as the face.  

Not a common method of removing unwanted hair, but a method recommended by electrologist for removal between appointments. This method does not promote hair growth in hormone influenced areas such as the upper lip, chin, and sternum.


Lemon Juice
This versatile citrus juice can lighten skin and hair to conceal an unwanted hair problem. Use caution when applying lemon juice on the skin if sitting out in the sun for long periods of time. The sun can accelerate the bleaching process, but you want to limit the time in direct sunlight and monitor your skin often. 

An Indian tradition of removing unwanted hair it's now a very popular method of removal. Similar to plucking the hair a thread is used instead of tweezers. Not a recommended method of removing unwanted facial hair in hormonally influenced areas such as upper lip, chin, and sternum. 

Laser Hair Removal
A fairly recent method of permanent hair removal in the US, to remove unwanted hair it was first used to remove ingrown eyelashes. In 1997, FDA cleared several types of laser hair removal devices that work by targeting melanin in the hair. Since this time several parameters have been optimized for laser devices, but an understanding of lasers and their long-term effects on hair and the skin are still in the early stages. There are still many opposing opinions regarding laser hair removal, its effectiveness and long-term effects on the skin.

Lasers work best on pale skin with dark pigmented hair. It's impossible to guarantee success since laser removal does not work for everyone. The cost for this type of hair removal treatment is costly ranging around $200-$500 a session depending on where you reside. It can take up to 8 sessions to remove 70% of unwanted hair permanently. However, this can not be guaranteed.     

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