Natural Home Remedies for easing the pain of a Toothache

Natural home remedies using common household products to ease the pain of a toothache. 

1. Vanilla Extract
Apply a few drops of vanilla extract leaving on for a few minutes then rinse and brush to relieve toothache pain. 

2. Oregano Oil
It may burn a bit but will relieve a toothache. Apply some oregano oil and repeat until the pain is reduced or gone then rinse and brush.                

3. Clove Oil
You can use freshly crushed cloves or purchase clove oil. Dip a Q-tip into oil and dab onto affected tooth. Don't swallow clove oil; spit out then rinse mouth with warm water then gently brush teeth. Repeat as necessary.           

4. Cinnamon and Turmeric
Mix equal parts of cinnamon and turmeric and apply to the infected tooth. Repeat treatment until the pain subsides then rinse with warm water and brush teeth. 

5. Minced GarlicRelieve a toothache by applying a mixture of minced garlic and warm salt water to affected tooth and leave on for about 5 minutes then rinse and brush teeth.                           

6. Coconut Oil
Raw organic coconut oil will immediately take toothache pain away for up to 12 hours.                             

7. Pure Vanilla
Apply pure vanilla with a cotton ball to the infected tooth. May get hot, but doesn't burn. Relieves pain in seconds.         
8. Onion
The antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of onion help to control toothache pain. Take a raw onion and chew for several minutes then place over the infected area. Rinse and brush teeth after application.

9. Guava Leaf
Chew one or two guava leaves until juice reduces pain the rinse. You can also boil a few leaves and then add salt and gargle with the solution to relieve toothache discomfort.  

10. Salt and Pepper
Mix equal parts of pepper and salt then add a few drops of water to create a paste. Apply the mixture onto an infected tooth and allow it to remain for several minutes.           

11. Table Salt
Apply some table salt onto aching tooth and leave on for several minutes. After gargling with salt water then rinsing with plain lukewarm water and gently brush. 

12. Crushed Aspirin
Crush an aspirin and apply powder onto the infected tooth and leave on the relieve pain.   


13. Peroxide
Rinse mouth with hydrogen peroxide to ease toothache pain. Repeat if necessary.                

14. Goldenseal Root Extract
Goldenseal root extract is a natural antibiotic that you can apply to cleaned brushed teeth and gum line to take toothache pain away.   

15. Wheat Grass Juice
Juice has antibacterial properties that are very effective for relieving toothache pain. Purchase wheat grass juice or extract juice from a handful of fresh wheat grass and use juice as a mouthwash. Wheat grass will extract toxins from the gums and reduce the growth of bacteria and keep the infection under control. You can also chew wheat grass for pain relief.          

16. Bay Berry
Mix a paste of bayberries and water then apply onto the infected tooth to ease the pain. Repeat if necessary.          

17. Ice Cube
Place an ice cube in a plastic bag then wrap with cloth and hold over cheek near aching tooth for several minutes until nerves become numb. You can also rub an ice cube between the index finger and thumb for a few minutes as an acupressure technique. 

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