No-Sew Tricks
Repairing and Hemming Clothing

Buttons that won't Lay Flat
Apply a small piece of double-sided adhesive Velcro onto the extended flap of button closure to hold the fabric flat against the button. 

Purchase adhesive Velcro tabs or strips to use as an adjustable hem. Just remove backing and stick onto clothing attaching both male and female strips and press together. Great remedy for an adjustable hem. Works best on heavier fabrics. 

Clean Velcro with duct tape
Wrap a piece of duct tape around fingers and tapping velcro to remove built-up material caught in fibers. 

Iron-on Hemming Tape
Use iron-on hemming tape for a permanent solution. Just insert a strip of tape under hem and iron. It's easy.

For Zippers that won't stay up, try this simple home remedy trick.
Attach a key-ring on zipper tab then close the zipper and pull key-ring over button closure and fasten. Also, works on snap closures. Watch the Video for instructions. 

Hem pants without loosing finished edge.
Keep the finished edge of jeans so they don't look hemmed.      

Keeping your Sweaters looking like new.
Easily removing pilling on your sweaters without damaging or pulling on the threads of yarn.    

Quick Iron Cleaning Remedy
To quickly clean a scorched sticky iron use salt. 

Insert Drawstring
How to easily thread drawstring backing into clothing. 

Expanding your wardrobe 
How to mix and match clothing getting the perfect matching accessory. 

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