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ROSEMARY Health Benefits

Health & Beauty Benefits 

Enhance Hair Growth
It's believed that massaging rosemary oil into your scalp will stimulate hair growth. 

Relieve Arthritis Pain
Combining rosemary oil with oleanolic acid and hops then massage into affected areas on a regularly can ease arthritis pain and discomfort. 

Improve Circulation
Massage rosemary oil onto legs and feet to help improve circulation. 

Muscle Pain
To relieve sore aching muscles rub on some rosemary oil. Warm oil for added benefits. 

It's believed that adding rosemary spice to your diet regularly helps to improve digestion. 

There are claims that rosemary extract helps to slow down leukemia and breast cancer cell growth. 

Studies suggest that rosemary is helpful in eliminating inflammation which is a cause of many ailments. 

Increase cognitive abilities by adding rosemary to your diet regularly. It's believed to improve concentration. 

Rosemary is believed to improve memory. 

Adding rosemary to your diet regularly helps to combat depression or a low-mood. 

If you have a retina-related disease consider adding rosemary to your diet. Studies have shown common eye conditions such as macular degeneration improves with this healthy spice consumed regularly. 

Brain Health
The carnosic acid contained in rosemary helps to fight off damage by free radicals in the brain. 

Stroke Recovery
In addition to brain health carnosic acid contained in rosemary can help stroke recovery. 

Mix some rosemary oil with other essential oils such as lavender and use as a moisturizer to minimize and prevent wrinkles. 

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