Did Pesky Rodent find their way into your home?   

Home Remedies that will easily remove Mice and other Rodents from inside and outside your home. 

1. Ammonia
Place a small bowl of ammonia on the ground where rodents are seen. The strong smell will repel them.

Sprinkle a bit of baking soda around suspected areas of rodent entry to keep mice or other critters out of your home.                                                                                         
3. Chalk
Draw a line with chalk along areas rodents are entering to keep them out.          

4. Peanut Butter
Use peanut butter to attract a mouse to trap. Works better than cheese!                                                                  

Soak a cotton ball or cloth in peppermint oil and place where rodents are entering and exiting your home to keep them out.  

6. Mint Leaves
Sprinkle fresh mint leaves around the outside perimeter of your home to discourage rodents from entering your home.                                           

7. Mothballs
Place mothballs in cabinets, closets and in dresser drawers to discourage them from entering and chewing on clothing.      

8. Steele Wool
Mice and rats can chew their way into many things including your home. Stuff steel wool into holes or small openings where rodents are entering. They will try to eat through the steel wool and die from ingesting it. 

9. Get Rid of Moles
Saturate a rag with olive oil and insert into mole hole to rid your lawn of moles.      

10. Get Rid of Roaches 
Combine chopped cucumber skins with a few bay leaves and spread around areas roaches were seen to chase them out.