Home Remedies to Remove and Prevent Warts! 

Warts are caused by viruses. 
Most warts are found on the hands and feet. However, warts can grow in other areas of the body. 
Warts have a rough texture caused by an overproduction of keratin, which is a protein. 
Try these home remedies for removing warts. 

1. Garlic Clove 
Take a fresh garlic clove and cut the tip-off on one end and rub directly on the wart for few seconds. Repeat treatment nightly until the wart disappears. (If any irritation occurs or burning sensation, rinse off with cold water.)

2. Duct Tape 
There are claims that duct tape can heal warts. Cover the wart with duct tape every day for a month until the wart disappears. 

3. Tea Tree Oil
Apply 2% tea tree oil onto wart 3-4 times a day until the wart disappears. Tea tree oil also helps to heal nail fungus

4. Banana Peel 
Rub inside of banana peel onto wart daily. Studies show positive results. 

5. Apple Cider Vinegar
It doesn't kill the virus but draws it out. There may be soreness with treatment, discontinue if intolerable. After a few days, the wart will darken and finally come off on its own.  Instructions: Saturate a cotton ball with vinegar then place over wart and cover with gauze or bandage. Repeat nightly, removing during the day and within a couple of weeks should be eliminated. 

6. Milkweed
You can find this wild plant along the roadside across the world. It can be toxic if taken internally, use caution if you have kids or pets. Do not get into your eyes. Used by Native Americans for centuries as a natural home remedy for removing warts. The proteolytic enzyme found in plant dissolves warts. Gently use a pumice stone to slough off a thin top layer of skin then squeeze out sap from leaf stems covering the wart. Leave on and reapply daily. If a rash or skin irritation develops rinse off immediately and stop using milkweed.   

How to Avoid Warts! 

Warts are caused by a virus. 
These viruses are in the air and are picked up the same way you do any viral infection. 
If you're susceptible to the virus and have a cut or dry, cracked skin, you will be more susceptible. 
There are a few things you can do to lessen your chances of getting the virus. 

 Wear shoes! 
Wart viruses thrive in moist environments so always wear flip-flops around pools, in health clubs and locker rooms. 

 Change shoes frequently since wart viruses breed in damp places, especially if your feet sweat. 

Warts spread quickly so if you already have one don't touch it and wash hands immediately if you do. Cover warts for added protection. 

Reduce stress! 
You may be more susceptible to contracting a virus if you are under stress. 
Take some time to unwind and relax. 
Eat healthy foods to promote immune health. 

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