Home Remedies Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for 
Hanging and Removing Wallpaper and Painting Techniques

Make decorating your home easier with these home remedies to remove old wallpaper.
Wallpapering techniques that hide imperfects. And popular decorative painting ideas.

Hanging Wallpaper Tips

1. Unroll wallpaper and lay flat several days before hanging to lessen curling making hanging it easier.               

2. Apply adhesive to wallpaper and allow the paste to sit for a few moments before applying paper to the wall. Waiting allows the adhesive to set so paper bonds to the wall and does not slip when working out air bubbles.            

3. Butt wallpaper edge up to next strip of wallpaper. Do not overlap the wallpaper. This is the proper way to hang wallpaper and will also prevent paper edges from lifting or curling.          

4. Once the wallpaper is properly in position smooth paper from the center toward outer edges with blocking tool then with brush removing all air pockets. 

Hide Sheetrock Imperfections!
Try this leather wallpapering technique that easily hides wall imperfections with ease and gives the illusion of leather covered walls; it's easy too! 


                                                                 Watch video 

Easily Remove Wallpaper

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1. Fabric Softener 
To easily remove old wallpaper first score the paper with a utility knife then spray with a mixture of half water and liquid fabric softener. Spray solution onto old paper and allow to sit for 10 to 15 minutes then peel paper easily off the wall. 

2. Vinegar
Mix in a spray bottle 2/3 water and 1/3 vinegar and spray solution onto wallpaper saturating thoroughly and wait for 10-15 minutes then peel off.  

3. Spatula
Use a thin metal spatula to easily scrape off the old wallpaper and glue residue after liquid topical remover is applied. 

4. Steam
Apply steam to wallpaper for a few moments then use a spatula or putty knife to remove old wallpaper. 

5. Hot Water
Boil some water and pour into spray bottle. Spray onto old wallpaper and allow to sit for a few minutes then scrape off paper with putty knife or spatula.

Remove Grease Stains from Wallpaper 
Lay a clean white towel over the greasy stain on wallpaper and apply a warm iron over a towel to absorb grease. Repeat until stain is completely removed.  

Time-saving painting trick! 
Collect plastic grocery bags to cover rollers and paint brushes for between project storage. 
Easily remove painting tape by hitting it with the blow dryer to loosen the sticky residue. 

Glazing Techniques

Mixing paint with glaze and using newspaper or similar porous paper you can easily create this painting technique that hides many imperfections.  Watch Video Tutorial 

Rag Glazing
Applying a glaze mixture onto the walls with a lint-free cloth as if you were washing the walls. Easy painting technique with an old world result.   Watch Video Tutorial 

Wall Magic 
An incredibly easy painting technique. It requires a particular roller to achieve this painting effect which can be found at most painting supply stores. Watch Video Tutorial