WD-40 LUBRICANT (Main Ingredient FISH OIL)
It's not just a lubricant; it's a versatile product used to clean and condition various items inside and outside the home. 
Remove crayon marks, preventing silver from tarnishing, remove scratches from tiles, and much more... 
A must-have product for every home! 

1. Ant Bites
Use it for fire ant bites; it takes the stinging away.

2. Chalkboard Cleaner
Cleans and conditions chalkboards. 

3. Ceramic and Marble Scratches
Hides ceramic and marble floor scratches.

4. Clothes Dryer Belt
Lubricates washer and dryer belts. 

5. Crayon Remover
Removes crayon from walls. Just spray onto crayon marks and wipe clean. 

6. Dashboards
Restores and cleans leather dashboards as well as vinyl bumpers.

7. Electric Fans
Lubricates squeaking electric fans.

8. Guitar String Maintenance 
Cleans and lubricates guitar strings. 

9. Grills
Removes dirt and grime from barbecue grill

10. Hinges
Lubricates squeaking door hinges and car doors.

Keeps pesky flies off animals.

Untangles jewelry chains.

13. Pigeon Repellent
Keep pigeons away from picnic areas with a few quick sprays of  WD-40. 
Pigeons dislike the smell and will stay clear.    

14. Prevent Tarnish
Protects silver from tarnishing.  

15. Prevent Fogging
Keeps bathroom mirror from fogging up after showering. 

Removes tar and scuff marks from floors.

17. Remove Tar
Removes tar and grime from cars.

18. Tape Residue
Removes duct tape residue.

19. Terracotta
Keeps ceramic and terracotta pots from oxidizing and drying out. 

20. Tomato Sauce Clothing Stains
Removes tomato stains from clothing.

21. Tools and Rust Prevention
Protects saws, blades, and other tools from rusting. 

22. Door Locks
Spray into hard-to-open door locks to lubricate and easily open. 

23. Floor Wax Shine
Give floors a 'just-waxed' sheen without being slippery.

24. Lipstick Remover
Removes lipstick stains easily. 

25. Windshield and Car Bug Remover
Allows easier removal of dried on bugs on car windshields and paint.

26. Window Sticking
Lubricates stuck windows.

27. Scissors
Lubricates scissors keeping them from rusting and working smoothly.  

28. Shower Door Spots
Spray onto glass shower doors to keep them free of water spots.

29. Stainless Steel Stains
Removes stains from stainless steel sinks. Spray onto the stain and leave for 5 minutes then wipe clean. 

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