Cleaning Remedies for Miscellaneous Items in your Home

Quick Tips, Tricks, Repair Solutions, and Remedies

1. Absorb Moisture
Sprinkle a bit of Cornstarch inside shoes, suitcases and any storage container that may get musty. 

2. Extend Candles
Freeze candles for at least two hours before using for a slower burning candle. 

3. Deodorize Shoes
Slip a dryer sheet into shoes overnight for fresh shoes in the morning. 

4. Shine Shoes

Polish your shoes with a thin coat of olive oil. Just apply a dab of olive oil onto a cotton ball and apply over leather or vinyl for a sparkling shine. 

5. Shoe Lace Knots
Sprinkle a bit of cornstarch onto lace knot to help loosen. 

6. Unseal an Envelope or Remove a Stamp
Place into a freezer overnight to easily remove the next day. 

7. Temporarily Store Jewelry 
If you're away from home and need to remove your rings, earrings, or valuable jewelry store them in an empty tic-tac container or breath mint tin then toss in your purse. 
Doing this will keep your jewelry safe and easy to find. 

8. Brown Sugar Freshness
Keep a few marshmallows inside brown sugar bag to keep sugar moist and soft. 

9. Clear Ice
If you want clear ice for a formal affair boil water before freezing. Tap water or bottled freezes cloudy. 

10. Prevent Potato Buds
Place an apple in the bag of potatoes to prevent buds. 

11. Easy Peel Hard Boiled Eggs
Add a teaspoon of vinegar or baking soda to boiling water to easily remove egg shells. 

12. Clean Eye Glasses

Use a dollar bill when nothing else is available to easily clean your eyeglasses. 

13. Save on Electric Bills
Put a dry towel into the dryer with your wet clothes to reduce the drying time. This really works! 

14. Wood Furniture Scratches
Rub a walnut on the scratch until it disappears. 

15. Easily Clean Toilet bowls
Drop a couple of denture cleaning tablets into toilet overnight to clean stubborn stains.

16. Weed Killer
Sprinkle some salt on weeds or pour a bit of vinegar on them to kill those pesky weeds. 

17. Clean Wood Cutting Boards
Sprinkle salt onto cutting board and rub into the wood with  half a lemon wedge then rinse. 

18. CD and DVD Scratch Remover

To remove scratches apply toothpaste with a cotton ball and buff scratch out then rinse with water and dry. 

19. Defog Goggles
Defog swimming goggles with toothpaste. Use a cotton ball with a dab of toothpaste and cover complete surface then rinse and dry. 

20. Pool Liners 
Repair pool liner tears with a piece of duct tape. It works great! 

21. Reseal Envelopes
Use clear nail polish to reseal an envelope or stamp. 

22. Static
Use a dryer sheet to eliminate static on clothing, television screens and from your hair. 

23. Squeaky Floorboards 
Sprinkle a bit of cornstarch between floorboards to stop the noise. 

24. Clean Pet Hair 
Remove pet hair from furniture with a squeegee. Works great!

25. Painting Clean up Trick
Line a paint tray with aluminum foil to save time cleaning. 

26. Paint Brushes
If you need to put aside painting for a day or two and want to save time cleaning brushes wrap them in a plastic bag to keep them moist.

27. Picture Hanging
To ensure you get the right location when hanging a picture just dab a bit of toothpaste on the back of the frame and press 
against the wall where you want it to hang. The toothpaste will leave a mark on the wall where the nail should go. 

28. Sharpen Scissors 
To sharpen scissors simply cut into a piece of sandpaper several times. 

29. Guitar Strings

Use WD-40 to easily condition guitar strings. 

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