To cure gingivitis, you've got to get rid of PLAQUE
Home Remedies and Tips to prevent and eliminate gingivitis.
Don't Forget to Gently Brush Gum Line! 

1. Twice a Day!
Brushing teeth at least twice a day is the first defense against gingivitis. 

2. Brush Tongue
Taste buds on the tongue give germs a surface to grab hold. 

3. Floss 
Floss teeth to get under the gum line and remove plaque that's out of reach of a toothbrush. 

4. Rinse 
After brushing and flossing teeth rinse mouth with antibacterial mouthwash to destroy bacteria caused by plaque and gingivitis. 

5. Twice a Year 
Visit a dentist at least twice a year.

6. Massage 
Massage gums daily! Doing so improves blood circulation to your gums. 

7. Calcium 
As you age, your teeth get brittle and start to shrink. Calcium will help strengthen the teeth which can help to prevent gingivitis. 

8. Vitamins 
If showing signs of gingivitis, vitamin C may help with bleeding gums by healing them faster. Drink citrus fruit juice with vitamin C, as well as many vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. 

9. Vegetables 
Eat raw vegetables every day. Aside from being healthy, they will help to clean teeth and stimulate blood circulation. 

Add baking soda to toothpaste or by itself and brush teeth to help kill bacteria. Baking soda also polishes teeth and freshens breath. 

11. Prevention Juices 
Cranberries and cranberry juice can help to prevent gingivitis by keeping bacteria from sticking to teeth and gums. Choose a juice that does not contain sugar. 

12. Soft Brush 
Use a soft toothbrush or an electric powered brush to diminish abrasive brushing. 

Use Aloe Vera gel on gums then rinse with water. Or gargle with Aloe Vera Gel and a cup of hot water after each meal. Aloe works as an antiseptic without harsh chemical remedies. 

14. Cayenne Powder 
Add a bit of cayenne powder with toothpaste and brush teeth with mixture once a day. Over time will help to diminish toothache pain and gingivitis. 

15. Gargle Twice a Day 
Gargle with Listerine at least twice a day to kill bacteria. 

16. Antiseptic Rinse 
Gargle with an antiseptic rinse twice a day. And replace toothbrush at least every four months. 

17. Peppermint Leaves 
Soak a few peppermint leaves in water for one hour and use as mouthwash. Peppermint helps to treat bad breath, too. 

    Teeth Whitening Remedies!      

Cloves are one of the best-known gum inflammation remedies. 
Take a clove and rub gently on gums and leave on for several seconds. Applying clove oil is also beneficial. 
Mix 1/8 teaspoon of clove powder with two teaspoons white oak powder, 3/4 teaspoons of peppermint leaf powder and one teaspoon of herbal powder. Apply mixture to gums daily. 

Sage has antibacterial properties that can help gingivitis. 
Add one tbs of sage powder to water and boil for several minutes. 
Pour boiled sage water into a bottle and add a pinch of salt. Keep the solution in the refrigerator and use to soothe infected or irritated gums.

Teeth and Gum Heath Treatments 

Echinacea is a very beneficial herb for gingivitis by boosting the immune system, restricts bacterial infection, eases swelling and tenderness of gums. 
Add 1/2 teaspoon of echinacea extract to warm water and rinse with the solution twice a day. 

Add salt to 1 tbs of mustard oil and use to massage gums then rinse with waterRepeat treatment twice a day.

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