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Removing Fleas from your Pet and Home! 

Removing fleas and insects from your Pet & Home!

Liquid Soap, Vinegar, Water
Mix 1 cup of liquid dish soap with 1 cup vinegar and 1 quart of warm water.
Apply the mixture onto animals fur completely messaging through all fur. 
Allow mixture to remain on fur for 15-20 minutes. 
After time completed rinse off and watch those pesky fleas wash away.

To prevent your pet from getting fleas add a bit of apple cider vinegar to their drinking water. 

Head and Shoulders Shampoo
Wash pets with head and shoulders shampoo then use a fine tooth comb to remove fleas after rinsing. 

Spray animals (carefully avoiding their eyes) with Skin-so-Soft bath oil from Avon. 
Can use it on yourself, too. It keeps fleas and mosquitoes away. 

Remove Fleas from your Home

Vinegar, Water, Lemon Juice, Witch Hazel
Mix 1-gallon white vinegar with 1/2-gallon water, 16 ounces lemon juice and 8 ounces witch hazel. 
spray carpet and furniture every day with the solution for 2 weeks and vacuum. Kills fleas on carpets and on cloth furniture. 
Liquid Soap, Water
Fill a shallow bowl with warm water and add some liquid dish soap. (Do not stir the solution.)
Place bowl on the floor under a lamp and leave overnight. 
Fleas will be attracted to the warmth of the light and will drown in soapy water. 

To kill fleas in your home sprinkle a generous amount of salt on your carpet and leave on overnight vacuuming in the morning. 
Repeat treatment on a regular basis to keep fleas away. 

Sprinkle borax on carpets leaving on overnight vacuuming in the morning. Don't forget to throw out the vacuum bag. 

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