Natural Food Remedies for Diabetes 
 Millions of people are afflicted with type one diabetes. Unlike type two diabetes where the body becomes resistant to its own insulin, 
type one is the inability of the body to produce enough insulin. There are a few major triggers to becoming diabetic 
such as heredity, diet, viral infection, autoimmune issues to name a few. Diet is important for maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. 

1. Avocado
Studies suggest that avocado seed extract may help to reduce blood sugar levels. It was observed that the avocado extract had a restorative and protective effect on the pancreatic islet cells. In addition to avocado seed extract adding avocado fruit into diet is beneficial 

2. Chard

Studies show that swiss chard extract appears to stimulate the recovery of injured beta cells. 

3. Honey
A long-term consumption of honey may have positive effects on the metabolic derangement of type one diabetes including beta cell regeneration. 

4. Stevia
Studies found that stevia has anti-diabetic properties which include revitalizing damaged beta cells. 

5. Corn Silk
Research has found that corn silk may reduce blood sugar and stimulate beta cell regeneration in type one diabetes. 


4. Garlic 
There are limited trails, but garlic appears to be helpful in lowering blood sugar levels and increasing the secretion of insulin. There is numerous health benefits gain from incorporating garlic into your diet. Learn more about garlic health benefits! 

5. Ginseng
There are many plants that are referred to as ginseng. The American ginseng shows some glucose-lowering effects. Studies have determined that sugar-lowering compounds vary between the variety of ginseng plants. Consult doctor before taking a supplement. 

6. Cinnamon  
There are limited studies that suggest cinnamon may help to lower blood sugar levels when taken regularly. 

7. Flaxseed
Studies suggest that flaxseed may help to improve glucose utilization in the liver, and lower post-meal blood sugar elevations. 

Helpful Diabetic Foods & Practices

1. Leafy Greens and Colorful Vegetables 
Eat plenty of leafy greens and colorful vegetables such as lettuces, kale, spinach, and arugula. Incorporating leafy greens into your diet can cut diabetes risk by 14%. Eat fresh vegetables, raw, steamed, roasted or grilled. Low-sodium or unsalted canned vegetables. 

2. Worst Vegetables to Eat
Worst vegetables to eat are high sodium canned vegetables, sauerkraut, pickles, and vegetables cooked with added butter, cheese, or sauces. 

3. Lean Protein
Lean protein such as fish, beans, soy or slow-digesting carbohydrates such as brown rice and sweet potatoes. Incorporating soy and most beans into your diet may reduce diabetes risk in half. 

4. Exercise and Portion Control  
Exercise regularly; especially on days you treat yourself with high sugar foods. Practice portion control. 

5. Best Foods to Eat 
Best foods to eat are whole grain flours such as whole wheat flour, whole grains as brown rice and bread. Baked sweet potatoes or white potatoes, corn, popcorn and other foods made from corn. 

6. Worst Foods to Eat 
Worst foods are white flour, proceeded grains such as white rice, sugary cereals, white bread, and french fries. 

7. Best Fruits to Eat 
Best fruits to eat are plain frozen, fruit canned in natural juice, fresh fruit, low-sugar jams or preserves, no-sugar-added applesauce, and 100% fruit juices. 

8. Worst Fruits to Eat 
Worst fruits to eat are heavy sugar syrup canned fruits, fruit rolls, regular jam, jelly and preserves, sweetened applesauce, and fruit punch drinks.  

9. Best Proteins to Eat
Best protein or meats to eat are baked, broiled, or grilled lower-fat cuts of meat such as top sirloin. Turkey bacon, low-fat cheese, skinless chicken and turkey, fish, tofu, beans, eggs, and nuts. 

10. Worst Proteins to Eat 
Worst protein or meats to eat are fried meats, high-fat meats such as ribs, pork bacon, regular cheese, poultry with skin. 

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