Home Remedies for Healing and Preventing Bruises 
To promote healing and to reduce the swelling of painful bruises apply a 
homemade ice pack of 1 part rubbing alcohol with three parts water in a 
zip-lock bag. Cold pack solution will get very cold but won't freeze 
allowing easier application and coverage over an injured area. 

Promote Healing Remedies

One of the most popular homeopathic remedy worldwide for preventing and healing bruises. 
Arnica is rich in compounds that reduce swelling by as much as 30 percent and improves circulation through 
damaged tissues, boosting the flow of healing nutrients and flushing out pooled blood. 

Gently massage some coconut oil onto bruise to help speed up healing and to fade discoloration quickly.  

Apply an Ice Pack
As soon as possible apply ice or a frozen bag of vegetables to a bruise to help stop bleeding and swelling. 
Mix up a flexible ice pack and store in your freezer! 

Gently massage oil onto bruise to control capillary bleeding and to promote healing
Repeat several times a day for at least a couple days for best results. 

Helps to speed healing and prevent black-and-blue marks. 
Soak a cotton ball with white or apple cider vinegar and apply to injury leaving on for about one hour. 

Bruise Prevention Tips
Possible vitamin Deficiencies for Bruising Easily

If you bruise easily think about taking Vitamin C supplement daily or adding some foods rich in vitamin C into your diet to help 
lessen the likelihood of bruising and to promote faster healing when you do get a bruise.  

Rub bruise a couple of times a day with vitamin K cream to prevent further bleeding and to promote healing. 
If you bruise easily think about adding some vitamin K-rich foods into your diet. 

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