Pineapple Health and Beauty Benefits

Pineapple is packed with Skin elasticity vitamins, is a strong anti-inflammatory helping to relieve arthritis pain, builds immune system 
providing recommended daily dose of vitamin C, rich in antioxidants which are beneficial for preventing cancer especially throat, oral and breast cancer.  

Pineapple has bromelain and enzyme that breaks down complex proteins and addition to having strong anti-inflammatory properties. Studies show pineapples help to relieve symptoms of arthritis. 

Aside from being rich in vitamin C, pineapples are loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin A, Beta Carotene, bromelain, manganese and other compounds beneficial for helping to prevent cancer. They're directly associated with throat, oral and breast cancer.  

Everyone's heard that vitamin C is beneficial for treating a cold as it boosts the immune system. Additional benefits are the bromelain which helps to reduce mucus in sinuses and respiratory tract. 

Rich in fiber both soluble and insoluble eaten regularly helps constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, blood clotting and hypertension. 

Pineapples are also rich in calcium along with manganese which is essential to promote strong healthy bones. Pineapples are one of the richest sources of manganese. It contains seventy percent of daily recommended dosage. 

Blood Pressure
Rich in mineral like potassium which is an essential mineral the body needs. Deficiency of potassium is linked to many health problems. 

Blood Circulation
Pineapples provide copper another essential mineral that helps the creation of red blood cells. High red blood cell count improves oxygen supply in blood to vital organs in the body. As a result, it enables the proper function of organs and stimulates cognitive abilities believed to prevent certain neural disorders such as dementia.  

Eye Health 
Pineapples are directly linked to eye health. They can help to prevent age-related eye issues. The beta carotene in pineapples helps to prevent macular regeneration. 

Immune System
Pineapples provide 130% of recommended dose of vitamin C. This vitamin helps to stimulate white blood cells boosting our immunity. Also, the powerful antioxidants reduce harmful free radicals. 

Cellular Health 
The vitamin C content in pineapples is essential in cellular health. Helping to protect you against cancers. 

Pineapples have a powerful astringent property which helps to protect against oral cancer. It also helps strengthen gums and protect the teeth. 

Tissue Health
Vitamin C has an essential role to play in the production of collagen which is the protein base of blood vessels, skin, organs, and bones. It also helps to heal wounds and protects against disease and infections. 

Pineapples are great for restoring skin elasticity. Helps to reduce the signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. 

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