Home Remedies for healing and treating Athlete's Foot and Nail Fungus

Athlete's foot is a fungal infection and form of ringworm, which typically develops between the toes causing a 
burning or itching sensation. Athletes foot is a very contagious fungal infection, however, is easily treated. 


Sprinkle baking soda on your feet several times a day to absorb moisture keeping feet dry. Fungal infects thrive in moisture. Learn more about baking soda uses.    (Book @ Barnes & Noble) 

Soak feet several times a day in a solution of one-quart water and 2 tablespoons betadine for 15-20 minutes. Repeat until fungal infection or athlete's foot is completely gone. 

3. Cinnamon
Boil one quart of water with a couple of cinnamon stick for 10 minutes then soak your feet in solution after cooled to a comfortable temperature for 30 minutes. Repeat daily until athlete's foot is gone. 

 4. Cornstarch
Apply cornstarch to your feet several times a day to absorb excess moisture. Sprinkle a bit into your shoes to keep feet dry.                                                            

5. Garlic
Eat some garlic or apply garlic juice onto the infected area a couple times a day. Garlic has antifungal properties that help to kill nail fungus. (Book @ Barnes & Noble)


6. Eat these Immune Building Foods
A fungal infection can be a sign that your immunity is low. Eat more immune boosting foods such as leafy greens, broccoli, and red meat. 

Coconut oil has powerful anti-fungal properties that help to heal athletes foot. Apply a thin layer of coconut oil onto infected area several times a day until healed. 

Soak feet in a solution of water and Epsom salt to promote healing, absorb moisture and to kill bacteria. Repeat daily. 

9. Mouthwash
Saturate a cotton ball with mouthwash and dab onto nail fungus. The alcohol in mouthwash disinfects absorbs moisture and kills fungal bacteria. 

10. Strong Tea
Steep a couple of regular tea bags for 15 minutes, cool then soak feet in the tea for fifteen minutes or more. Use regular flavored black strong tea. Repeat daily to keep moisture at bay and kill nail fungus. 

11. Lemon
To kill nail fungus, you must keep the affected area dry. Mix a cup of water with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and apply onto the infected area to absorb moisture. 

12. Vinegar
Soak feet in a mixture of one part water and one part vinegar for about 15-20 minutes a day until the infection is completely healed. 

Apply tea tree oil onto infected area 2-3 times each day to kill fungal infection and relieve discomfort. Repeat the treatment several times a day until the nail fungus is completely gone. Learn more about Tea Tree Oil Remedies.

14. Yogurt
Yogurt has anti-fungal properties and an active bacteria that helps to combat nail fungus. Eat or apply onto infected area leaving on for 15-20 minutes. Repeat treatment daily. 

15. Vick's Vapor Rub
Massage Vick's rub onto infected area several times a day until the nail fungus is gone. I've used this remedy and it worked well though does take several weeks of regular daily application to kill nail fungus.         

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