OTR MP3 Download Links

(Checked June 2012)

Here is an annotated list of sites where you can download free old time radio programs. Many of these sites also sell programs. You are under no obligation to buy anything when you download from these sites. Depending on your net speed, a half-hour radio show (usually about 7 MB) could be just a few seconds if you have cable or DSL or quite a bit longer on dialup. 
Once you get the programs, they can either stay in your hard drive (oh, but you may not have enough space for everything). You can also burn them onto a CD-ROM or DVD (as data files). You can also burn them onto an audio CD. Just remember that you can only fit an hour and 15 minutes on one of those. Fortunately, most programs over an hour in length are broken down into either 30 minute or one hour chunks. Some car stereos can play MP3s from a CD-ROM (as well as other audio files). There are even some that can play MP3 files from data DVDs. A normal 700 MB CD-ROM can store about 650 MB (the disc needs some breathing space!) A DVD can hold 4.3 GB. 
Other alternatives include flash drives, iPod (and iPod-type) players, and external hard drives (some people dedicate an entire 1 TB hard drive to nothing but OTR!)  A word of warning about flash drives: Some DVD players can play MP3 files from flash drives. Before doing this, check with the manufacturer about the machine's maximum limit. I once tried to play some OTR MP3 files from a 4 GB flash drive and I crashed the player. The machine's maximum limit was only 2 GB. I had to buy a new DVD player for my girlfriend's father. (Live and learn...)

Here are the links. If you have any problems, contact me, Bill, at LoyalTubist@facebook.com