Playing that Old Time music in Frederick County, Maryland, USA
Join us Gravy Soppers at Barnstormers Jun 13.

Thanks for joining the jams at Loudon County Bluegrass Festival. We had a great time.
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Events Calendar for 2015. Our events are bold. 
May 20 Alice Gerrard & friends at at Strathmore, Bethesda MD.
May 21 Alice Gerrard & friends at at Strathmore, Bethesda MD.
May 21 DelFest, Cumberland MD (Memorial Day weekend).
May 22 Fiddler's Grove music convention, Union Grove NC Sat+Sun.
May 22 Seldome Scene at Tally Ho, Leesburg VA, Fri 8:30pm.
May 22 Vandalia Gathering, Charleston WV Sat+Sun.
May 23 Home for the Holidays festival, Rockville MD Sat+Sun.
May 23 Gravy Soppers at private party, Wolfsville MD Sat 6pm.
May 26 Old Time Jam, Liam Flynn's, Baltimore MD Tue 7pm. 
May 29 Jams at the Old Furniture Factory, Round Hill VA, Fri 6pm.
May 29 Dare to be Square workshop weekend. Helvetia WV (3 days).
May 30 Mobtown Ballroom square dance, Baltimore MD Sat 8pm.
May 30 Washington Folk Festival (free) Glen Echo Park, DC Sat + Sun.
May 30 Reed Martin, Alan Jabbour at Washington Folk Festival.
May 31 Hoover Uprights at Washington Folk Festival.
May 31 Gravy Soppers at Frederick City Farmers Market 10:30am.
Jun 03 Gravy Soppers outside the Buckeystown movies. Wed 6-8pm.
Jun 05 Bluegrass + Old-Time Fiddlers' Convention, Mount Airy NC Sat+Sun 
Jun 06 Festival of the Arts has 2 stages. Frederick MD Sat+Sun. 
Jun 06 Birthday party for Fox. Urbana MD Sat 3pm. 
Jun 06 BrewFest at Milkhouse Brewery, Mt. Airy MD noon-8PM.
Jun 07 Our old time jam at Beans in the Belfry, Brunswick MD Sun 3-5pm. 
Jun 09 Old Time Jam, Liam Flynn's, Baltimore MD Tue 7pm. 
Jun 12 Henry Reed fiddlers' convention,  Giles County VA Fri+Sat.
Jun 13 Deer Creek fiddlers' convention, Westminster MD Sat 10-5.
Jun 13 Gravy Soppers, Plate Scrapers, Mountain Ride: Camp Bluegrass PA.
Jun 13 Gravy Soppers: Barnstormers barn tours, Frederick MD Sat 5-7.
Jun 14 Slow JamIrish+old time, Mt Airy MD Sun 6-8pm.
Jun 20 Gravy Soppers, social club private event, Sat 1:30pm.
Jun 20 Brandywine Revival Festival, Milliner Farm, West Chester PA (?? no link)
Jun 21 Our old time jam at Beans in the Belfry, Brunswick MD Sun 3-5pm. 
Jun 26 David Grisman etc. River & Roots. Watermelon Park VA. Fri-Sat.
Jun 27 Montgomery County Heritage Days (many events) Sat-Sun.
Jun 28 Common Ground workshops I, Westminster MD (all week)
Jun 28 Gravy Soppers at Milkhouse Brewery, Mt. Airy MD, Sun 3-6pm.
Jul 05 Common Ground workshops II, Westminster MD (all week)
Jul 05 Our old time jam at Beans in the Belfry, Brunswick MD Sun 3-5pm. 
Jul 11 Gravy Soppers: Music on the Deck, Harpers Ferry WV Sat 5pm.
Jul 19 Our old time jam at Beans in the Belfry, Brunswick MD Sun 3-5pm. 
Jul 22 Floyd Fest, Floyd County VA (all week).
Jul 28 Our fiddler off to Minnesota (Tue, Wed).
Jul 29 Appalachian String Band Festival, Clifftop WV (all week).
Aug 02 Our old time jam at Beans in the Belfry, Brunswick MD Sun 3-5pm. 
Aug 02 Augusta Heritage Old Time Week 1, Elkins College WV (all week).
Aug 06 Minnesota Bluegrass + Old Time fest. Richmond MN (4 days).
Aug 08 Gravy Soppers: Carroll Creek Farmers Market, Frederick MD 4pm.
Aug 14 Gettysburg bluegrass festival in PA (all weekend). 
Aug 15 Blue Ridge Mountain Music Festival, Wintergreen Resort VA (all day).
Aug 19 Our old time jam at Beans in the Belfry, Brunswick MD Sun 3-5pm. 
Aug 30 Deckbuster Jam (no web site), Baltimore MD, Sun 3pm-midnight.
Aug 30 Gravy Soppers at Shepherdstown farmers market, WV.
Sep 11 Dr Ralph Stanley, Bethesda Blues & Jazz, MD, Fri 8pm.
Sep 19 Gravy Soppers: Rotary Club Pig Roast, Ashburn VA, 5pm
Sep 24 Watermelon Park fest, Berryville VA. (3 days)
Oct 01 Welcome Back Captain Kirk (private party, date to be decided)
Oct 18 Augusta Heritage Old Time Week 2, Elkins College WV (all week).
Future Light City Baltimore festival 2016 (all week).