1913 McDonalds Directory

Compiled, Printed, and Published by
William Macdonald & Company, Ltd.
Directory Press
London Road
Also at 36 Waring Street, Belfast.  
page 534
Anderson, J. A., Cycle and Motor Depot, Castle street
Buchanan, John W., Railway road, Strabane: and the Alexander Motor Works,
James street, Londonderry: also motor engineer and agent
Stevenson, R., Main street
White, J., Main street
Hamilton, A., Railway street; emigration, shipping, house, land, and insurance
Maguire, H. J., Market street
Moore’s Emigration Agency, Railway street
Clark, R., Bowling green
Hamilton, D., Main street
Keatly, W., Bowling green
King, W., Main street
O’Reilly, E., Main street
Riddal, T., Grove Cottage, Bearney Glebe
Shannon, Wm., Newtown street
Stevenson, R., Main street
Brown, W. F., Main street, art needlework and Irish lace depot
Campbell, A. P., Abercorn square; attends Strabane every Tuesday
Gallagher, J., Market House street
Mackey, Joseph A., Main street; also valuer and cattle salesman; steam traction and
threshing machine proprietor; Manure Works at Coolatee
Maguire, H. J., Market street
Moore, A.; attends every Tuesday at Strabane
Weir, Alexander, & Co., Ltd., F.A.I., Railway street;

auctioneers, cattle salesmen, and insurance agents.
Agents for Phoenix Association Company, Ltd., and
English and Scottish Law Life, and Patriotic Life and Fire
Doran’s, Main street; plain and fancy bakery
McAnaw, J., Castle place
McElhinney, Thomas, Main street
Smyth, R. J., Model Bakery, Abercorn square Wilson, Mrs., Main street

Belfast Banking Co., Ltd., Main street. D. B. Keers, manager
Hibernian Bank, Ltd., Castle place
Northern Banking Co., Ltd., Abercorn square
Provincial Bank of Ireland, Ltd., Main street
Ulster Bank, Ltd., Abercorn square. Wm. Hoy, manager; F. A. Gordon, pro-manager
Griffin, D., Main street
Hannigan, J., Eden terrace
Delaney, J., Bridge street
Duddy, J. Main street
Lafferty, J., Canal street
McCullagh, C., Church street
McGonigle Bros., Townsend street
Blair, R. J., Main street
Brown, Mrs., Main street
Gormley, John, Market street
Gray, E. R., & Sons, Main street
Blee, James, Townhall street
Cassidy, J., Castle street
Cassidy, James, Broad lane
Falkner, R., Bridge end
Gillespie, P., Main street
Harron, A., Meeting House street
McCaughey, J., Main street
McGoldrick, J., Bridge end
O’Neill, C., Derry road
Scott Bros., Railway street
Bates, Robert, & Co., Abercorn square
Conroy, Michael, Main street
Gallagher, Edward, Ltd., Main street
Mellon, J., & Co., Butcher street
Miller, J. W., Main street
Russell, W., Main street
Wisheart, S. E., Main street
Coyle, D., Railway street
Donnell,.J., Bridge end
Lafferty, H., Bridge end
McClay, James, & Sons., Bridge street
Orr, J., Irish street
Rippey, J., Newtown street
Shannon, Wm., Bowling green

Dillon, Thomas, & Sons, Castle place
Donnelly, James, Townhall street
Hughes, Robert, Church street
Logue, D., Meeting House street
Quigley, Philip, Main street
Quigley, T., Abercorn square
River Plate Fresh Meat Co., Ltd., Main street
Woods, Alfred, Castle street
Dunleavy, Charles, Meeting House street
Kane, P. H., Bridge street
White, James, Main street
Coyle, D., Railway street
Doherty, Edward, Main street
McClay, James, Bridge end
McSwiggan, M., Railway street
Simpson, James, Meeting House street
McBride, A., Railway street
McCullagh, C., Church street
Nicholl, R., Meeting House street
Hill, J., & Co., Castle street
McGettigan, Thomas, L.P.S.I., Market street
Burns, T., Market street
McGarrigle, J., Market street
Timmoney, M., Market street
Trainor, J., Main street
O’Connor, Joseph, Bridge end; coach and carriage works; best workmanship guaranteed
Harpur, William, & Sons., Main street
Smith, R. J., Main street
Gallagher, E., Main street
Hamilton, A., Railway road
Keatly, William, C.P.S., Bowling green
Toorish, J., Bridge end
Casey, Mrs., Castle place
Kindness, J., Church street
McAnaw, J., Castle street
McElhinney, Thomas, Main street
Russell, J. W., Church street
Smith, R. J., Abercorn square Thompson, Miss, Main street
Wilson, Miss, Main street
Russell, John W., Main street
Baird, T., Newton place
Collins, J., Butcher street
Fodey, W., Butcher street
Coyle, David, Railway street
McDermott, The Misses, Castle street
McDevitt, Mrs. H., Railway road
O’Kane, J., Castle place
Sharkey’s, Railway street
Sinclair & Houston, Abercorn square
Stevenson, R., Railway street
Wray, Mrs., Castle street
Bruce & Co., Main street
Bruce, Miss M., Main street
Conroy, Michael, Main street; general draper and wool merchant
Gallagher, Edward, Ltd., Main street; general drapery, mantle, millinery,
dressmaking, tailoring, and boot and shoe warehouse
McKee, P., Main street
Maguire, H. J., Abercorn square
Mellon, J., & Sons, 4 Butcher street
Russell, W., Main street
Sayers & Co., Main street; general drapers and millinery warehouse
Scott, M. & J., Main street
Stevenson, Oliver, Main street
Taylor, W. J., Main street
Wade, Miss, Main street
Wright, Mrs., Main street
Marshall’s Medical Hall, Main street
Taylor, John A., Bowling green
Bamford, Miss, Railway street
Brown, Mrs., Main street
Jarvis, J., Main street
Quigley, Mrs. W., Market street

Donaghy, B., Market street
Letter, L. J., Railway street
Logue, T., Market street
McDonnell, Hugh, Butcher street
McDonnell, Mrs., Market street
McKenna, J., Railway street; also confectioner
Moore, M., Derry road
O’Donnell, P., Church street
Scott, J., Railway street
Treanor, J., Main street
Treanor, William, Back street
White, J., Railway road
Anderson, R. J., Meeting House street
Bates, Robert, & Co., Abercorn square
Brown & Co., Castle street
Casey, Mrs., Castle place
Colhoun, John, Main street
Corry, J., Main street
Devine, John, & Co., Ltd., Main street
Doherty, Mrs., Main street
Doran, Mrs., Meetinghouse street
Elliott & Sons, Castle street
Gailey, James, 78 Main street; high-class grocer, tea, provision, and fruit merchant
Gormley & Brown, Abercorn square, and Castle street
Hamilton, Robert, Abercorn square
Harpur, Wm., & Sons, Main street
Kennedy, James, 3 Main street
Kilgore, J., Meeting House street
Lowry, J. & A., Main street
Lynch, James, Meeting House street; also confectioner and provision dealer
McDevitt, E., Meeting House street
McElhinney, Thomas, Main street
McGillion, J., Barrack street
Maguire, J., Abercorn square
Mahaffy, William, Abercorn square
Martin, Samuel, Bridge street
Mulhern & Co., Market street
O'Connor, E., Townsend street
O'Connor, J., Orchard street
Patterson, W., Main street
Rule, Samuel, Main street
Smith, R. J., Main street
Snodgrass, Andrew, Castle street
Sproule, Thomas, & Co., Bridge street
Toban, Thomas, Townsend street
Tynan, S., Bridge street
Devlin, E., Meeting House street
Duncan, J., Butcher street
Noble, C., Townsend street
Quigley, A., Butcher street
Quigley, W. P., Castle street

Abercorn Arms, Castle street
Commercial, Hotel, Main street, McElwaine, J. C., proprietor
Griffin’s Donegal Temperance Hotel, Railway road
Mourne, Abercorn square
Plough, Castle street
Pollock’s Temperance Hotel, Abercorn square; complete with every comfort and first-
class board and attendance; terms strictly moderate
Ulster, Hotel, Abercorn square
Victoria Temperance Hotel and Restaurant, Main street. Miss Thompson, proprietor
Doherty, J., Market street
Harpur, W., & Sons, Main street
Maguire, H. J., Abercorn square
Mahaffy W. E., Abercorn square
Miller, J. W., Main street
Stevenson, R., Main street
White, James, Main street
Flanagan & Co., Main street
Gallagher, Egan, & Co., The Abercorn Factory, Derry road; manufacturers of
ladies’ underwear; high-class work a specialty
Northern (The) Steam Laundry Co., Railway road; this establishment is
renowned for perfection in the art of dressing shirts, collars, and cuffs,
which are done under the personal supervision of the proprietors.
Tel. add. “Laundry, Strabane”
O’Hanlon, J., Butcher street
Biggars, Ltd., Butcher street
Browne, Joseph., Butcher street
Buchanan Bros., Butcher street
Cooke, ---, Butcher street
Harkin, J., Church street
Honeyford, & Co., Castle street; highest price for best butter and eggs
McCandless, ---., Butcher street
McDowell & Co., Butcher street
Gormley, J., Market street
Jarvis, John, Main street
White, James, Main street
 Craig & Co., Main street
 Donnell, J. R., Railway street
 Maguire, H. J., Abercorn square
 Martin, S., Bridge street
 Quigley, M., Barrack street
 Colhoun, J., Main street
 Devine, J., & Co., Main street
 Macdonnell, Mrs., Market street
  McDonnell, Hugh, Butcher street
 O’Donnell, P., Church street  
 Bradley, J., Flax market
  Gallagher, Edward, Flax market
 Herdman, E. T., & Co., Flax market
 Reilly, John, Barrack street and Bowling green
 Reilly, M., Church street
 Bates, R., & Co, Abercorn square
 Browne & Co., Castle street
 Elliott & Sons, Castle street
 Gormley & Brown, Castle street
 Harpur, Wm., & Sons, Main street
 Kennedy, James, 3 Main street
 Lowry, J. & A., Main street
 Maguire, H. J., Market street
 Martin, S., Bridge end
 Rule, Samuel, & Co., Main street
 Smith, R. J., Main street
 Snodgrass, Andrew, Castle street
 Weir, Alexander, & Co., Ltd., Railway street
 Donnell, J. R., Railway street
 Harpur, Wm., & Sons, Main street
 Maguire, H. J., Abercorn square
 Reilly, John, Barrack street and Bowling green
 Clarke, John, & Co., Main street
 Elliott & Co., Castle street
 Bruce, Miss M., Main street
 Campbell, M., Bridge end
 Dillon, Miss., Castle street
 Dunleavy, M. J., Bridge end
 Dunleavy, Mrs., Meeting House street
 Gallagher, Ltd., Main street
 Howie, The Misses, Derry road
 McCrossan, Mrs., Meeting House street
 McCutcheon, Miss, Main street
 Regan, Mrs., Eden place
 Russell, W., Main street
 Scott, Miss, Main street
 Shiels, Mrs., Meeting House street
 Stevenson, O., Main street
 Taylor, W. J., Main street
 Tinney, A., Bridge end   Wade, Miss, Main street
 Wright, Mrs., Main street
 Elliott & Sons, Castle street
  Russell, John W., Main street; also wholesale confectioner
 McClay, James, Bridge end
 Eason & Co., Railway station
 Gormley, Mrs., Market street
 McAnaw, D., New street
 “Strabane Weekly News”
  Bannigan, James, Townsend street
 Doherty, J., Factory row, Derry road
 Doherty, Robert, Patrick street
 Feely, R., Main street
 Gallagher Bros., Church street
 McCosker, G. & J., Main street
 McCurdy, T., Eden terrace
 Quinn, William, Main street
 Burns, Thomas, Market street
 McDevitt, W., Castle place
 Burrows, James, Railway street
 Davison, John, Main street
 McDevitt, E., Meeting House street
 McGale, Michael, Main street
 Reilly, William, Bridge end
 Ryan, J., Ballycolman
 Toland, James, Market street
 Connolly, E., Bridge street
 Doherty, Mrs. M. A., Church street
 Doherty, Mrs. R., Main street
 Gibson, Mrs., Abercorn Arms Hotel, Castle street
 Hackett, W., Main street
 Kane, J., Castle street
 McDermott, D., Market street
 McElroy, D., Main street
 McElroy, P., Bridge end
 McElwaine, J. J., Castle street
 McGillion, J., Barrack street
 McGinley, J., Main street  Quigley, J., Castle street
 Quigley, Thomas, Railway street
 Quigley, Michael, Barrack street
 Bannigan, M., Townsend street
 Brown, Charles, Castle place
 Carroll, John, Bridge street
 Casey, Mrs., Castle street
 Conway, Patrick, Market street
 Devine & Co., Market House street
 Devine, B., Castle street
 Devine, Charles, Townsend street
 Doherty, H., Church street
 Doherty, Mrs., Butcher street
 Doherty, Mrs., Main street
 Dowd, E., Abercorn square
 Elliott & Sons, Castle street
 Farmers’ Inn, Railway street
 Flanagan, M., Abercorn square
 Furey, Thomas, Irish street
 Gallagher, John, Townhall street
 Gormley, Eliza, Patrick street
 Gormly, R., Main street
 Hanna, B., Athletic Bar, Main street
 Kane, Mrs. P., Bridge end
 Kelly, M., Abercorn square
 Kelly, Patrick, Main street
 McAnaw, Daniel, Abercorn square
 McCrea, Thomas, Bridge street
 McDermott, W., Barrack street
 McDevitt, Miss, Railway Road Bar, Railway road
 McDonnell, M., Market street
 McElwaine, J. J., Castle street and Main street
 McSwiggan, M., Railway street
 Martin, S., Bridge end
 Masterson, L., Castle street
 O’Kane, F., Market street
 Quigley, John, Abercorn square
 Quigley, Thomas, Parmers’ Home, Railway street
 Quinn, John J., Church street
 Quinn, Joseph, The Gin Palace, Main street
 Sproule, Thomas, & Co., Bridge street
 Thompson, Mrs. M., Main street
 McDevitt, Mrs. H., Railway road
 Sharkey, Mrs., Railway street
 Aikin, W., Castle street
 Baxter, Hugh, Bridge street
 McDougal, John, Main street
 Quinn Bros., Abercorn square
 Singer Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., Main street
 Flanagan & Co., Ltd., Main street
 Gallagher, Egan, & Co., The Abercorn Factory, Derry Road; also ladies’   
  underwear manufacturers
 Stapley & Smith, Barrack street
 Kane, B., Bridge end
 Kane, John, Bridge end
 McCauley, J., Kennedy street
 McConnell, Wm., Ballycolman
 McConomy, M., Ballycolman
 Toorish, James, Bridge end
 Burke, Robert, LL.D., T.C.D., Butcher street; and at Castlederg; and  
  49 Dawson street, Dublin
 Elliott & Clarke, Bowling green; and at Ballybofey and Newtown-Stewart.   
  John Elliott, coroner for North Tyrone.  Edward Clarke, deputy   
  coroner.  Telephone No. 24
 Elliott, T., Abercorn square
 Gallagher, H. T.; offices, Railway street, and Ballybofey; Crown solicitor for  
  County Donegal.  Telephone No. 32, Strabane
 King, Wm., Main street
 McCay, John, Bowling green
 Moody, W.P., Railway street
 Nelson, T. E., Railway street
 O’Brien, P. H., Strabane; and at 32 Lower Ormond quay, Dublin
 Wilson & Simms, Bowling green, and 3, 4, and 5 Suffolk street, Dublin
 Bradley, J. C., Townhall street
 Gallagher, R., Canal street
 Gallagher, James, Main street
 McCrossan, James, Townhall street
 McGale, H., Derry road
 Stevenson, J. E., Main street
 Woods, C., Main street
 Gallagher, P., Meeting House street
 McGale, M., Main street
 Moore, J., Market street
 Toland, J., Market street
 Gormley, John, Market street
 King, William, Main street
 McGranaghan, J., Railway street
 Kane Bros., Bridge end
 Loughrey, J., Newton place
  McAleer, Owen, 19 Barrack street; also carpenter; funeral undertaker, and wholesale
  coffin maker
 McCaffrey, R., Main street
 McIlwaine, J. J., Main street
 Maguire, H. J., Market street  Quigley, T., Railway street
 White & Co., Railway street
 Orr & McConnell, M.R.C.V.S., F.G.V.M.A., Main street
 Snodgrass, A., Main street
 Ewing, J., Main street
 Harte, A. J., Castle street
 Rodgers, F. J., Main street
 White, J., Main street
 Donnell, J. R., Railway street; carting agent
 Griffin, J., Railway street; commission agent
 Herdmans, Ltd., Sion Mills; flax spinners
 McAleer, Owen, 19 Barrack street; carpenter
page 472
Argue, Henry; posting establishment
Bryson, James, Post Office; grocer, hardware, coal merchant, and stationer
Erne Arms Hotel; also wine and spirit merchant.  Jeremiah Reid, proprietor
Flood, Miss B.; dressmaker
Harte, James; victualler and publican; also posting establishment
Hughes, James; butcher
Knox, R.; bootmaker
McCaffrey, R. J.; builder
McCaffrey, W. H., Ballyduff Cottage; land surveyor, valuer, etc.
McCosker, J.; painter
McCrabbe, Jos.; posting establishment
McGurk, Miss; dressmaker
Magee, D.; bootmaker
Mara, Miss; dressmaker
O’Donnell, Hugh; wine and spirit merchant
Purdon, J.J.; carpenter
Reid, Jeremiah; publican
Sweeney, Misses; dressmakers page 524
Anderson, A., Victoria bridge; grocer, and wine and spirit merchant
Andrews, M. M., Main street; hardware, china, and delf merchant; also bookseller
Baxter, H. C., Main street; draper
Bradley, James, John street; wine and spirit merchant  
Bradley, Robert C.; tailor
Bryson, J.; tailor
Burke, John, Lyle’s buildings; grocer, wine, spirit, hardware, and general merchant
Burke, Robert, LL.D., T.C.D, solicitor
Burke, T.; sawmills
Carlin, W.; butter and egg merchant
Clarke, T. A., Main street; Irish egg and butter merchant
Colhoun, T.; painter and glazier
Crawford, S., Main street; grocer, wine, spirit, hardware, and general merchant
Crockett, John, Main street; petty sessions clerk and general merchant
Curran, Miss, Main street; draper
Curran, Mrs. M., Main street; grocer
Deery, Patrick, Main street; wine and spirit merchant
Devine, G., Main street; Draper
Devine, J., Main street; wine and spirit dealer
Dillon, H.; butcher
Doherty, ---, Main street; publican
Doherty, The Misses; underclothing manufacturers
Donaghy, H., Main street; publican
Faulkner, William, Main street; watchmaker, photographer, and cycle manufacturer
Ferguson Arms Hotel, Main street; family and commercial.  S. Gailey, proprietor
Gailey, A.; baker and grocer
Gailey, Samuel, Main street; grocer
Gallagher, A.; butcher
Hamilton, T & L., Main street; drapers and milliners
Hibernian Bank, Ltd., Main street
Huey, S., Main street; draper
Hughes, J., Main street; butcher
Kerr, J., Main street; general merchant
Kyle, W. J., Main street; draper, milliner, and boot and shoe warehouse
Leitch, A. J., Main street; solicitor
McAskie, John; general draper, and grain merchant
McCabe, J., Main street; china dealer
McCarron, Mrs., Bridge End Bar, Main street; wine and spirit dealer
McCay, A., Main street; wine and spirit dealer
McCay, J.; grocer, seed, provision, and general merchant
McCay, R., Lyle’s buildings; chemist
McCormick, James; grocer
McCormick, V., Lyle’s buildings; grocer
McFarland, Thomas, Main street; draper, milliner, grocer, and tobacconist
McGlinchey, Mrs.; emigration agent
McGoldrick, James, Main street; wine and spirit merchant
McGoldrick, John, Main street; grocer
MacHugh, Miss C.; wine and spirit dealer
McHugh, R., Main street; spirit merchant
McHugh, W., Main street; saddler and harness maker
McLaughlin, Anne, Main street; grocer
McLaughlin, J.; undertaker
McMenamin, J., John street; grocer
McMenamin, J., Main street; saddler McNulty, Patrick, William street; wine and spirit merchant
McPhilemy, Joseph, Main street; egg and fowl merchant
McSorley, A., Main street; grocer and egg merchant
Magee, W. J., Main street; cycle agent and manufacturer
Mitchell, W., Mill row; bootmaker
Moore, A., Ardstraw; auctioneer; attendance every Friday at Castlederg
Moss, H.; carpenter
Mullen, J.; butcher
Mullen, Mrs., Main street; publican
Mullin, A., Main street; chemist
O’Kane, Mrs., Main street; grocer
Orr & McConnell; veterinary surgeons
Orr, R.; dressmaker
Patrick, J.; bootmaker
Rankin, J., carpenter
Robb, M.; painter and glazier
Robinson, S., Main street; blacksmith
Roulston, N., & Co.; milliners
Roulston, A., Main street; general draper and outfitter
Royal Hotel, Main street
Scott, D., Main street; auctioneer, shipping agent, and boot warehouse
Scott, Miss F.; dressmaker
Snodgrass, A.; veterinary surgeon
Spamount Woollen Co., Ltd.; woollen manufacturers
Speer, Hugh. Main street; draper, grocer, etc.
Speir, John, Mill row; carpenter
Sproule, Andrew, Main street; wine and spirit merchant
Sproule, Samuel; blacksmith
Sproule, Sarah, Main street; draper
Toland, E.; bootmaker
Ulster Bank Ltd.; bank
Victoria Temperence Hotel
Watt, Thomas, Main street; boot, shoe, and leather merchant
Wilson, Miss; dressmaker
Wilson, W.; carpenter
Woods, H. H., & Sons, Main street; auctioneers
Young, James, Main street; watchmaker
Young, Mrs., Farmers’ Hotel, Main street; publican
 page 530  
Anderson, M; dressmaker
Campbell, A.; builder
Carland, Miss; milliner
Carlin, Miss M.; draper
Clarke, P.; grocer
Devlin, John; cooper
Flynn, Thomas; publican
Gormley, B.; grocer
Graham, D.; car owner
Graham, J. H.; saddler
Gray, J.; bootmaker
Hamilton, W. J.; draper, grocer, printer, and general merchant
Hay, Charles; joiner
Henderson, Mrs.; dressmaker
Houston, Alexander; publican
Kelly, B. J.; surveyor
Kyle, Valentine Joyce insurance agent;
McAleer, M.; builder
McAnelly, J. C.; builder
McCrory, Matthew; car owner
McCullagh, John; wholesale and retail family grocer, draper, and leather merchant
McCullagh, P.; baker
McCullough, James; wine and spirit merchant
McFarland, R.; baker
McGillen, Peter; grocer and saddler
McGlinchey, P.; miller
McGuire, P.; blacksmith
McGuire, Patrick; general draper
McKelvey, J.; car owner
McKenna, Michael; publican
McKimmin, M.; draper
McKnight, ---; dressmaker
McLaughlin, Charles; auctioneer
McMullan, J. R.; builder
McNickle, Mrs., Main street; wine and spirit merchant
McSorley, Peter; cartwright
McSwiggan, P.; coachbuilder
Maguire, Miss; draper
Montgomery, W.; boot and shoe maker
Mossey, J.; dressmaker
Mossey, Wm.; publican
Murphy, J.; bootmaker
O’Donnell, Miss; dressmaker
Pattison, J.; saddler
Stewart, J.; carpenter
Taegue, P.; grocer
Turner, Bernard; victualler
Ulster Bank, Ltd.page 530
Abercorn Hotel, Main street; posting establishment.  The rivers Strule and Mourne run through
 the town, and the Derg and Glenally are convenient - all splendid salmon and trout
 rivers.  The scenery in the district is magnificent, and tourists will find the hotel
 comfortable and convenient, being three miles off Baronscourt, the seat of His Grace
 the Duke of Abercorn.  Terms moderate.  Mrs. S. Marshall, proprietress
Alexander, W. J., Main street; wine and spirit dealer
Anderson, John; millwright
Anderson, W., Victoria Bridge; auctioneer
Arbuckle, T.; tailor
Ashenhurst, J.; grocer
Baird Arms Hotel, Main street; beautifully situated, within three minutes’ walk of the railway
 station, and in the centre of the finest salmon and trout fishing district in Ireland;
 tourists and visitors will find every accommodation at moderate charges.  J. W. Baird,
Barton, T.; painter
Barton, Wm.; carpenter
Blanter, John; billposter
Campbell, W. G., Dublin street; saddler and harness maker
Castle Hotel, Mill street; family and commercial. Jas. Roche, proprietor
Conway, Michael, Main street; grocer
Conway, M.; shirt agent
Corrigan, J., Main street; spirit dealer
Cresswell, A., Main street; grocer
Curry, J.; carpenter
Deery, L., Main street; chemist
Devine, John, Main street; tailor and spirit merchant
Dick, Thomas; auctioneer
Duncan, Miss, Main street; refreshment rooms
Gallagher, Andrew, Back street; grocer
Gallagher, F., Main street; butcher
Gallagher, James, Main street; tea, wine and spirit merchant; also furnished apartments
Gallagher, W., Main street; butcher
Gallagher, W. J., Back street; butcher
Gillespie, Miss, Main street; grocer
Gray, J.; stonemason
Harkin, P., Mill street; tailor
Hegarty, J. J.; boot and shoe maker
Hegarty, M.; shirt agent
Hempton, R.; stonemason
Henderson’s Ltd., Main street; family grocers, tea, provision, and hardware merchants;  
 proprietors of the Model Creamery
Hood & Co., Commercial House; general drapers, hardware, timber, slate, iron,    
 guano, and seed merchants; undertakers, and boot, shoe, and leather warehouse
Hood, R.H.; auctioneer
Hudson & Benson; photographers
Kelly, John, Mill street; wine and spirit merchant
McAleer, M., Main street; grocer and publican
McBride, H., Main street; publican
McColgan, T.; clockmaker
McCrossan, P., Mill street; bootmaker
McCrossan, Robert, Dublin street; publican
McCullagh, C.; boot and shoe maker
McCullagh, M., Main street; wine and spirit merchant
McFarland, Miss, Main street; grocer
McGlinchey, Thomas; blacksmith McHugh, Henry, Main street; general draper, boot merchant, and fancy warehouse
McKinley, William; family grocer, egg and coal merchant, posting establishment, and
 road contractor
McNamee, E.; carpenter
Miller, W. J., Main street; grocer
Molloy, B.; fowl merchant
Moore, A., Ardstraw; auctioneer; attendance every Monday at Newtown-Stewart
Northern Banking Co., Ltd., Main street
Robinson, James, Dublin street; publican
Robinson, Thomas; blacksmith
Roche, P., London House. Main street; draper and outfitter
Ross, S., Mill street; bootmaker
Smith, Miss; draper
Smyth, Mrs. M, Main street; draper; millinery and mantle warehouse
Sproule, James, Mill street; grocer and egg merchant
Stapley & Smith; underclothing manufacturers
Stephenson, Mrs., Main street; cafe
Stuart, Samuel, Main street; grocer, and provision, wine, and spirit merchant
Tait, J., Main street; saddler
The Temperance Hotel and Cafe, Main street; comfortable bedrooms, breakfasts, dinners, and
 teas at moderate rates.  J. Stephenson, proprietor
Walsh, J. F., Main street; stationer
Wilson Bros., The Arcade; general drapers, seed, and manure merchantsIRISH BANK SECTION
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The Hibernian Bank, Ltd., P. J. Byrne, mgr.; Fridays and Fair days; sub-office to Strabane
Ulster Bank, Ltd.; Robert Murray, manager
Ulster Bank, Ltd.; Wm. Hoy, manager, and R. A. Gordon, pro-manager; open on Fair days; sub-office
to Strabane
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Ulster Bank, Ltd.; J. A. Davidson, manager, and G. S. Nettlefield, pro-manager; open on
Wednesdays; sub-office to Omagh
page 9
Bank of Ireland, R. W. Topp, agent (also agent in Omagh); open on Mondays and Fair days
Northern Banking Co., Ltd., Alex. Whitford, manager
page 10
Belfast Banking Co., Ltd., David B. Keers, manager
Northern Banking Co., Ltd., open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fair days; sub-office to Raphoe
   (Joseph Orr, manager)
Provincial Bank of Ireland, Ltd., Wm. Wilson, manager
The Hibernian Bank, Ltd., J. P. Byrne, manager
Ulster Bank, Ltd.; Wm. Hoy, manager, and R. A. Gordon, pro-manager