Introduction and General Information

This site is intended as a primer and basic information we are forwarding to the public. There is so much to cover it would take book the size of a dictionary to present it. But, after one gets the drift of what this is, over time it becomes self teaching. Try hard and be patient, you'll succeed. It may be better to start with "Alternative Interpretation" page, and then the rest which will explain how things come together.

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What's the meaning of this? This is proof the religions are bogus, which in turn means that the persons (clergy) are not who they say they are. If their interpretation of the Bible is wrong, what does that mean? Well, it doesn't seem to be all that important does it, but it is. If their interpretation of creation is wrong then they cannot possibly have the proper understanding of the book, wouldn't that be correct.

What if Biblical creation "isn't" the creation of the material universe and instead is a psychological construction. That would mean that the clergy cannot be who they claim, They cannot be divinely inspired or under Divine Revelation as they think. If creation is of psychological nature then they are wrong, and being wrong then their religion cannot be true. If they were true then why didn't they know the difference. Wouldn't God have told them from the beginning then that they have the wrong understanding of the book. Now, that's the thing about this. The physiological interpretation makes the Bible a whole different book with different understandings, and if the psychological is true then their religion has to be false. This means the destruction of all religions because the psychological interpretation shows that there cannot be any such person as a super Human entity operating the material universe, because the book can't be about any such person or even that subject. If there is, then he/she/ it/ whatever would have informed the clergy that they have the wrong understanding. That means also that no such entity can exist. We Seers find the psychological interpretation to be true, because from it, we've learned why the world cannot ever be at peace in it's present mental setting.

There-fore then, the Jews (we are not anti Jewish) cannot be who they say either, as they cannot be children of Abraham, they would have to be children of Nimrod, as true Jews would not have the wrong interpretation of their own book. Their religion cannot be any better or more true than any other. We've found that the objective of the biblical writer is to destroy all religions and governments.

We present the following for your contemplation.


From The Old Seers.



In the world that we are in at this time it seems who one is, and what one does is more important to all then "what" one is. In the world of "The Seers" it isn't very important who one is or what they do particularly, but, being that things are as they are, and will be for a short while as yet, we offer to you this explanation, because to others it is important as all presently in this world self importance is--well--important to everyone, because that's one of the ways in which all are brought up when raised from childhood. All are brought up to try to be one of importance and we were no differently brought up, so we do understand. And, being that "who" we are will be a greater concern to all we'll try to get the "who are we" out of the way firstly. We assume the title of Seers for a reference point for others because being we are collective it requires a reference. From our study of "the Book" we came to "see" where the world is going and came to the conclusion that if the present mentality the people of the world is maintained, it will lead to a catastrophic end. Being the world understands not what mentality it is trapped in we make our presentation. Be aware that the mental process the world is using and under will make it hard for most to understand us. But, be patient and you will learn, and in time you will be unable to disagree. The worlds social problems come about by the "misinterpretation of life" that it is under. There are only two understandings that life can be interpreted from, the material/physical, or, the mental. The mental is of only two possible directions, the human mind and/or the animal mind. Only one of these can be the cause of the worlds problems, which here-in these writings deal with, and is of the knowledge extracted from our study of the book. Also, be aware that we Old Seers are Atheist.

We are a group of thirty individuals with a life's endeavors in various fields, some in academics, and others are what is referred to in your world as "lay folks". In our ranks there are two physicists, three in the psychology fields, one biologist, one medical general practitioner, three in agricultural fields (farmers), several contractors of types, two in electronics fields, one archaeologist, one of engineering and others. Recently the greater number of us have retired and travel quite extensively. We aren't in close proximity to one another and haven't been which may seem strange, but to explain how we became acquainted is a long explanation so that will be left where it is. All were living in the Midwest states of Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Our nationalities are all of European decendency and all were born and raised in the United States. We hope this explanation satisfies the curiosity of all. Considering the various fields of interest we were/are in it came to mind by one of us that the group resembled "The Smurfs", so we adopted the label and refer to ourselves as The Smurfs being that our Biblical studies began about 1984 when the television Smurfs were popular around that time. The Smurfs (except one) all knew each other before the study began, and the study was initiated by the "new Smurf" (FNG- the funny new guy), a physicist also, when a chance meeting took place with one of the original Smurfs. We are not an organization, but only friends and acquaintances

A brief history:

The study began with the question ---why isn't creation in the Bible, referred to as "the book" consistent with the universal construction. (Universal construction is the same as - the laws of physics, and is how the universe is constructed and works) An example- the sun is made in the 4th day, but light already existed in the 1st day, which in the confines of physics is unsound. The New Smurf toyed with this for some years and could come to no conclusions, and suspected that it wasn't a construction of a material universe at all, but could possibly be a spiritual concoction (a hunch/suspicion) being the book deals with the spiritual extensively. Not knowing how that could be or work he gave up on the thought for many years until he met one of the original group members about 1984. Having become acquainted he translated the idea to the Smurf who promised to let a physicist acquaintance of his have a look at it. His physicist friend also, couldn't see how it could be and being the suspicion that it was spiritual recommended it be taken to one of his friends in the psychological field, which he did. One of the 2 in the psychology profession seen it right off and concluded that it was of a spiritual concern rather then a material one. After a while of study they both agreed that the mental/spiritual interpretation was correct, and thus started a study of a new interpretation. Originally there was no intent to reinterpret the book, but being a curiosity several others in the Smurf acquaintance also became interested. Over a period of time time it became apparent that we were on to something. About 1992 the study was left off of as all knew what it was and interest wained, but a few things would be encountered from time to time as the years passed. Having become aware of the implications of this interpretation it was decided (about 1993) that something should be done with the interpretation but no one knew what, how or when. So we let the years pass until 2008 when we decided that it became time. What we saw going on in the world has become extreme evil upon others. Doing evil for good has gotten out of hand, (as happened at the time of Noah) as we expected it would. The systems have become controlled by a few greedy entities and has also become irreparable, as the extreme evil one's now rule exclusively and won't allow it to be repaired back to it's normal state. And,the concept of endless war idea of by the US that "will" lead to drastic consequences (The US government knows not itself nor of the protracted evils this idea will bring). The US had become the most warlike of all on the planet. The lessens of past wars have not been heeded. The systems are now well on the way of self destruction. It became time to point out why. So, we decided we could help with what we understand.

The key to understanding this new interpretation is to see that biblical creation is not something material but rather spiritual. One's spiritual is also one's person, or, the spiritual and person are one and the same. What is happening in creation is -- a particular personage is being formed/developing, and that personage is "Adam". The Ancients expressed spiritual things in material terms for lack of having the wording in their vocabulary. With this understood creation then becomes the prime interpreter of the book. For instance, the seven days of creation are also the seven spirits of God written in the book of revelation. The "beginning" is the word of God, in terms of - in the beginning was the word,and the word was with God, and the word "was" God. (Creation "is" the word of God--God said, so what is said is Adam the same as JC) If JC (Jesus Christ) is the word, and is also Adam the 2nd, then JC and Adam are of the same personage/likeness. What this also renders to, Adam was God, and this is why JC refers to himself as "the son of man" as the forming of Adam is the forming of "righteous man" (righteous man simply means-the right way to be man, or "human) as being opposite Animal. The book is expressly about the animal mind verses the human mind. And this is what is happening in creation. A person becomes enlightened of "the self" and see's these two opposites,where-as before one was as all other beings in animal nature.

What makes "Adam":

It is known that all on the planet are descendants of a migration out of Africa by a tribe of Bushman that settled in many regions. As best we (the Smurfs) understand it, the one's that settled in the Tigress-Euphrates rivers region are the ones that became Adam. There were many other migrants on the planet in other regions at that time. This group of individuals (Adamites) contemplated themselves and recognized that they were like all others with two states of mind, the human mind and the animal mind. When they knew they were of two mental directions it gave them an option of choosing one--where-as before without being enlightened they lived under the animal premise as all others of their time and as we still do today (this process is the light we translate as "enlightenment" in the first day of creation). It is the choosing of the "Human" mental condition that makes Adam, which means that Adam is a mental condition not the physical body. This mental condition is what is referred to as "God", meaning, Adam "was"God (the way). If Adam was the word, and the same as JC then Adam (the mental condition) was God, which translates into "the way" or, "Way of Being" and a way of life also. As JC points out/to, I am the way and the life. Lets go over this passage again------In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. (give that some thought) According to this alternative interpretation God then, is a reference to a particular state or condition of mind. Being that the mind is a matter of animal or human content/characteristics (there are also neutrals) then God is nothing more then these characteristics. If one is understanding then one can elect to become , or live, according to only one of these sets of personal characteristics. If one chooses to be the "Human" characteristics the person then becomes as Adam, and JC. Europeans aren't descendants of Adam, because they are from a different migration, as best we can tell only Middle Easterners are. We could not find evidence that Europeans descended from Abraham, as Arabs did. Go to an online bible and enter "in the beginning" and/or "from the beginning" in the search to study the usage of the words. You'll find that it often is a reference to "person", and showing that Creation is the forming of that person which is, Adam.

Adam is the same as Christianity, as JC is quoted by an Apostle to be "Adam the 2nd, then Adam and Christianity have to be one and the same personage. There is no reference in the book that recognizes any superhuman being as Adam wasn't superhuman. There is no mention in the book to "God" being anything other then "people", us. From this then one can see that there are two states of mind that the book recognizes as God, the human mind and the animal mind. Those that became Adam were no different then any others on the planet, operating within the two entities as a single being, bandying from one to the other as they were inclined to and as we also do today. Being they chose the human over the animal mind to become Adam they eventually fell away from the human and returned to what they were formerly. This is referred to as the "fall"of Adam or Adamites. It was from the animal mind they came and by self election they became Adam/human, and then after a while they returned to the animal being. The book refers to the animal mind as "dust of the ground" in terms of being blown about by a wind with no particular direction toward human or animal mentality. After the fall they return to the animal mind but with a conscious direction of establishing life based on the animal mental condition but in a regulated form, thus, creating civilized government. This was done by Nimrod, founder of Babylon.(the beginning of his kingdom was called Babel, so the book points out) Civilization exists and operates on the animal mental condition, and is the cause of all it's social problems, and, why it can never be fixed or made to work as those running it would like it to be. The animal mind can only produce what it does and will always produce the same results. Civilization operates on the premise that the creation of force by law will somehow create one to be human, but not so. Civilization has existed in various forms for about 7000 years, and not one problem it created by it's installation has ever been solved. That which creates the problem cannot solve the problem. Civilization merely regulates the animal it promotes to keep it in line with it's mandates set in place by those who lead, whence they them selves are of less moral character then the masses, and by no means can create one to be human. One must understand the difference and elect one's self to become human,and a few ruling the many can only originate out of an animal mind only.

The animal mind cannot be solved or changed, but instead must be replaced by the "human" mind. The common belief is that one is a human animal--not so. At any given instant one can only be one or the other--but not both at the same time. There is no such thing as a human animal or a human body. Animal is animal and cannot be anything/one else. The term "human animal" is a contradiction, one cancels the other. There-fore then, if a society exists on animal promotion then it will always produce social problems. If the values of a society is placed within the animal confines it can never solve itself. Human does not solve animal, it cannot. The animal mind can only be replaced by the human mind not be repaired by it, as the animal mind cannot be changed to something else. One can only be exchanged for the other. Christianity is nothing more then the human mind leaving off on the animal mind. This is why Christianity (so called) has never brought peace to the world. Considering that Christianity is "the human mentality" and civilization is of the animal mentality the two do not mix. It has to be one or the other (give to Caesar the things things that are Caesars etc. Caesar owns everyone ). JC did not come to fix civilization, but rather to get rid of it and replace each one's person with Adam. As previously said, civilization cannot be fixed. Authority over one another originates from the animal mind/being, not the human. One cannot rule over others without entering or being within the animal context. From this knowledge one can see why the world continues as it does.

There is no such thing as a human body. Human is strictly a state of mind and nothing physical. For instance, a bone is constructed mostly of calcium and no bone from any type of body is different. Calcium is material, and there can be no such thing as human calcium. No material/physical can be human. Christianity is about the mind not the body, and there-fore no material thing can be Human and/or Christian/Adam. This is why the book states--there is neither male nor female in Christianity, because it's not a matter of material or a physical. This can be seen here: Ephesians 6:12- they are not against the material or physical but against civil governments as evil in high places. Christianity is seen by the Apostles as replacing civil government, which in turn means that Christianity is anti government, as, the rulersof the darkness of this world. This darkness/ignorance is maintained by powers over the masses that replaced Adam at the time of Nimrod and is no different today. In the world of civilized societies the animal mind rules because of the ignorance of what civilization really is. To seek power and authority over others is immoral/inhuman. Morals is that which is human, immoral is that which is animistic. In the fall of Adam the precepts of Adam were taken away by the shyster "Nimrod" who lied and deceived the masses to accept himself as an "external" ruler rather then the understandings of one's internal self characteristics,making himself God over the people rather then maintain the precepts of the God/Way of Adam . The concept of Christianity is via enlightenment of the self to rule one's self within the human natural concepts which are self evident in us all. Christianity is the reversal of being ruled by a few people and reverting back to being ruled within the human confines that was originally the likes of Adam. One who is ruled by the humanities of one's self is harmless toward others, and is of proper morals, as morals is that which keeps one humane toward others. Under that ruler ship one needs no few to rule one's own person, then civil government is no longer needed. Civil governments exist on animal values (force and counter force, superiority, the will to dominate others, predatory/capitalistic practices, seeking greatness and advantage over others, a values system of greaters and lessors, aggression, competition, and all such like that create social problems as each strive to be higher then each other. The higher one becomes the more animalistic one becomes, and in turn becomes detrimental to others. It's an upside down power arrangement, that the higher one is the more animal one becomes, but actually, if the animal is considered to be lower then the human then the higher one achieves to the lower the person is. In this world that is, the values are anti human in nature as the animal mind receives the "right of way" over the human. That merely means that the animal mind is God/Way instead of the human mind. There is no promotion in the book then any other God other then the state of mind one is presently in/of.

In the times of Adam there was no such understanding or use of the term "God", and no such term can be found in the ancient numeric alphabet used at the beginning, but can be found in the more recent times. The Adamites had no understanding of a "God", and the term becomes applied later and most likely "after" the fall back into the animal state of mind, and which ,the term, we find to be used as a matter of ignorance and a hand me down from other ancient cultures (mostly European) that applied the term to things not understood and/or what powers they witnessed that were greater then themselves and beyond the control of ancient peoples. An intelligent being can see that one's self has control over certain things according to preferences.It would seem logical to an ancient European that the things not understood or in their control would also be done by an intelligent being. After all, they could do certain things by reason, then a landslide, earthquake, lightening and thunder, storms, high winds that blow down trees are beyond their capabilities,and then to them, a being would cause this, so they give it a title. Understand however, that they had little knowledge of universal workings at that time so what else could be expected of them. The title(s) still persist to this day and in the same ignorance of the many peoples presided over by those of acquired authority.

What is "God".

God is equal to force, or, that which rules anything and everything . Every thing and everyone is subject to universal law, and, the natural formation of psychology, that being the same as spiritual, nothing and no one is exempt. When one comprehends how the term "God" is used and applied it renders to, force. Whether or not the term is applied to an intelligent being it still renders to force, and in this case, a "being" of force, or still, that which rules. It became apparent to us over two decades ago that no intelligence was necessary to create matter. It also became clear that the Apostles see creation very differently then the present worlds interpretation, and as a spiritual construction rather then anything material in terms of- "the invisible things of creation" which means to them, creation is spiritual not material. The forces of the Big Bang can be construed as God if one sees all force as God, but in this case non-intelligent. The God/Way of material creation need not be intelligent. On the material side God then, is the forces in the universe that create matter. What also became clear to us that there are only two things that exist in the universe at this time, the "material" which came first, and the "spiritual" which came after the creation of material. From this then one can see that the biblical God does not create the material universe, but rather, the material universe creates God, the spiritual. A being/spiritual cannot exist outside of a brain, as a brain must form first for a spiritual/person to have a residence, and the residence must be material, and so material (of which the brain is made of) must be formed first. The process is- the material forms, and from the material is formed the inanimate (plants) and the animate (physical). Within the animate is formed a brain via an evolutionary process, then within the brain forms the person/spiritual. The person is made up of two specific mental directions, the animal (the harmful or minus) mind, and the human (the helpful or positive) mind. One cannot exist without the other. If there is to be a human personage then there also must be an opposite, the animal personage. This is what the book deals with as God, not the physical or material. (reconsider Ephesians 6:12) (look up the term animal or animalistic in a dictionary. You'll find a physical and a spiritual/personage definition.The book deals with the spiritual state of mind and is it's intent.

The book deals with the social forces, and what forces/values one's own relationships are based upon, and those that lead from the social forces. Being that the social forces are administered by civil government and legal systems then all have to be, or become, the same as those that lead. An example of this is from the fall of Adam. The time of Adam spans from through creation to the installation of central government (a Civilization placed into the lineage of the middle easterners) by Nimrod. Civilization destroys Adam by replacing being governed naturally by one's self in accordance with the humanities and through deception replacing the mentality of Adam to that of Nimrod. The process then is--replacing God (self rule) with the ruler ship of Nimrod. Nimrod installs animal values in place of human values and this can be seen at Genesis 10:9 he was a mighty hunter before the lord: where-fore it is said: even as Nimrod a mighty hunter before the lord. The "Lord" in this case is the people, and hunter is predator. Nimrod installs a system of social predation of which the people were not as previous. To be a a predator one has to become anamalistic. The people are forced to become the same in this passage- Where-fore it is said even as Nimrod- which means the people are saying they became as Nimrod. Thus then the age of the Adamites ends with Nimrod's government. And so it is the same today and in all previous and present civilizations---the people are forced to become as those that rule. As previously stated, civilization can only exist on an animal mental premise. The tower of Babel was never built. "Tower" represents the few (man made government) that tower above the many in a system of greaters and lessers that did not exist in the Adamite world. Thus then, all social problems are due to those that lead, and who ignorantly think that civil government can create human beings. Proof from history is that they cannot. Civilization has always been a fools parade and liars paradise. It can only be instituted by lies and maintained by such. Politics is a profession of deception, no different today then in Nimrods time.

The concept of "human animal" is contradictory and hides the social problems the world experiences. The animal hides behind the human face considering that the worlds operations depend upon the animal concept. Under such a concept one is considered to be human under all circumstances which is an absolutely false assumption. One can be of only one of the personages at any given time. From the animal comes the inhumane, and from the human comes the humane. What ever one does they do it to serve one of these entities, and both cannot be served at a time, no more then one can think of two things at a time. Then there is the "neutral". One can do something for a cause of neither. An evening stroll can be enjoyable, but can be undertaken to serve neither concept. Enjoyment is a neutral, as one can enjoy being animal or human, there-fore an evening stroll need serve neither but done for it's enjoyment producing no harm or help. Be understanding - The animal mind and the human mind are about "what is relative to others. It is from these two that relations with others are formed from. Without others each is useless and of no value.There-fore then each are what social values are formed from. Now "you" can understand the worlds problems and their origin. If social values are based in the animal concept/mind (force and counter force - greaters and lessors, material over the spiritual) which they are presently, then a society undergoes the consequences of those values. All that comes about is an intelligent Buffalo herd, as a Buffalo herds social values aren't any different. It can be seen that within a Buffalo herd there can be humane treatment of others from time to time. What is human is human, what is animal is animal. People are no spiritually different then the Buffalo. All spiritual entities are the same, only the bodies are different. If you have "Human" calcium in your bones so does a Buffalo. :) One can think they are special because they have a higher intellect then the Buffalo. But, intellect is neutral and can be applied to anything, it does not make one human. It can be used to reason the difference and make a choice so a society need not suffer the consequences of being in a Buffalo herd, or reason to be a worse Buffalo then the Buffalo, which is the case in the worlds concept of what is human. From the mental of the intelligent animal come the strife's and wars, not the human. In a civilized world the human is made subject to the animal. Civil governments uphold the concept of the animal over the human. Civil laws are made to control what is promoted.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is civilization. Adam lived naturally within the universal confines of good and evil. Good and evil are natural consequences of living in a material universe. There cannot be good without evil, and there cannot be evil without good. Evil is that which is harmful, and good is that which is helpful. If the wind blows a tree down on your house that is an evil upon you, is it not? It is an evil that happened because of material nature/forces. On one hand you did yourself a good by building the house, thus setting in play a situation that can also bring an evil upon you, in this case the strong wind. But, the evil wasn't planned by anyone to purposely cause you an evil. Civilization is a plan by which a few determine what is to be good and evil. Taxes are an evil so they can have the funds to do good. If they preside over an animal social system they have to regulate their planned society to minimize evil or harm , as the animal/predator mind is harmful. Civilization is based on the knowledge of doing evil or good to bring about good, as good or evil can come from either. In the Case of Adam it is natural as in their time there was no civil authority nor seekers of authority over others until Nimrod. Nimrod then, installs a system of good and evil from his determinations and for the benefit of his cronies at the expense of the masses who he duped into the affair. Knowledge is as a tree, with the trunk as the main line knowledge and then branches out into it's greater and lesser rudiments, the leaves. As the saying is--no good deed goes unpunished. All actions have consequences. An intent to do good may cause an evil upon another unintentionally. Governments plan wars to do an evil upon another society to bring a good upon their own. In today's world silly wars are planned for the good of the few that profit form the perpetrated evil, while at the same time their own people on the battlefield suffer an evil also by under-going the consequences of the plan. But the few profiteers pay no price for the endeavor. (so then, what can you do to put a stop to this---think).

Will be continued.