Welcome to Old School MUGEN. Here you will find some characters, stages and music for this awesome fighting engine. But not any character! This is the house of retro fighters, guys with few pixels and lots of guts! So, if you like some pixelated fun, this is your place!


I´ve been playing Super Smash Bros Brawl a lot. Feeling inspired, I did a arcade Mario Bros stage, based on respective Smash Bros one, plus the original music. Download here.

Two new stages, from Crude Buster and Vigilante. Download here.

Original arcade Alien Storm soundtrack. Yay! Thanks, Parrothead
Download here.
And the Mission 1-1 music correct name is Noise Of Art!, not Noise Of Act!. My bad. Don´t forget correct the file name at the .DEF file

Another little update, the Kung Fu Master´s stages now have better sprite rips, and Sylvia begging for help. Download at the Other Games stages page

One more update: eight stages from arcade Alien Storm. Download here.

Quick new update: new stage from Golden Axe: The Beer Garden SEGA. Download at Golden Axe stages page.

Ok, massive update:

-The stages now are sorted in pages by game;
-This stages was updated: Greek Cemetery, The Wilderness, Throne Room e Mushroom Kingdom 1-1, all with better sprite rips. Now Mushroom Kingdom have some goombas wandering, too;
-Added: Turtle Village, from Golden Axe, and Path to Dis - The Swamps, Path to Dis - The Caves, Path to Dis - The Temple, and The City Of Dis, from Altered Beast. All Altered Beast stages available now.

-Added Death Adder, from Golden Axe;
-You know what? Baby Head sucks. I mean, used to suck. Now it´s updated, and much better: the missile moves are more accurated with the original game, I took of that lame spinning moves and I added a counter-attack move and a counter-attack hyper move.
-Snake is updated too. Now, Take No Prisoners is no more a desperate move, the Hyper Knike Jump was removed, and he has a new desperate, I.E.D. (Improvised Explosive Device. Booom!).
- Now let´s talk about cheapness. Pac Man is back: now, he won´t activate Power Pellet based on power level anymore. When the fight starts, there is 2 pellets, on each side of the stage. Power Pellet is activated only eating then, and they will not respawn. Buuuut, if he hit you with Power Pellet active, the round is over.