My Changes to WLD

1. One item that I don't like about the WLD is the single entrance and exit concept behind the adventure. As a result I have added some additional entrances and exits. The entrances and exits are one way so you can't go and come through the same portal.

2. Another modification I have made is to the room keys. Since this is a published product, available still through DTRPG and a few other sites, I wanted to take away the players' ability to 'look ahead' and know what is coming.

3. I have located it on a hex in the City State Region of JG's Wilderlands of High Fantasy. By doing that I was able to map out my added entrances and exits in such as way as to make them an adventure just to get to. It's my recommendation that the players begin their characters in one of the larger local towns or cities in order to facilitate rest and resupply at the end of each trip into the dungeon.