Halls of Bolide - Level 6

1. This passage appears to be a dead end, but the end wall contains a large stone block about 4 feet square that is loose and can be rather easily removed. The resultant hole in the wall can be crawled through by most anyone save for probably some dwarves and the like. Note: it is up to the DM as to whether this is to be considered a secret passage.

2. This room contains four statues that will animate, one at a time, and become the following:

#1) Flesh Golem (HP: 40;

#2) Stone Golem (HP: 60);

#3) Clay Golem (HP: 50);

#4) Iron Golem (HP: 80).

In the center of the back wall is a curtain that is hiding a large stone in which is stuck the Sword of Eahlswin (an Illusionist of the 49th Level). It is stuck such that only a fighter with 18/80 strength or greater can remove it.

The Sword of Eahlswin – It is an illusionary vorpal blade of immense power. Saving throws against its power may only be made by those touching the sword; to all others it is real. The only exception to this is that the person who initially removes it will never receive a saving throw. All saves against it are made vs. magic with a minus four (-4) on the die. It has both an Intelligence and Ego of twelve (12) in addition to being 100% Lawful Good. It has no normal special powers as per its intelligence, although it has a plus five (+5) to hit bonus versus all monsters who fail their saving thrown against it. Any monster that does makes its save, though, will take no damage and all “would be” hits are near misses as far as all the observers are concerned. The only exception to this is that, on any attack roll of 18-20, the monster, even though making its save, still take damage per a normal long sword. Also, in combat against any demons or devils, they receive no magic resistance roll, only a normal saving throw, as the sword’s tremendous power and its lawful good alignment overcome it.

3. This is the abode of Kalbidor the Pit Fiend (HP: 63). When the room is entered, he is found sitting on a huge throne in the rear of the room. ALong both the east and west walls are 15 foot wide firepits, and the room is extremely hot. His treasure is all in one chest and it consists of: a Dancing Sword (INT: 11, EGO: 4, Lawful Good), a Shield +4, a Mace +2, 2 potions of Superheroism, 2 potions of Water Breathing, 2 potions of Clairaudience, scrolls of Protection from Magic and Protection from Elementals, a Ring of Shooting Stars, and Bracers of Defence AC 4.

4. This room contains 3 statues that will animate into Stone Golems (HP: 60, 60, 60) when the room is entered. They are guarding a huge stone block (about 4 feet high, 10 feet long, and 8 feet deep) that has a Ring of Fire Resistance and a Staff of Healing on top of it.

5. This cavern contains 23 Boring Beetles (HP: 26, 25, 19, 16, 18, 23, 18, 32, 21, 21, 21, 19, 22, 19, 21, 29, 25, 23, 22, 13, 20, 28, 29) that are in the process of attending to the various slimes and molds they are now growing. THey consist of: 5 Black Puddings (HP: 36, 51, 55, 38, 35), 7 Gray Oozes (HP: 18, 11, 17, 17, 15, 7, 23) and 6 Ochre Jellies (HP: 33, 36, 14, 21, 32, 21) — these are all 75% magic resistant; 4 Green Slimes (HP: 5, 9, 9, 16), 2 Yellow Molds (HP: 10, 10), and 2 Brown Molds surrounding the beetles’ treasure which is 7000 PP in one large chest.

6. This is a huge torture chamber containing 6 Barbed Devils (HP: 25, 42, 22, 32, 30, 40) and the seven prisoners they are holding are all chained to the west wall. The prisoners (x’s) all have only 1-6 hit points remaining each and they consist of: 2 12th Level Lords, 1 12th Level Paladin Lord, 1 11th Level Ranger Lord, 1 11th Level Illusionist, 1 Dwarven 10th Level Master Thief, and 1 13th Level Wizard. There are two additional dead magic-users, as well as a dead cleric, still chained to the wall (y’s). Besides all the various torture equipment, there is also a small craps table, around which all the devils are standing. They are engaged in a little game, and upon the table are 106 AP, 131 MP, 109 PP, 211 GP, and 156 EP. The devils will fight to the death if need-be, but they will attempt to capture the adventurers. If the prisoners (all are either Chaotic Good or Lawful Good) are freed and helped from the dungeon, there is a 25% change that each will offer to join the party on future expeditions. If not, they will at least attempt to repay the party in some way.

7. 3 Beholders (HP: 60, 55, 55). They are holding 13 Champions captive behind an iron grating. All are still armed and everything, but are trapped and can’t escape. The Beholders will not seek to kill any of the party, if possible, as they are attempting to accumulate enough prisoners to be able to ransom their companions that were taken prisoner by Jerragon the Ice Devil. The Champions’ hit points are: 40, 26, 29, 41, 54, 34, 45, 35, 30, 30, 45, 46, 41.

8. 2 16-die Fire Elementals (HP: 74, 68) are guarding the doors.

9. 21 Winter Wolves (HP: 21, 38, 32, 19, 30, 25, 29, 27, 25, 29, 25, 32, 28, 28, 26, 28, 27, 28, 21, 22, 28). The room also contains statues cared out of ice, and the temperature is about -10 degrees Fahrenheit.

10. This passage is hewn out of solid rock and is about 12 feet high and 5 feet wide. The temperature is about zero degrees Fahrenheit.

11. This is the abode of Jerragon, the Ice Devil (HP: 56). The room is at about 85 degrees below zero and the walls, floor, and ceilings are made of ice. Jerragon is standing in the back of the room, and at each side of him is a winter wolf of maximum hit points (48) and with a double-strength breath weapon. Behind a wall of ice at point X are 2 Beholders (HP: 70, 65) that are being cyrogenically preserved. If Jerragon is in desperate trouble at any time, he will blast the wall and then teleport away. The beholders will be mobile in three melee rounds. Jerragon’s treasure consists of 50 open chests containing a total of 350000 CP, 81000 SP, 26000 EP, 12000 GP, 31000 PP, 1600 MP, 1100 AP, 82 1000 GP gems, and 19 pieces of jewelry worth 5000 GP each.

12. Written on this door in the common tongue is the following: “The key to the forces of nature are within, but nothing has come out that has ever gone in.” The door is hollow and behind a secret panel is a book called a “Canon of Changes” that, when read, gives the reader the power to create any non-magical item at will. Once it has been read by one person, though, it self-destructs.

13. This is a funnel-shaped room that acts as a giant vacuum. Anything that passes the plane of the doorway is sucked down the funnel into oblivion. Anything sucked into it is irrevocably dead and totally unrecoverable. Note, however, that the vacuum has no effect past the plane of the doorway, and that the door is magically held to the wall by an unknown spell of immense power. The door will also close by itself ten minutes after it is opened.

14. 10 Shambling Mounds (HP: 52, 55, 52, 52, 41, 51, 46, 50, 40, 49). All are of eleven hit dice. They are protecting 100 unlocked chests, each containing 2000 EP. In chest 18, there is also a pair of Elven Boots; in chest 57, there is also a Sword of Cold (INT: 2, Neutral); and in chest 82, there is also an Amulet of Spell Eating that will “eat” any spell within 5 feet of it, up to a total of 150 spell levels per game year (it has already eaten its 150 this year). The only problem, though, is that, for every turn of fighting or banging around looking in chests, there is a 5% cumulative chance of drawing the attention of Kuntosh, the chaotic evil 20th level Wizard who resides in the room beyond the secret passage and who charmed the shambling mounds to guard his hoard. His quarters will contain nothing magical, for all of his magical possessions will be found upon his person. They are: a Deck of Many Things with two picks remaining, Pipes of the Sewers, a Cloak of Protection +2, a Wand of Fireballs with 42 charges left, a Ring of Haste (as per spell), and a Ring of Invisibility. In addition, he has 162 spell points and the following spells memorized: Charm Person, Spider Climb, Magic Missile, Shield, Dancing Lights, Mirror Image, Ray of Enfeeblement, Strength, Web, Detect Invisibility, Dispel Magic, Gust of Wind, Hold Person, Lightning Bolt, Slow, Charm Monster, Confusion, Ice Storm, Polymorph Other, Remove Curse, Wall of Force, Cone of Cold, Feeblement, Rock to Mud, Anti-Magic Spell, Geas, Tenser’s Transformation, Invisible Stalker, Duo-Dimension, Reverse Gravity, Mordenkainen’s Sword, Mass Charm, Power Word Blind, Symbol, Shape Change, Prismatic Sphere, and Teleport. He will attack anyone and anything, fighting to the death, and it is highly unlikely that he show any mercy to those he defeats.

15. This is a first class gambling hall in which all basic casino games are played. The minimum bet is 500 GP and there is no maximum whatsover, an even magic items can be wagered. The only problem is that the games are fixed (i.e. in a poker game all other players get six cards each, etc.)

16. This is a large cavern in which is an underground swampy lake. Standing a few feet into the swampy water are 2 Catoblepas (HP: 26, 41) that are slowing feeding on some of the swamp grass. From the cavern is a small tunnel about 4 feet in diameter that leads to the home of a kobolist (kobold illusionist) of the 14th Level (HP: 32). There is an 80% chance that he will not be in his quarters. If so, he has a Cloak of Protection +3, a Helm of Teleportation, and Bracers of Defense (AC2), all of which he carries with him at all times. If not, the above mentioned things will not be there, but he does keep the following things in his room: a Mace of Disruption, 350 AP, a Silver Dragon Slaying Sword (INT: 8, EGO: 5, Neutral), 3 potions of Frost Giant Strength, 2 potions of Etherealness, 1 potion of Poison that is marked Water-Breathing, and a Robe of Powerlessness. He is extremely intelligent (20) and has been able to memorize every spell in the book, as well as gaining an additional two spell points per level of experience, giving him a total of 96.

17. 3 Type V Demons (HP: 38, 43, 40). The largest of them is wearing the Ring of Kalo. They have no other treasure.

The Ring of Kalo – it gives the wearer the power to cast cold, fireball, or a lightning bolt (all of six dice value and as per wands) once every other melee round for an unlimited number of uses. It has a high intelligence and ego (as per swords): (INT: 10, EGO: 16). It also possess a strong power which gradually takes control of the wearer, making him permanently become more and more chaotic evil. This ring can definitely be considered either an artifact or a relic.

18. This room emits all sorts of sounds like voices, shuffling, and clattering, although it is empty except for a pile of old clothes which contains nothing special and a larger than normal share of general rubbish.

19. 2 Type V Demons (HP: 27, 42). Hanging on the back wall is a huge tapestry (35′ x 15′, weighs 4500 GP, apparent value is 150000 GP) depicting something that the characters can’t quite make out (it is unimportant). If the tapestry is taken home and not sold, but placed inside a character’s permanent residence, the character will gain the following: if he is a magic user or illusionist, he will gain a bonus of 5 spell points or 2 HP for each level attained from that point on, however, the choice is permanent, so if a character chooses the hit points the first time, he gets them every time (an vice versa); if he is a fighter, he automatically gains a plus one (+1) on his attack dice and he also gains 4 HP for every additional level attained thereafter; if he is a thief, he gains either 2 HP or 5% in each of two of any two of his thieving abilities for every subsequent level gained (note, though, that these bonuses alternate every time after the initial choice is made); if he is a cleric, the choices are identical to those of the magic-user. Note that these bonuses pertain to all subclasses as well. For any multi-classed characters, they may choose only one class to apply these bonuses to, and that one class then becomes the only class to which the bonuses may be applied. Note that, after eight game years from the time the tapestry is first removed from the dungeon, it permanently loses all its powers, and all bonuses cease.

20. 2 Rakshasas (HP: 30, 36). They are guarding the doors to the giant gambling hall (see 15). When approached, they will ask for the password, which is the word “eleusis”. If they are not answered quickly or are stalled in any way, they will immediately attack.

21. Empty.

22. The ceiling to this room is covered with green slime, and anyone that isn’t careful is in trouble.

23. 37 Shadows (HP: 18, 15, 17, 17, 11, 15, 12, 14, 15, 23, 16, 17, 15, 17, 21, 15, 12, 26, 20, 16, 17, 18, 16, 16, 17, 23, 23, 21, 12, 16, 17, 17, 16, 23, 19, 21, 19).

24. In the rear of this room is a large pool of perfectly clear water about 15 feet deep. From the bottom comes a soft glow, the glow of the Ring of Find. The problem is that the pool is covered by an invisible and impenetrable force field. Also, along both the north and south walls are forcefields. The north one conceals 11 Umber Hulks (HP: 34, 42, 35, 35, 50, 46, 41, 41, 43, 47, 41) and the south one conceals 14 Shambling Mounds (HP: 54, 47, 57, 53, 51, 49, 47, 42, 66, 44, 45, 37, 49, 54) each of 11 hit dice. In the center of the room is a small pedestal on top of which is a set of four buttons (red, blue, green, yellow). If the yellow or red button is pushed along with the blue, or the red and green are pushed, the force field over the ring vanishes. If any other combination of two buttons or any one button is pushed, the north force field opens. If all buttons are pushed at once, both the north and south force fields open simultaneously. If, at any time, both the north and south force fields have been lowered and the one over the ring has not, the ring will become a Ring of Protection +3 with a 10 foot radius of effect and no other powers. Note that no magic spells (wands included) will function in this room, although spell points used are still lost.

The Ring of Find – It is a ring of treasure finding (as per the potion) that, when worn, exudes an aura of power which draws much attention, thus doubling the chances of wandering monsters. The ring also causes the alertness of all with 15 feet to falter, doubling the chances of being surprised and halving the chances of detecting secret doors, traps, etc. Its power is so great so as to cause all magic items (excluding miscellaneous magic) within a 10 foot range to suffer the same effects (50% chance of failure). The ring does, however, also act as a Ring of Protection +2 with a 10 foot radius effect.

25. 16 Stone Giants (HP: 40, 46, 45, 42, 54, 28, 34, 56, 39, 42, 42, 31, 52, 32, 39, 35). They have six solid gold rocks (5000 GP each) and 16 normal rocks for throwing. Because of their weight, the gold rocks do an additional 1-6 damage when thrown.

26. When the stairs down to this level are descended, the block in the center will randomly move to block either the north, west, or east passage. WHen the stairs are ascended, the stone moves back to center.

27. This passage slopes noticeable downward the entire length of it and get very, very cold the deeper you go.

28. 19 Remorhaz (HP: 64, 64, 63, 60, 62, 55, 72, 64, 70, 60, 66, 58, 58, 58, 63, 62, 71, 77, 58) all of which are of 14 hit dice and are 65% magic resistant. In the back is a huge glass case containing the Axe of the Elven Kings (+6 and, in the hands of an elf, it has vorpal abilities) and a Dancing Wand of Lightning (as per the sword) with 150 charges.