Halls of Bolide - Level 5

1. 6 Shadows (HP: 15, 19, 15, 12, 20, 19). Among a lot of other rubbish is a crumpled up scroll of 1 magic-user spell: Death Spell.

2-5. 6 Shadows each (HP: 21, 17, 11, 15, 9, 16). All contain no treasure, although there is a large amount of junk in each room.

7-8. 6 Shadows each (HP: 21, 18, 18, 13, 13, 18). Both contain no treasure, although there is a large amount of junk in each room.

6. 6 Shadows (HP: 10, 22, 9, 17, 10, 21). Behind a loose stone in the rear wall is a Flaming Sword (INT: 11, EGO: 12, Lawful Good).

9. 6 Shadows (HP: 16, 20, 15, 9, 19, 12). An invisible coffer lies in the northwest corner. It contains 2 pieces of jewelry worth 3000 GP each.

10. 6 Shadows (HP: 17, 12, 13, 15, 17, 24). There is no treasure, although there is a lot of junk in each.

11-21. All are totally empty except for numbers 13, 17, 20 and 21.

13. Sindak, the lawful good 13th level Wizard, is sitting at his desk memorizing spells. He will not attack unless he is attacked first, in which case he has 29 hit points, and if he isn’t attacked, he will inform the party about the secret passage just off the main corridor about fifty feet away. If asked, there is a 20% chance that he will consent to joining the party. He has only 71 spell points, as the others he is in the process of memorizing, and he can call upon the following spells: Shield, Tenser’s Floating Disc, Charm Person, Magic Missile, Feather Fall, Invisibility, Knock, Levitate, Ray of Enfeeblement, Web, Dispel Magic, Gust of Wind, Lightning Bolt, Slow, Infravision, Charm Monster, Ice Storm, Wall of Ice, Polymorph Self, Remove Curse, Cloudkill, Cone of Cold, Passwall, Teleport, Feeblemind, Disintegrate, and Tenser’s Transformation. He also has a scroll of Death spell and a Wand of Fireballs, with 61 charges left, and since his spell books are out, he may attempt to use any spell from within his books.

17. There are 2 12th Level Hobbit Master Thieves trapped at the bottom of a 25′ deep pit. There are named Limpo and Kinto. Limpo has a Shield +1, a Sword +4 (INT: 4, Lawful Good), a potion of Invisibility, and a Helm of Telepathy. Kinto has a Dancing Sword (INT: 4, Neutral), a Shield +3, and Gauntlets of Ogre Power. If rescued, they are very thankful and will ask to join the party. If they are refused, they will simply walk off, but if they are taken in, they will share information they know of the dungeon with the party. They are both Lawful Good.

20. 2 Vampires (HP: 33, 45). It is totally empty otherwise.

21. In the back of the room is a chest that, when opened, releases 3 Ghosts (HP: 46, 49, 39). In the chest are also 6 potions of Longevity (for those who need it after the fight) and 8 potions of Extra Healing.

22-35. All these rooms contain monsters only. There is NO treasure.

22. 2 Spectres (HP: 40, 46).

23. 2 Wind Walkers (HP: 36, 40).

24. 2 Umber Hulks (HP: 39, 42).

25. 2 9-die Shambling Mounds (HP: 55, 45).

26. 2 Black Puddings (HP: 50, 43).

27. 1 Fire Giant (HP: 47).

28. 1 14-die Remorhaz (HP: 69).

29. 1 Cloud Giant (HP: 53).

30. 1 Hydra of 12 Heads (HP: 96).

31. 3 Basilisks (HP: 30, 26, 36).

32. 2 Will O’Wisps (HP: 43, 39).

33. 1 Type IV Demon (HP: 58).

34. 2 Rust Monsters (HP: 22, 26).

35. 1 Iron Golem (HP: 80).

36. Lying on the floor of this room are a Sword of Sharpness and a set of Gauntlets of Ice and Fire which allow the wearer to cause any held weapon to flame or gain the properties of cold, thus the weapon will either cause an additional 1-8 fire damage OR 1-6 cold damage.

37. 5 Basilisks (HP: 40, 38, 27, 37, 29). They are sitting on top of 5500 PP.

38. 1 Beholder (HP: 65). It has had an illusion placed upon it so as to make it appear as a small crystal ball. It is resting in the center of a large table in the middle of the room. The saving throw against this illusion is at a minus 4 (-4) on the die. Around the table are seated 12 dead bodies in large chairs. They do not appear dead, but, instead, as if they were in some sort of trance. Once the room is entered, the door automatically closes itself. The beholder then immediately sheds the illusion and will automatically gain the first round initiative, if not surprise (if anyone fails their saving throw). It has suicidal tendencies, and it will move to the center of the party. It is also berserk as well and will thus gain the use of one additional eye every melee round. Its treasure consists of an invisible, small coffer in the southwest corner containing a Deck of Many Things, a scroll of one magic spell: Power Word Blind, and one potion of Resurrection (as per the magic spell).

39. Empty.

40. 3 Chimerae (HP: 34, 40, 48). There are 15 chests lined up along the back wall, each containing 2500 GP.

41. Empty.

42. 10 Ogres (HP: 26, 33, 10, 17, 25, 11, 18, 19, 18, 19). In the back of the room is a large pile of dung, in which one Neo-Otyugh (HP: 43) dwells. Its treasure consists of 5 pieces of jewelry worth 4000 GP each which are buried in the dung with it. The Neo-Otyuhg is of 11 hit dice.

43. 1 14th level Lich (HP: 58). It has 85 spell points and knows the following spells: Reverse Gravity, Death Spell, Disintegrate, Cone of Cold, Feeblemind, Telekinesis, Rock to Mud, Confusion, Curse, Ice Storm, Fear, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Slow, Suggestion, Phantasmal Force, Web, Mirror Image, Ray of Enfeeblement, Darkness 15′ Radius, Invisibility, Charm Person, Magic Missile, Enlarge, Dancing Lights, and Hold Portal. In an iron trunk in the back of the room is a suit of +4 Armor and a +4 Shield.

44. 2 Evil 12th Level Lords (HP: 106, 113). Each possesses Armor +2 and a Shield +2, and each has an 18 constitution.

45. 6 Rust Monsters (HP: 16, 19, 16, 22, 15, 23). All are 75% Magic Resistant and totally immune to fire. In a wooden chest in the back are Chimes of Opening.

46. 2 Cloud Giants (HP: 59, 51). If not attacked, they are friendly. They are in need of two more players to join them in a bridge game that they want to have. If the party concedes to the game, the giants will give them information about the shortcut secret passage to the other side of the level. If they are attacked, there is no treasure.

47. This large cavern contains lots of scattered coins, armor, weapons, clothes, and general garbage on top of the loosely packed dirt floor. Below the surface a foot or two are 5 Anhkhegs (HP: 24, 31, 33, 36, 36) that are awaiting an unsuspecting prey. Among the things strewn about the room are a suit of Armor -3 and a Girdle of Frost Giant Strength. All of the anhkhegs are of 7 hit dice.

48. This is an empty room from which sounds of voices, shuffling, and clattering can be heard. When entered, the floor opens up into a slide which appears to descend about one level, but actually goes up one, and one party ends up outside of the door to room 17 on level 4.

49. 10 Fire-Resistant Trolls (HP: 34, 34, 35, 37, 42, 32, 38, 36, 43, 34). They are totally unaffected by fire but are, however, very susceptible to cold, have a minus two (-2) on all cold-related saving throws and taking +1 on each die of damage sustained. To be killed, they still must be immersed in acid or killed magically (Death Spell, Disintegrate, etc.). Their treasure consists of 1 huge chest containing 4500 GP and 13500 EP. In a false bottom will be found a Ring of Ultravision and a potion of Treasure Finding.

50. 4 Type II Demons (HP: 41, 34, 43, 41). If they are fairly well outnumbered at any time, ALL will attempt to gate in additional demons to equal the opposition. This tactic precludes all others. On a small table in the back of the room is the Book of Skelos, upon which has been placed a totally undetectable and extremely powerful Glyph of Warding. Up to five saving throws must be made by ANYONE touching the book and a roll of four (4) or less will result in failure of the save NO MATTER WHAT, and after one save is failed, that’s it (no more are made).

Save NOT Made Effects:

1st Character Irrevocably Dies
2nd Character Permanently Blinded*
3rd Character Permanently Paralyzed*
4th Takes 25 6-sided dice damage @
5th Takes 17 6-sided dice damage @
None Takes 10 6-sided dice damage @

* Nothing short of a non-spell wish will restore normalness to the victim.
@ Damage is electrical; loss of 1-3 Intelligence points (brain damage) if brought to life with a spell.

THE BOOK OF SKELOS – combines the following books in one: Manual of Puissant Skill at Arms, Manual of Golems, Manual of Stealthy Pilfering, Book of Exalted Deeds, Manual of Quickness, and a Tome of Understanding. It will never disappear!

51. 6 Manticores (HP: 34, 36, 28, 25, 33, 32).

52. 2 Red Dragons (#1: average size, very old (HP: 70); @2: average size, old, (HP: 60)). Both can speak and use magic – #1 spells: Charm Person, Magic Missile, Web, Ray of Enfeeblement, Lightning Bolt, Haste, and Ice Storm (16 spell points); #2 spells: Magic Missile, Charm Person, Web, Mirror Image, Slow, and Haste (12 spell points). They are exceedingly charismatic and have convinced 5 Salamanders (HP: 42, 37, 47, 34, 44) to live with the dragons (in room X) and, for payment, be their “body guards”. At least two will be on guard at all times, and the others will arrive two rounds later. They are very well paid and their loyalty to the dragons is exceptionally high. Each possesses a +3 Spear which is actually minus two (-2) except when used by a chaotic evil being. The treasure is: 28000 CP, 52000 SP, 14000 EP, 49000 GP, 29000 PP, 43 250 GP gems, 12 pieces of jewelry each worth 4000 GP, and a Flaming Sword (INT: 10, EGO: 6, Lawful Good).

53. A symbol of pain has been placed above the entrance to this cavern. In it is Turnbow, the chaotic evil 15th level Wizard and his 5 Charmed Umber Hulks (HP: 46, 52, 43, 39, 34). He has a Ring of Fire Resistance and a Wand of Illusions with 54 charges left. The cavern appears otherwise empty except for a large boulder in the northwest portion that, if rolled away, reveals starts down to the 5th Level. Turnbow has 94 spell points and his spells are: Charm Person, Dancing Lights, Magic Missile, Shield, Tenser’s Floating Disc, Invisibility, Knock, Web, Mirror Image, Levitate, Dispel Magic, Fireball, Haste, Lightning Bolt, Slow, Charm Monster, Fear, Ice Storm, Polymorph Self, Hallucinatory Terrain, Conjure Elemental, Wall of Force, Feeblemind, Cone of Cold, Passwall, Tesner’s Transformation, Disintegrate, and Duo-Dimension.

54. 4 Gorgons (HP: 32, 42, 36, 34). They are resting behind a wall of seven human statues. They are in a very bad mood and will attack anything that enters the room. On the finger of one of the statues is a Ring of Flying.

55. 3 Purple Worms (HP: 68, 87, 78). In the back of the cavern are a pair of Elven Boots, an Elven Cloak, and a Helm of Chaos/Law.

56. 1 Hydra of 15 Heads (HP: 120). It can regenerate its head on a one-for-one basis immediately after the loss except if fire is applied. In the rear is a huge pile of gold (8500 GP). Buried in this pile is a Rod of Astral Projection (as per the magic-user spell) that contains 25 charges. In a secret compartment in the wand is the Ring of the Midas Touch.

The Ring of the Midas Touch – when worn, everything the wearer touches turns to gold, but as soon as the ring is removed, everything that has been touched reverts back to its original state. As this ring is worn and used, the wearer is compelled by it to use it more and more often. In fact, after 350 days of use, the ring has totally taken over the wearer and will not allow him to remove it. As a result, the character slowly dies. There is NO saving throws against the powers of this ring, and if the wearer dies, there is no possible way to remove the ring short of the combined use of three non-spell wishes, a dispel magic, and a remove curse.

Note that there is absolutely no way for a body to be brought back to life while the ring is still being worn.

57. 1 Brown Mold.

58. 3 Halfling 10th Level Master Thieves (HP: 37, 29, 38). They are named Tander, Colun, and Jeruk, and they are cornered by 8 weretigers. Tander has a pair of Elven Boots; Colun has Gauntlets of Ogre Power; and Jeruk has both a Ring of Poison Resistance (+4 on all saves vs. poison) and a Luckstone.

59. 20 Shadows (HP: 21, 14, 20, 19, 17, 18, 17, 26, 17, 15, 19, 16, 18, 23, 13, 18, 13, 17, 13, 12). They guard this passage from use by anything but monsters.

60. All doors along this passage have the same magical runes upon them. If they are read (via a Read Magic spell) and the spoken, the door in front of the party will open by itself. The words are “jolumpah kalunpah phu”.