Halls of Bolide - Level 4

1. The Great Hall – This huge room’s floor, ceiling, and walls are all made of solid marble blocks. It contains 8 marble carvings that are presently guarded by 3 Hill Giants (HP: 28. 45, 50), 3 Stone Giants (HP: 50, 46, 43), 1 Frost Giant (HP: 54), 3 Fire Giants (HP: 57, 68, 53), and 1 Cloud Giant (HP: 70) that has a Ring of Cold Resistance. The statues are:

#1) This is a huge throne that is set up against the rear wall. In it is seated another statue of a huge being (over 18′ tall) that appear to be humanoid. It has one major flaw, though, as its eyes appear as empty sockets. If the two giant sapphires from the 3rd level room (Room 15) are placed into these sockets, the being comes to life. It is a 20-die Titan (HP: 103) that will gladly serve the party for 18 game months. He can use the following spells: Magic Missile, Dancing Lights, Mirror Image, Detect Invisible, Haste, Blink, Fear, Confusion, Feeblemind, Cone of Cold, Death Spell, Disintegrate, Duo-Dimension, Reverse Gravity, Command, Protection from Evil, Chant, Hold Person, Dispel Magic, Cure Blindness, Divination, Cure Serious Wounds, Flame Strike, Dispel Evil, Blade Barrier, and Word of Recall.

#2 & #3) Both of these are identical life-size statues of an old wizard casting a spell. Each statue faces the other and the statues are also pointing at each other. Anyone who walks between the two pointing fingers is immediately struck by a 5-die lightning bolt (no save is given as the bolt is not magical) that is both continual and invisible except when passed through. No dwarves are affected by this, as well as any other member of the giant class. In addition, the bolt of lightning is a fine about 4 feet off the ground, and it can be easily passed under or over.

#4) This is a hollow statue of an Umber Hulk. If searched for, a secret panel in the rear of it will be found. Inside is a Bag of Holding containing 3000 PP.

#5) This is a hollow statue of a hell hound. If petted, it will slowly slide to the left, revealing a flight of stone steps that go down to the next level.

#6) This is simply a statue of some sort of humanoid being (nothing else).

#7 This is a statue of a Type V Demon. If searched for, a secret panel will be found. If it is slid aside, it will reveal 3 buttons (a red one, a blue one, and a green one). If the red one only is pushed, the book statue #8 become real (a Book of Infinite Illusionist Spells). If either the blue or green button is pushed alone, the book disintegrates. If any combination of two buttons is pushed, the person pushing the buttons are pushing simultaneously, the book becomes real as well as becoming simply a Book of Mindful Healing, which will heal up to 30 hit points of damage to the person who first reads it; after that, the book disintegrates by itself.

#8) This is an altar of some sort with a book (also of stone) on top of it. This book is stuck to the altar, and nothing (see #7 for the exception) will release the book and make it real. It is a Book of Infinite Illionist Spells, and pages 1, 2, 4, 10, 13, 15, 16 and 21 are blank. The spells contained within, in this order, are: Vision, Change Self, Blindness, Detect Magic, Prismatic Wall, Dancing Lights, True Sight, Projected Image, Conjure Animals, Shadow Door, Illisionary Script, Alter Reality, Shades, Astral Spell.

2. 1 Clay Golem (HP: 50). It has 2 gem eyes worth 15000 GP each.

3. 1 Bulette (HP: 38). It has burrowed undergound and is waiting for unsuspecting prey. There is no treasure, but the room is cluttered with armor, weapons, and clothes.

4. 4 9th Level Lords (HP: 53, 33, 53, 51) that are chaotic good are engaged in battle with 3 Shambling Mounds (HP: 51, 62, 61). Each are 11 Hit Die.

5. 3 Black Puddings (HP: 58, 61, 43). They will pursue relentlessly as long as prey can be either heard or seen.

6. 5 Stone Giants (HP: 33, 36, 42, 51, 49). They are holding 2 11th Level Paladin Lords captive in a steel cage in the corner (x). There is one chest in the room which contains 1100 GP, 1400 EP, 1700 SP, and 800 CP. In the corner, that have stashed 6 stones for throwing.

7. In this hall are three fountains. The first one contains a poisonous liquid, the second one contains a liquid with hallucinagenic properties (save vs poison or see hallucinations of various monsters, possibly attacking, for the next 2-8 turns), and the third one contains a liquid that raises the taker’s dexterity 2 points for the next 1-8 turns.

8. 2 14-die Remorhaz (HP: 52, 82). The room appears empty save for one chest in the back which contains 100 MP, but on the floor, in an invisible cylinder, is a map to the stairs under statue #5 in the Great Hall (room #1). There is a 2% chance/person/turn of searching (cumulative) that it will be found.

9. 2 Cloud Giants (HP: 58, 58). Each Giant is wearing a necklace that is worth about 6000 GP.

10. 18 Gargoyles (HP: 17, 24, 19, 18, 21, 19, 20, 29, 24, 22, 21, 19, 21, 14, 20, 15, 16, 29). They attempt to attack from both sides so as to make the most of their great numbers. In the back of the room are 1600 GP, 2400 EP, 8500 SP, and 6900 CP in three open chests.

11. 4 Medusae (HP: 24, 27, 28, 23). They are involved in an intense game of Quadrichess, and can thus be easily surprised. When the medusae do finally react, they will immediately attack anything as they become extremely agitated. One of them though, remains behind to “save” the chessboard (and deftly moves his king out of certain mate) and will join the others in the following round. If, at any time during the fight, the chessboard is disturbed in any way, all of the medusae will fight at +1 on all attack dice for the next 3 melee rounds. All of the chess pieces (64 in all) are made out of solid mithril. They are worth 340 GP each, making the entire set worth 21760 GP just in the straight value of the material; the set as it is, could a buyer be found, would probably be worth up to 45000 GP.

12. This room is engulfed in a dense fog that is non-magical except for being magically held within the room. This fog is so dense that visibility is only two feet in front of your face, so the floor can’t even be seen. There is a fifty foot deep pit in the center of the room.

13. This room is totally engulfed in perpetual flames (non-magical) and visibility is therefore low. They cause 1-10 damage per five melee rounds within, and if someone enters without a ring or potion of fire resistance, they will take damage. In the back are the huge double dorrs leading to the lair of Koribal, the balrog (Room 14).

14. This is the lair of Koribal, the Balrog (HP: 59). He is found in the act of sacrificing a beautiful young girl to a huge idol in the rear. He will kill her before he tends to the intruders (thus he can be easily surprised), and if she is then brought back to life, she will raise any 3 separate attributes of each of her rescuers by one and then she will vanish into thin air. Koribal’s treasure consists of 29 1500 GP gems which are set into the idol. The only problem is that in front of the idol is a large firepit that stretches from one wall to the other and is about twenty feet in width. Every turn there is also a 15% chance of the flames suddenly surging up to the ceiling for about two seconds (the same sort of things as with solar flares).

15. The Room of Illusion – This room contains 2 Purple Worms (HP: 64, 78) that are actually an illusion. They are real, though, to any person who fails a saving throw vs. magic with a minus three (-3) on the die. To those who make it, any attempts to convince those who failed it that the worms aren’t real will be in vain. In addition, any attempts by those who successfully saved to help those that didn’t fight the worms will be futile, for you can’t kill something that you both can’t see and know not to exist. In the northwest corner is an illusionary wall that, if touched, will be found to be so (no saves are given for the mere sight of it). Behind this “wall” is one open chest that contains 1500 illusionary mithril pieces. Anyone who fails their save vs. this illusion (-2 on the die) will believe the mithril to be real. Also in the chest is a huge gem that appears to be worth 45000 GP; actually it is loadstone with an illusion on it, such that only those who touch it may make a saving throw, and save is with a minus four (-4) on the die.

16. Empty.

17. 5 Fire Giants (HP: 47, 67, 58, 53, 59). There are 3 locked chests in the back: A) 4200 GP; B) 4500 GP, 900 PP, and a Bag of Holding that contains 5000 GP; C) 9800 EP. When chest B is opened, a gas is released that automatically resurrects any dead creature in the room (giants and characters alike). Also, all living of the party are given a saving throw vs. poison (dead things don’t get saving throws, though). If it is made, nothing happens; if it isn’t made, the character is returned to full hit points. Since the giants are again alive, battle must resume once more.

18. 2 Basilisks (HP: 23, 24).

19. There are beetle tunnels that contain 36 Stag Beetles (HP: 28, 28, 37, 30, 36, 27, 35, 38, 26, 28, 31, 31, 26, 40, 36, 28, 39, 29, 35, 31, 27, 34, 43, 26, 38, 31, 38, 30, 23, 24, 35, 21, 33, 41, 30, 32). The tunnels are only 5-6 feet in diameter.

20. 1 Bone Devil (HP: 29).

21. 2 Ettins (HP: 40, 39). There are two chests in the rear with 5500 GP each.

22. 1 Ghost (HP: 44).

23. 2 Fire Giants (HP: 70, 58).

24. 1 Gorgon (HP: 34).

25. 1 Hydra of 10 Heads (HP: 80).

26. 1 Fire Lizard (HP: 50). There is one small coffer in the corner that contains 7 potions of Heroism and 1 potion of Poison (also marked Heroism).

27. 2 Ogre Magi (HP: 26, 27).

28. 5 Mummies (HP: 27, 38, 28, 38, 34).

29. 1 Roper (HP: 64).

30. 2 Rust Monsters (HP: 19, 27).

31. 1 Salamander (HP: 34).

32. 1 Umber Hulk (HP: 51)

33. All who enter this room are instantly teleported to point “X”.

34. This is the home and laboratory of the mad scientist Belin Sklom. He is totally insane and he has two major inventions: a stone on a spring that he wears around his neck that will REFLECT directly back up to 25 spell levels per game year; and an apparent playing card that has a checker pattern on the back (25 checks), but it gives the owner the power to call any one monster on the wandering monster list, level five or lower. When this playing card is used, one check disappears for each monster summoned and after 25 uses it becomes totally worthless. It may be used once every four melee rounds. Belin keeps no written records of anything because he is extremely well conditioned in controlling his mind; so much so, that he saves vs. magic as a 25th level wizard; and power word sleep which is a spell that will put any one creature or person, regardless of level to hit dice, to sleep just like the first level spell (no saving is given either). Sklom has also discovered a special potion that permanently raises dexterity to 20, and only he knows the formula. Though he will die before revealing it. In addition, since he has totally mastered the control of his mind, it cannot be found out in any possible way. As a result of this potion, Belin’s armor class is -4 and he can only be hit my -3 or better weapons. He does, however, only have 10 hit points. In the room are three experiment tables and on them are all sorts of equipment. It is unwise to taste any of the liquids which are on these tables, for Belin is currently working on a new extremely powerful poison. ALong the back wall is a counter above which is a small opening. Beyond this opening is another room, a kitchen, in which six small mechanical men are preparing food. There is a secret door in the back wall which will allow entry, but once the room is entered by anyone other than the scientist, the mechanical men exit through a small hole in the wall, and another section of wall slides away, revealing Sklom’s treasure: a Ring of Djinn Summoning, a Wand of Fear, a Wand of Magic Detection, a Staff of Power, a Helm of Brilliance, a Displacer Cloak, 6 potions of Extra Healing, a Girdle of Masculinity/Feminity, and 100 AP. Guarding it, though, is one Poi-Poi; two attacks per turn for 5-30 damage each, a breath weapon of cold that is usable six times per day and does 8-48 damage, and it is 70% magic resistant. It has 100 Hit Points.

36. When this point is passed, a steel grate drops, barring immediate exit. Right away, 187 Skeletons (HP: 6 each) attack, and they are followed by 98 Zombies (HP: 13 each). All of these Zombies and Skeletons are 70% magic resistant, and although basic attack die rolls stay the same, they can hit any armor class with a roll of 20. If all of them are killed, a high level evil cleric is seen zapping himself out of the room. One the table at which he was sitting are 1-3 of the following items, which he apparently left behind in his haste to escape: a Mace +3, a Deck of Many Things (2 draws are left), a potion of Undead Control, a Staff of Darkness (causes darkness in a 15′ radius around the owner at the owner’s will.