Halls of Bolide - Level 2

1. This is an ogre lair. There are 17 normal ogres (HP: 24, 19, 21, 15, 22, 12, 14, 24, 16, 22, 14, 14, 18, 18, 23, 26), 2 ogre magi (HP: 26, 24), and 1 ogre of the clerical type (HP: 25). There are also 10 females (HP: 10, 23, 10, 20, 19, 18, 22, 19, 12, 10) and 6 youngsters (HP: 4, 6, 1, 1, 4, 7). They are in the act of performing some sort of ritual chant, and it is obvious it has something to do with the 13 tied up dwarves (each is 3rd level; HP: 20, 16, 15, 19, 11, 10, 17, 17, 14, 14, 19, 20, 18) in the rear. Their treasure consists of the following: 7000 PP, 22000 GP, 8400 EP, 15800 SP, a Mace +3, and 12 potions: 3 Clairaudience, 1 Resurrection (as per the spell), 2 Human Control, 1 Healing, 1 Heroism, 1 Plant Control, 1 Cold Resistance, 1 Treasure Finding, and 1 Poison (marked Heroism). Note: the clerical-type ogre is of the 8th level of experience.

2. 13 Shriekers (HP: 11, 21, 15, 5, 15, 9, 16, 11, 13, 9, 20, 9, 20).

3. 1 Spectre (HP: 33).

4. 1 Umber Hulk (HP: 40).

5. 1 Frost Giant (HP: 55).

6. 1 Cockatrice (HP: 19).

7. 1 Wyvern (HP: 40).

8. What is in this room varies according to which room it is entered from. As a result, this room can be entered 5 times (once from each possible entrance) and there will be something new and totally different in it each time. If entered from:

Room #3) 5 Stone Giants (HP: 42, 45, 37, 30, 31) with one chest that contains a Crossbow of Speed, a Shield +1, 2 potions of Diminuation, and 4300 SP.
Room #4) 1 Hydra of 9 Heads (HP: 72) with no treasure.
Room #5) 1 Shambling Mound (HP: 56) of 11 hit dice with no treasure.
Room #6) 1 Chimera (HP: 35) with a small coffer that is hidden behind a loose stone in the wall (x) and contains 6 400GP pieces of jewelry.
Room #7) 1 ancient, huge sized Green Dragon (HP: 72) with 1 potion of Resurrection (as per the spell), a Wand of Fireballs, a Ring of Flying, 1 potion of Treasure Finding, a Sword +2 (INT: 12, EGO: 10, L/G), 15000 CP, 20000 SP, 16000 EP, 3000 GP, 1000 PP, 190 MP, 160 AP, and 19 500 GP gems.

9. 1 Lamia (HP: 46). Around her neck is a medallion whose power is that it causes the alertness of everyone within a 10′ Radius of it to falter. Thus, ESP doesn’t work, secret doors and traps are missed, all chances for surprising something are lost, etc.

10. 2 Umber Hulks (HP: 37, 42). On the floor is an invisible cylinder (2%/per person/turn cumulative chance to find) containing a Wand of Illusions. The wand is hollow (although it still works) and it contains a map to room 11.

11. This room contains nothing except for a large urn in the center in which are 1200 AP.

12. 32 Bugbears (HP: 10, 8, 12, 11, 18, 22, 12, 15, 11, 14, 14, 14, 9, 14, 10, 14, 18, 14, 7, 18, 14, 19, 7, 16, 15, 9, 13, 8, 13, 10, 25, 16). There are 2 chests in the back containing 450 PP, 2100 GP, 4500 EP, and 6900 SP.

13. This is the lair of one Behinder (HP: 40) that likes to patrol the outer corridor. Its treasure consists of 500 EP, 10 2000 GP pieces of jewelry, a Snake Staff, a scroll of 1 magic spell-Wizard Eye, and a scroll of 1 Clerical spell – Exorcise. The Behinder: It is an idescribably hideous creature that is sensitive to ESP and telepathy and will not attack the party which is using either. It always attacks the last in line and the mere sight of it causes paralyzation or, if a save vs. magic is made, slows for one full turn. It has the power to place the suggestion “fall behind” in its intended victim’s mind (save vs. magic). It “hides in shadows” and “move silently” like a Master Thief. It has 8 Hit Dice, and armor class of 2, a movement allowance of 18′, an intelligence of 15, a dexterity of 18, and 3 attacks: 1 bite for 1-12 damage and 2 claws for 1-4 damage each (all cause a save vs. paralysis).

14. This corridor is patrol by 1 Behinder (see 13).

15. 1 Cyclops (HP: 63). This giant has 12 hit dice, an armor class of 3, a movement allowance of 12″, and 1 attack for 3-36 damage, but he has a minus two (-2) to hit because of his lack of depth perception. His treasure consists of a large sack which contains 1900 PP.

16. 5 Stone Gargoyles (HP: 15, 15, 26, 17, 13). They have 4 hit dice, an armor class of 1, a movement allowance of 9″ on land and 15″ in air, and 4 attacks: 2 claws for 1-6 each, 1 bite for 2-12 damage, and 1 horn for 2-8 damage. THey are similar to normal gargoyles, but are impervious to fire, cold, and fear, and its mind is totally blank when it isn’t moving.

17. 1 Ice Golem (HP: 70). It is guarding a War Hammer +3 with return and a Shield +5 that are resting on a large stone block in the back of the room. The Ice Golem: It attacks as a 13 hit die monster, has an armor class of 0, has a movement of 6″, gets 1 attack for 2-20 damage, and has a breath weapon of cold that can be used once every six melee rounds and causes 8-48 damage to all within 15 ft. of its front. It can only be hit by magic weapons of +3 or better. All weapons, save those fire and cold, freeze when they first touch the golem. There is a 40% chance, less 5% for each plus the weapon has, that a frozen weapon will shatter every blow, and a frozen weapon will stay that way for one hour. Fire slows the golem, cold regenerates its hit points, and lightning causes 1 point per 1 die of damage.

18. This room is totally engulfed in fog (visibility 5″), and from the back come low growling sounds. The growling is from 3 Hell Hounds (HP: 28, 33, 28). each of 6 hit dice, that are just being rudely awakened from their daily (or nightly) nap. There is no treasure.

19. This room contains 6 dead trolls (burnt to a crisp) and the half-eaten bodies of 5 dead fighters and 1 dead magic-user. Also in the room are 4 Olog-Hai (HP: 32, 21, 43, 32) that are alive and very mad. Their treasure consists of 4 open chests containing a total of about 24000 SP, 8000 EP, and 5000 GP. The Olog-Hai, or “Great Troll”, is different from a normal troll in the following ways: 8+3 hit dice, armor class of 3, regenerates as a vampire, has hill giant strength, and attacks as a troll with a +1 to hit and a +1 on damage inflicted.

20. 3 Anti-Weretigers (HP: 40, 36, 34). They have 8+2 hit dice, but are otherwise identical to normal Weretigers, except that they are immune to magic and silver weapons; they just bounce off. Only iron weapons can hurt them, and they do normal damage. There are 3 large open chests in the back that contain 2500 GP, 4500 EP, and 6900 SP. In a false bottom under chest #2 there are 14 +1 arrows.

21. WHen the door to this room is opened, the person who is standing in the doorway is immediately hit by a volley of 5 +2 arrows that hit as if they were fired by an 11th level Halfling Master Thief. Two such volleys will be launched at the doorway every melee round until the party closes the door or three melee rounds have elapsed. The arrows are being fired by five small mechanical machines that have but one hit point, yet also have an armor class of -8. The machines are also 60% magical resistant (but receive no additional saving throw) and are totally impervious to all non-damage causing spells. If a saving throw is successful against something like a fireball, NO damage whatsoever is incurred by the machines. The treasure in the room is 3 Rings of Ultravision that are lying on the floor right next to the machines. There is a small amount of other rubbish on the floor as well so the rings will not be easily seen.

22. Along this passage is a painting hung on the wall of a hideously insane man. As the painting is passed, his laugh can actually be heard, and it is so insane that everyone that passed it must save vs. magic with a minus four (-4) on the die or be compelled to look at the grotesque sight. All who do gaze upon it must again save vs. magic (a roll of 3 or less will result in failure no matter what) or lose one intelligence point permanently (wishes from a source of less power than a ring not withstanding). If, though, at least five members of the party are forced to look at the painting and all are successful in their second saving throws, the painting’s power is overcome completely and it suddenly disintegrates, revealing a hole in the wall. In it is a Holy Sword (INT: 8, EGO: 4, L/G). The painting is indestructible except in the previously mentioned way, and if it is checked out in any way, it will be found that it is permanently affixed to the wall. Also, if it is checked out, new saving throws must be made every other subsequent round.

23. 3 Wind Walkers (HP: 33, 41, 29). There is a Ring of Djinn Summoning thrown among a lot of general trash and garbage on the floor.

24. 1 Ettin (HP: 49). Behind a loose stone in the rear wall is a Bag of Holding with 5000 GP in it.

25. 1 Basilisk (HP: 32). There are 3 chests in the back containing 2600 GP, 4800 EP, 7100 SP, and 7500 CP.

26. 1 Bone Devil (HP: 39). His hook-like weapon is studded with 23 750 GP gems and his stinger is of solid sapphire (worth 14000 GP).

27. 1 Symbolic Dragon (HP: 68). It attacks just like a white dragon, except that, for a breath weapon, it spits black pudding (up to five times a day with a range of 40 ft. and an area covered by 225 square ft. (15′ x 15′). It has 12+8 hit dice, an armor class of 1, it can’t be subdued, and the black pudding it spits becomes normal black pudding (mobile and all) right away. It appears to have no treasure, but if its body is moved, a large trapdoor in the floor is revealed. If opened, there is a flight of steps descending down into a small room. In the center of the room is a small table on top of which is the following: a Helm of Brilliance, 4 Javelins of Lightning, a Ring of Reading Magic, a Spear +2 and 310 AP.

28. 2 Fire Lizards (HP: 51, 39). Two large chests lie in the back containing 6100 SP, 2400 GP, 5 4000 GP pieces of jewelry, a scroll of 5 clerical spells: plane shift, protection from evil, neutralize poison, cure disease, and true seeing. If either of the chests is opened, a volley of ten spears flies from the back wall.

29. 3 Wyverns (HP: 45, 34, 37).

30. 1 Cockatrice (HP: 28).

31. 2 Fire Giants (HP: 48, 55). There is one chest in the room with 5000 GP.

32. 2 Evil Necromancers (HP: 29, 29), and 3 Evil Superheroes (HP: 48, 48, 44). Their only treasure is the magic items they possess, which are:

Necromancer #1: Wand of Cold (25 charges left) and an Elven Cloak.
Necromancer #2: Bracers of Defense AC2
SuperHero #1: Armor +4, Shield +1, and a Flaming Sword (INT: 12, EGO: 1, C/E).
Superhero #2: Flaming Sword (INT: 5, Neutral)
SuperHero #3: Armor +1 and a Sword +3 (INT: 12, EGO: 9, Neutral)

The Necromancers each have 39 spell points and they have the following spells:

Necromancer #1: Charm Person, Dancing Lights, Shield, Magic Missile, Darkness 15′ Radius, Detect Invisible, Web, Ray of Enfeeblement, Blink, Lightning Bolt, Slow, Confusion, Fear, Rock to Mud, and Teleport.
Necromancer #2: Enlarge, Charm Person, Magic Missile, Dancing Lights, Invisibility, Levitate, Mirror Image, Ray of Enfeeblement, Blink, Haste, Dispel Magic, Remove Curse, Wall of Ice, Conjure Elemental, and Distance Distortion.

33. 1 Manticore (HP: 38).

34. 6 Blink Dogs (HP: 19, 26, 15, 26, 29, 10).

35. 1 Cockatrice (HP: 33). There are 2 stone superheroes (C/G) standing in the rear of the room.

36. 6 Trolls (HP: 27, 16, 51, 27, 37, 29)

37. 11 Wererats (HP: 14, 16, 11, 17, 18, 22, 20, 25, 17, 17, 12).

38 – 46. Empty

47. This is the abode of 6 Evil Warlocks (HP: 15, 22, 18, 23, 22, 23), that have succeeded in taking 5 Pegasi (HP: 15, 19, 24, 24, 28) captive. All have only one goal (to breed these for profit), and are thus worried about only one thing: protecting their property. As a result, all of them possess the same spells, which are: Charm Person, Dancing Lights, Web, Shield, Magic Missile, Mirror Image, Darkness 15′ Radius, Haste, Slow, Lightning Bolt, Confusion, and Fear. Each has 27 spell points and the following magical items:

Warlock #1: Ring of Invisibility, Wand of Magic, Wand of Detection.
Warlock #2: Ring of Three Wishes (all remain), Wand of Secret Door and Trap Detection.
Warlock #3: Wand of Fireballs (41 charges left)
Warlock #4: Wand of Metal Detection
Warlock #5: None
Warlock #6: Ring of Spell Turning.

If the Pegasi are freed (they are being held in a huge cage), there is a 70% chance each that they will become the loyal steed of one member of the party, so long as they are of good alignment.