Halls of Bolide - Intro

Background: Less than a month ago, deep in the heart of the Kalojovan Woods, the great castle of Eahlswin the Elaborate towered over the trees of the forest. Just, just two weeks ago, a huge flaming meteor fell from the sky and exploded as it hit the castle. When a party went out the next day to see what had happened, they were stunned. There was nothing: no rubble, no signs of the impact; it was like the entire castle had vanished into thin air. Nothing was left; nothing, that is, but a mysterious flight of stone steps descending down into the black nothingness that lay below. Since the bizarre event, no one in town has returned to the site, and, if questioned about the occurrence, they become terrified, mumbling only something about ‘bolide’ (which in an ancient word from a long dead civilization meaning meteor). Slowly, but surely, anxious adventurers like you have made their way to this small, remote town to venture down into the depths and see what lies beyond the stone steps. From the few that have already ventured in and managed to return, you have learned that what lies below is a very treacherous dungeon, and it has quickly become known as the Halls of Bolide. The trail that leads to the cold stone steps can be easily found, and, barring any unfortunate encounters with bandits or lycanthropes during your journey there, you soon find yourself standing at the top of the stairs that will take you and your companions into the depths of the Halls of Bolide.

Eahlswin the Elaborate was a highly lawful good illusionist of the 49th level. He was found, however, by his gods, to be in the process of constructing a highly evil dungeon in the labyrinth of rooms and passages beneath his castle. As a result, his Gods both destroyed the castle (the meteor was used as a ploy to make the townspeople believe that it wasn’t an act of the gods) and deemed Eahlswin’s soul to be forever entombed within the dungeon that he had created. Eahlswin is not dead. He is very much alive and still roams the dungeon corridors, attempting to help and offering his services to any predominately lawful good party that is in trouble and in need of help, for he still believes that the gods will change their minds if he can prove his regret for the actions he took and proves he is worth of their trust.

Eahlswin the Elaborate

STR: 13
CON: 17
INT: 18
DEX: 16(18)
WIS: 12
CHA: 14

Class: Illusionist Level 49
Race: Human
HP: 121
AC: -9

Magical Items:

Bracers of Dexterity AC2
Ring of Protection +3
Gauntlets of Dexterity
Ruby of Total Degeneration
Wand of Fear (38 charges)
Wand of Illusion (26 charges)
CLoak of Protection +2
Ring of Elemental Summoning
Portable Hole
Ring of Invisibility
The Orb of the Dragonette:
Power 1 – Wizard Eye
Power 2 – 10-die Cold Ray 3 time/day
Power 3 – Must consume 25,000GP every month and one magical item every year to sustain its power

He is able to read and speak every language that is known to exist.

Special: No Psionic powers will work within the Halls of Bolide, except for the major and minor disciplines a given character may have (monsters included).

Notes on Wandering Monsters:

1. There is a 1% chance every time a wandering monster encounter is indicated that Eahlswin the Elaborate will be encountered instead (see description above).

2. All monsters in the dungeon of low or better intelligence get a plus two (+2) on their saving throws versus illusions, fear, and confusion. This is in addition to any other bonuses they may already be entitled to. The only exception to this is their saving throws versus the wands or spells of Eahlswin the Elaborate, in which case all saves are made with a minus four (-4) on the die.

3. Every time a wandering monster encounter will indicated, there is a 20% chance that the monster(s) encountered will be illusionary.

4. Every time an illusionary monster encounter is indicated, there is a 75% chance that the monster(s) will not actually be real and a 25% chance that the monster(s) will appear as something other than what they actually are (probably will appear as a different type of monster).