Geography of the City State Region

All geographic features on this map are Warm unless otherwise noted.

Alderock, River (Calm Aquatic): This narrow, deep river flows from the Adderwood into the Estuary of Roglaroon. Periodically, gold is found in the shallows, triggering gold rushes every few years.

Archlin Stream (Calm Aquatic): Tributary from the River Hagrost. Watering area for hill wildlife. Encounters: badgers, deer

Adderwood (Dense Forest): Twisting trees and vines with a life of their own gave this place its name. Encounters: Carnivorous plants

Barzanit, Falls of (Stormy Aquatic, Perilous): Majestic falls where the River Wakeful plummets from the heights of Lanshan Cap, the falls are visible in the distance to those on the Crossings of Ricaridge, but are not easily accessible.

Battleplain Gwalion (Battlefield, EL 8): Legendary site of barbarian and nomad wars. The ground is fertile from spilled blood and contains the remains of many dead. Encounters: ghosts, skeletons

Bendigroth, Plateau of (Grasslands): The Plateau of Bendigroth is a hundred-mile-wide swath of grassy steppes only sparsely interrupted by small copses of wind-stunted trees. It is ideal country for cavalry and horsed nomads, and is widely renowned for the availability of expert horsemen as light cavalry mercenaries. Many battles have been fought on these plains, as hordes of Tharbrian nomads have periodically swept down from the northwest. These plains provide a source of flint for the villagers of Havocia. Minotaur and wereboars are dangers for the local villagers. A certain region of Bendigroth is known as the Plain of Skulls, since one cannot walk for ten paces in any direction without encountering human bones, as a result of a horrific battle between invading Tharbrians and the forces of the World Emperor at Viridistan. At the eastern end of the plan are row upon row of skulls, human and otherwise, all facing east. It is said that they form a part of some religious ritual. Encounters: skeletons, specters, wraiths, witches

Brezal Isle: Just north of Croy is the Skandik island Brezal Isle and its capital city, Armagh. The king of Brezal is believed to be a tributary king under the rule of the Skandik Warlord, Alkazed, at Ossary. Sailors tell dark tales of the great sea monsters that swim near Brezal Isle. It is said that the island is the peak of a sunken mountain range, submerged during a battle between sea mages countless ages ago. The ruins of many buildings, walls and even entire towns have been found underwater nearby.

Briskly, River (Calm Aquatic): Connects Council Lake with the Witches’ Court Marshes. Many fish reside in the area around Council Lake.

Brushwood (Medium Forest): Light forest east of Modron, the wood here is highly prized for its flexibility and strength. Bows made from the wood here are always in demand.
Encounters: foresters, goblins, hunters, poachers, wood elves

Brytalin Stream (Calm Aquatic, Busy): This branch of the Estuary of the Roglaroon is a shallow stream terminating in the low hills.

Buckol, River (Calm Aquatic): This slow, shallow river that feeds several bogs and fens.

Buskin Wood (Medium Forest): Hardwood forest on the northern tip of the Romillion Sea. Encounters: fey, hill giants, halflings, hunters.

Cairns, Plains of (Grasslands, EL 6): Along the plains of Cairns run many wild horses. They are herded andtraded in the nearby villages and attract predators. Theplain is dotted with the tombs of ancient warriors, including spirit-haunted cairns of the ancient Orichalans who occupied this area ages ago during their Dragon Empire. Encounters: ghosts, wights, undead of all types

Caravan Crossing (Calm Aquatic, Busy): Traditional area of caravans crossing from the City State to southern areas. Well patrolled, piracy is rare here.

Carrion Abyss (Forbidding Mountains, Giant): A grand crevasse that houses many buzzards and carrion birds. Its depths hold various dangerous predators and scavengers. All intelligent creatures and beasts shun the place. A coven of Carrion Druids has built a foul citadel in its depths. Encounters: carrion crawlers, otyughs, stirges, evil Carrion Druids

Cloudwall Mountains (Forbidding Mountains, high peak; some Giant): The high peaks of these mountains are often shrouded in the clouds. Steam boils out from fissures in low areas causing the mountain to be in perpetual fog. Encounters: kobolds, perytons, steam mephitis

Conqueror’s River (Calm Aquatic, Busy): Running from the Mountains west of Tain, the Conqueror’s River empties into the Estuary of the Roglaroon near the City State. Its name comes from the fact that armies always used the ford to cross as it is a natural path of attack.

Council Lake (Calm Aquatic): Nomads (mostly Tharbrians) from the various plains travel here yearly to trade goods and celebrate springtime. The forests around the lake, however, are quite dangerous. Encounters: bandits, barbarians, goblins

Croy (City State): The isle of Croy sits just east of the Mouth of the Roglaroon and contains the Skandik kingdom of Croy, which is not aligned with the warlike Skandiks at Ossary. The isle of Croy contains an ancient shrine to Odin (known as “Wotan” to the Skandiks). It is said that the shrine contains a huge oak, a seedling from the divine World Tree, and that the oracle of the shrine is very wise.

Darkling Woods (Dense Forest, EL 12): Haunted woodlands, full of many magical plants and animals that can be used by wizards as spell components. Normally avoided by all except the nomads who travel to Council Lake. As All Hallows’ Eve draws near, many witches traveling to the annual ritual in the Witches’ Court Marshes stop for several weeks in this wood to harvest the plentiful mandrake root and other herbs and creatures that are usable as spell components or potion ingredients.

Deadroot Marsh (Swamp): Large boggy area; black lotus can be found in the deepest bogs. Encounters: giant frogs, giant leeches

Dearthwood (Dense Forest, portions are Giant; EL 12): Dearthwood is a vast and dense forest to the north and east of the City State. It is home to the Wild Orcs of the Purple Claw. The wild orcs worship a four-armed blood goddess and, until recently, were led by an Amazon queen. Fourteen years ago, the orcs challenged to cut of all supplies to the city and were finally beaten back when the city established a redoubt across the river. Although the redoubt guards were slain to a man, the queen of the wild orcs was killed, and the orcs retired to crown her daughter. Since then, the Overlord has successfully appealed to the druids to protect his woodsmen brave enough to live adjacent to Dearthwood. No one has located the orcs’ stronghold, although many expeditions have been lost attempting it. The Overlord has posted a reward for the slaughter of the orcs and has staffed many surrounding strongholds to lead
forays into the wood against the orcs. The wood is also occupied by many druids and the hardy Dunael wood folk, who are noted rangers. Encounters: deer, elk, mountain lion, smilodons, orcs, orcs and more orcs

Demon Tongue: Thirteen miles northeast of Thunderhold, the Rorystone Road turns east to an area of abandoned mineshafts. The area gets its name from the switchback road.

Desolate Swamp (Swamp, EL 10): This swampy marshland is between two sets of highlands. Few travelers venture near the swamp because of rumors of a hideous hag and numerous trolls. Encounters: giant insects, hydrae, snakes (vipers), trolls

Devil Whip Rapids (Stormy Aquatic): The winding and switchback stream is a constant rapid for nearly 10 miles. Villagers from the Howling Hills come here to test the waters.

Difring, River (Rough Aquatic): Fast moving river that branches off from the Modron River into the hills west of Tegel.

Elvenstar, River (Calm Aquatic): Fed by the hills between the Grimlon plains and the Grimlon Outlands, this river flows all the way into the Romillion Sea.

Emperor’s Way: One of the marvels of Viridian engineering, the Emperor’s Way is a wide road that winds through the mountains from Rathold Valley to the lowlands north of Catalan. The road is well-patrolled by Viridian troops.

Eorlbane, River (Calm Aquatic): A branch of the Conqueror’s River, Eorlbane serves as the northern border of the Troll Fens. River trolls live along its banks.

Erlag, River (Calm Aquatic): Along with its sister river, the Fairgem, this waterway circles a large stand of mighty oaks. Treants live in the forest.

Ered Cantref (Forbidding Mountains, high peak): Known for its abundant outcroppings of fine marble. The only means of traversing this high range is Twinhorn Pass. Lanshen Cap rises to a height of 17,000 feet. Encounters: giant eagles, storm giants

Ered Losthain (Rugged Mountains, low peak/high pass): Mountains east of the Old South Road. Many copper mines have been found in this area. The northern reaches of this range span from the Dearthwood near the City State all the way south to the mid Altanis region. Griffons nest in the area near the Wellnigh fields.

Fairgem, River (Calm Aquatic): This river travels from the hills east of Redcliffe south to the Selgat Haven.

Fatherhorn Mountain (Rugged Mountains, low peak/ high pass): Great dragons have been sighted near the summit of this great peak.

Fiery Scarp (Forbidding Mountains, high peak): This high and impressive peak is known to be volcanically active, and has erupted several times over the years, showering surrounding lands with ash.

Gasconfold Plain (Grasslands): Nestled to the northeast of Modron, this plain is the home of wild horses and ponies.

Gilring, River (Calm Aquatic): Slow but powerful river drawing from the Estuary of Roglaroon.

Gnarith, River (Rough Aquatic): A rough, fast-flowing river that passes through the rugged country around Castle Gaurdhrakh before joining the River Briskly to the south.

Goodholm Haven (Calm Aquatic, Perilous): A shallow bay, noted for its numerous sandbars and hazardous navigation.

Gorbad Stream (Calm Aquatic): Muddy waterway with beds of shellfish near the mouth of the stream.

Graven Hollows (Gentle Hills, EL 7): Low hills containing the ancient burial cairns of the southern barbarians. Riches and doom abound. Encounters: undead of all sorts

Green Gate Passing (Dense Forest): Thick, ancient coniferous woods grow close amid tangled undergrowth. Creatures from the Mermist Marshes are sometimes found here, as are hunters and woodcutters from Dearthmead and Goodhap.

Grimlon Outlands (Moor): Desolate basin north of the Grimlon Plains. It is mostly uninhabited rocky terrain. Encounters: basilisks, perytons

Grimalon Plains (Grasslands): Verdant grasslands west of the Romillion Sea’s northern tip. It is home of several tribes of Tharbrian nomads. Encounters: barbarians, dire wolves, wild herd animals

Hagrost, River (Calm Aquatic, Busy, EL 8): Pirates whom often raid the Estuary of Roglaroon base here in the village of Wormingford. This river joins the River Gilring and thereafter the Estuary of Roglaroon to form the Caravan Crossing River that leads downstream to the City State of the Invincible Overlord. Fish are plentiful in the river and the woods that surround its northern bank are relatively safe.

Harridrim Cap (Forbidding Mountains, high peak): Very high mountain, the top of which looks like a crooked wizard’s hat. Rumors tell that caves in the region hide the long-abandoned dwelling place of a cabal of ancient wizards.

Herald Peak (Forbidding Mountains, high peak): The highest peak visible from the City State.

Hetflas Dunes (Gentle Hills): Gentle hills east of the Cloudwalls. Cave entrances lead to underground caverns. Encounters: goblins, ogres

Hodar Rapids (Stormy Aquatic, EL8): Wickedly churning waters are what give this mouth of the River Syfwitch its name.

Howling Hills (Rugged Hills, EL 9): Fierce predators prey upon unsuspecting travelers and villagers. Encounters: dire wolves, trolls, werewolves

Inflow, River (Calm Aquatic): A muddy shallow river.

Keystone Peak (Forbidding Mountains, high peak): Westernmost peak in the Cloudwall Mountains. Rumors say an item knows as the “Keystone” controls all the dimensional portals in the Wilderlands is hidden around or beneath the mountain. Encounters: giant eagles, outsiders of various sorts

Kirmier Stream (Calm Aquatic): A branch of the river Twiling, the Kirmir flows deep into the Graven Hollows burial grounds. Encounters: lacedon (ghouls)

Lanshan Cap (Forbidding Mountains, high peak):

Longship Havens (Calm Aquatic, Busy): Inflow from the Winedark Sea. Shallow coastal waters make for easy navigation. The area is used by the Skandiks to build their longships and the seas surrounding the area are constantly patrolled. Encounters: barbarians.

Majestic Fastness: The Majestic Fastness is a vast underground complex that is the ancestral home of the dwarves who now occupy Thunderhold. They were driven out of their halls 400 years ago by the great red dragon, Analegorn, and his young who now rule over the dark domain. Analegorn has called to him hordes of evil creatures that guard the hundreds of miles of corridors and deeps of the Fastness and do his will. In addition to being the fiercest dragon living, it is rumored that Analegorn is also a wizard equal to the most powerful archmage. The dwarves of Thunderhold are said to be planning a strike against him to regain their ancestral home.

Majestic Mountains (Forbidding Mountains, high peak, EL 15): The Dwarves of Thunderhold originated at the Majestic Fastness, deep in the Majestic Mountains. However, they were routed by the Dragon, Analegorn and its three young who dominate the mountains to this day. The sides of the mountains, once lush with alpine meadows, still bear the scorching of the assault by the dragons over 400 years ago. Analegorn has not emerged since, but his young can often be seen circling the mountaintops and raiding the local area. Surprisingly, the dragons have not yet led an attack against Thunderhold.

Marling Stream (Calm Aquatic): Fed by the Witches’ Court Marshes, the Marling Stream is a grey, lonely river that flows slowly to join the River Briskly.

Merrilin Stream (Calm Aquatic, Busy): Slow stream branching off the river Gilring. Fish are abundant, making fishing this stream quite easy. Encounters: scrag (aquatic trolls)

Mermist Marshes (Swamp): Located southeast of the City State, there are many rumors of merfolk associated with this swamp. In the past, the Mermist Swamp was home to refugees from war. Those refugees came to worship a deity called The Toad, the God of the Mermist Swamp. His worship has not spread much past the swamp, but there is a temple to him in the City State. Encounters: giant frogs, giant toads, giant slugs, debased fey

Modron, River (Calm Aquatic, Underwater, EL 8): Many sea creatures prowl the deep waters around the city of Modron, sunken ships litter the river bottom, and aquatic adventure abounds for those brave enough to enter the River Modron and the Estuary of Roglaroon. The mercity of Crespar lies under the water near the city. Encounters: mer-elves, sharks, lacedon (ghouls)

Moonraker Moorlands (Moor): These moors are pocked with craters that resemble the surface of the moon in some spots. The Moonraker Moorlands are home to the Moonraker Moor-Folk, a strange bloodline of human believed to be descended from the Orichalan Dragon Kings that once ruled the area where the City State now stands.

Nazhorrow Woods (Dense Forest): A great stand of evergreens north of the River Stillring. Wood elves live in and around the woods. Encounters: elk, goblins, mountain lions, wood elves

Neuwag’s Neck (Rugged Mountains, low peak): The eastern branch of the Ered Losthain range. Giants live in this area.

Nimbus Tor (Rugged Mountains, high peak): The highest peak in the northern Majestic Mountains is often wreathed in dark clouds and illuminated by lightning.

North Mantle (Grasslands): The flint fields of the Plateau of Bendigroth give way to a richer, loamy soil. It is excellent for agriculture and supports many nomadic Tharbrian tribes. Farther west, the North Mantle grows rougher and more perilous (Viridistan). Encounters: nomads, wolves

Old South Road: The only safe overland road south of the City State, this “Old Road” still sees much use, and brigands and highwaymen steer clear of it for fear of reprisal from the Overlord’s patrolling Throngs.

Phantom Peak (Forbidding Mountains, high peak): A semi-dormant volcano, occasional bursts of steam released from far below give a haunted, howling wail that can be heard for miles away.

Poreeh Wash (Swamp): Flood plain leading to the Deadroot marsh. Encounters: giant mosquitoes

Prydon Plain (Grasslands): Grasslands between the forests of northern Altanis and the Cloudwall Mountains. Encounters: dire wolves, wild horses

Quoth, Crossings of: Two natural bridges connecting the Grimlon Outlands with the Stonefolk Plain. The eastern crossing is the home of a two-headed troll that lives under the bridge.

Rathold Valley (Grasslands): This clearing on Emperor’s Way was a favored stopping place. It is very level and quite free of debris. Encounters: mercenaries, merchants, pilgrims

Ricaridge, Crossings of: Natural land bridges crossing the River Wakeful.

Rocky Rapids (Stormy Aquatic, EL 7): Winding through the Majestic Mountains, the Rocky rapids are treacherous with half submerged rocks and whirlpools all along its path.

Roglaroon, Estuary of the (Calm Aquatic, Busy, Underwater): This great river runs some 120 miles from the City State all the way to the sea. It is almost beach-like from the City State to Modron, where it becomes much deeper. The estuary is patrolled by the sea monster Maelstron, who is rumored to be aligned with the Overlord and to aid him in hunting pirates. How this monstrous aid was gained is a matter of debate and speculation.

Roglaroon, Mouth of the (Rough Aquatic, Busy): This delta is the mouth of the main river feeding the City State. The river is very deep and fast until it reaches Modron to the south, where it shallows out.

Romillion Sea (Calm Aquatic): See Barbarian Altanis.

Rorystone Road: Cobblestone is the main road that runs from the City State all the way to Thunderhold. Patrols search for bandits living in the area that prey on travelers and caravans.

Sabre Scarpe (Grasslands, EL 5): Called such for the razor-like grass growing along the hills. Travelers not taking precautions will take 1d6 slashing damage each turn of travel.

Saddlebow Path: Well worn path from Warwik in the north to Seasteadholm in the south.

Severn, River (Calm Aquatic): This wide, slow river is one of the deepest in the world. The bottom of the river has never been reached in some sections.

Silverwood Valley (Grasslands): The reflected sunlight from the woods to the northwest give this valley a silvery hue. Many ponies and grassland horses live in this valley. There are rumors of unicorns being seen in the valley. Encounters: birds with exceptionally bright plumage, fey, giant ants

Smokeweed Fens (Swamp): The leaves of plants in the deepest regions of this swamp fetch high prices for their hallucinogenic nature. Encounters: dire crocodiles

South Mantle (Grasslands): See Viridistan.

Steadfast Stream (Calm Aquatic): This small and shallow stream never seems to lose any of it water during the seasons.

Stilling, River (Calm Aquatic): This river starts on the edge of the Nazharrow Woods and ends nearly upon the Howling Hills. In some places river trolls lair near the waters edge. Encounters: hunters, river trolls or scrag (aquatic trolls)

Stonecast Stream (Calm Aquatic): This slow meandering stream is a favorite spot for wildlife from the hill regions.

Stonefolk Plain (Rocky Desert): Desolate plain of stone and flint that is very inhospitable. A few tribes of nomads call this area home. Encounters: barbarians

Swarthlad Plain (Grasslands): Tribes of nomads call this place home. Some from as far away as Altanis make their way here. Encounters: barbarians, cavemen

Syfwitch, River (Calm Aquatic): The woods near this river hold many woodsmen, who have spoken of a “White Robed Witch” who patrols the river. Encounters: hunters, rangers, witches

Tharbrian Coast: The northern portion of the regionwas the landing site of many Tharbrian invasions, and retains its name to this day.

Thunder Crag (Forbidding Mountains, high peak, Giant): A looming peak that overlooks the Kingdom of the Dwarves. The mountain is often circled by black clouds.

Torn, River (Calm Aquatic): Reaching from the Winedark Sea to the hills fifty miles inland, the Torn is a deep and narrow river suitable for most ships

Troll Fens (Swamp, EL 10): Legend has it that the fens are home of a group of stone trolls. Encounters: crocodiles, giant frogs

Twilight Road: The northwestern overland route to the City State, Emperor’s Way turns into the Twilight Road as it skirts the Troll Fens.

Twiling, River (Calm Aquatic, Busy): A wide, busy river that flows from the heights south of Oakenbridge, ending at the Skandik shipworks near Ossary.

Twinhorn Pass (Forbidding Mountains, high peak, Giant): Two massive, looming peaks guard what is the only safe passage through the northern Cloudwalls. The Twinhorn Gate (2127) polices the pass and charges a toll for travelers, though providing rest.

Wakeful, River (Calm Aquatic): Distilled water from this river has a stimulant quality, and can keep an imbiber awake for long periods of time. Highly addictive.

Wellnigh Fields (Grasslands): Grassy lowlands between the Fatherhorn Mountains and the Graven Hollows. This area is rich with wildlife. Encounters: coyotes, mastodons, giant sloths, smilodons

Werewood Crossing (Calm Aquatic): Tales of werewolves roaming these lands have never been proven.

Wildwood (Dense Forest): Thick jungle at the southern edge of the Grimalon Plains.

Willowmead Valley (Grassland): Rich grasslands north of Council Lake, home to nomadic centaurs and often crossed by caravans heading to or from the settlements around the Plateau of Bendigroth. The Grita Heathmen and the folk of Hindfell are often found here, hunting antelope and bison.

Witches’ Court Marshes (Swamp, EL 12): The Witches’ Court Marshes are a very special and dangerous place. This is where all the evil witches of the world (except for eccentric, Secret Order witches) gather on All Hallows’ Eve (the last day of the fifteenth month according to the Commoner’s Calendar of the City State) for a massive enclave that serves many purposes.These witches are some 4000 in number, and the power of evil that is concentrated in that one spot that night is truly awesome. The site of the Witches’ Court is protected all year around by the Kanak’raudak Dogorn (“Mystic Mother/Guardian”), the leader and most powerful of all the evil witches that congregate there. The Marmon Hags (see Viridistan) do not take part, however. It is a nexus point between this world and Hell, making the summoning of demons and devils by the Kanak’raudak Dogorn a very easy thing. The current Kanak’raudak Dogorn is a witch named Mordridda (Female Human LE Wit19/Thaumaturge 4; levitation cape, magic wand of icicles, skull of withering, ring bearing the seal of the Kanak’raudak Dogorn). Her main apprentices are Thungra (Female Human LE Wit17, snake rod, spell weird), Karallna (Female Human LE Wit11), Zarbell (Female Human LE Wit9), Dorkalla (Female Human LE Wit8) and Thornessa (Female Human LE Wit7). She has a personal bodyguard of 8 glabrezu demons (CR 13; hp 174).

Wizard’s Web Crossing (Dense Forest): A tangle of massive evergreens spans the river Torn at this point. Who built the crossing is unknown, though there is no doubt that the great trees were woven together in this manner using great magic.

Wormshead Point (Rugged Mountains, low pass): High cliffs allowing a person to view Brezal Isle. Many sea birds nest in the cliff face.