City State Region: Points of Interest

2529 DEARTHMEAD (Village): Conventional; AL N; TL 5; 200 gp limit; Assets 7,750 gp; Population 1,240 (Able bodied 310); Mixed (human 79% [mostly Tharbrian and Skandik], halfling 9%, elf 5%, dwarf 3%, others 4%); Resources: Market. Authority Figure: Oramek, male Tharbrian LG Ftr11 (devoted to Mitra). Important Characters: Athelnar, male Tharbrian LG Ftr8 (Oramek’s younger brother).

Dearthmead was found several hundred years ago as a center for farmers and herders working the fertile lands between the Queens Waste and the Estuary of the Roglaroon. Oramek’s family originally came from Modron and for their service in the Gnoll Times they were granted Dearthmead. Oramek is shocked by Lady Alena’s behavior (2529) but is infatuated with her to the point he thinks that he is love. His brother Athelnar is not amused and has become vocal about his brother infatuation.

2529 Mandan Castle (Castle): Conventional; AL LE; TL 6; 200 gp limit; Assets 6,400 gp; Population 640 (90 men-at-arms War1-3, 40 heavy cavalry Ftr1-2, 20 Altanian bodyguards Bbn1-2 and 10 elite woodsmen Rgr1-3 make up the castle garrison; the remainder are Com1-3 servants, Exp1-3 aides and professionals, and Ari1-3 courtiers and hangers-on); isolated (human 96% [mostly Alryan and Tharbrian, some Altanian], others 4%); Resources: Castle. Authority Figure: Alena, female Alryan LE Sor8. Important Characters: Conar, male Altanian N Bbn9 (Assigned by the Overlord to be Alena’s personal bodyguard and to oversee the Altanians who serve as her personal retinue).

Alena is an illegitimate daughter of the Overlord. She is young and charismatic with the power of sorcery at her command. Her father, the Overlord, posted her as Lady of Mandan Castle. Alena’s overriding goal is to defeat the dragon Xathragot and her brood (2334). While she knows she cannot face Xathragot directly now, she seeks every bit of experience in order to further hone her powers. She likes shocking Oramek, the Lord of Dearthmead, with her vulgarity and ruthlessness. She often makes fun of his devotion to Mitra.

2623 CITY STATE OF THE INVINCIBLE OVERLORD (Metropolis): Conventional; AL N; TL 9; 100,000 gp limit; Assets 250,000,000 gp; Population 80,000 (Able bodied 20,000); Mixed (human 72% [mostly Alryan, Tharbrian, Skandik and Altanian, and many of mixed ancestry; there are humans from a wide range of nationalities in the city at any time], dwarf 16%, halfling 5%, elf 3%, others 4%); Resources: Market. Authority Figure: His Most Terrible Majesty, the Invincible Overlord, Hygelak XI, male Tharbrian LN Ftr20. Important Characters: Balarnega, male human LE Wiz16 (Grand Vizier); Captain Rikter, male human LN Ftr16 (Captain of the Royal Cavalry); Langwellan the Blue, male Tharbrian NG Wiz15 (Lord of the Wizards Keep); Paramswarn the Red, male Alryan NE Sor16 (Lord of the Southern Keep, rumored to be an uncle of the Overlord); Tergo Di Bragit, male human N Ftr15 (Commander of the Regular Army, one of the Overlord’s Vasthosts).

Located on a bluff on the western edge of Dearthwood on the Estuary of Roglaroon, the City State of the Invincible Overlord was founded in 3075 BCCCC on the ruins of what is believed to be the ancient capital of the long lost Dragon Empire of the Orichalans. The City State is one of the greatest cities of the north. Its importance is exceeded only by Viridstan, the city of spices and seat of the Falling Empire, far to the west.

Atrabilorin, the famous dwarf warlord, established the city after the fall of the Dragon Lords and was known as the Invincible Overlord. Though known as Ryan’s Ruin by sages, Rhamsandron by wizards, and Normoot by Altanians, the city came to be known as the City State of the Invincible Overlord and its former name under the Dragon Empire was forgotten. The title “Invincible Overlord” has been held by every ruler of the City State since its creation. Because the city was initially founded by a dwarven hero, the city became home to a large expatriate population of dwarves and is allied to the dwarven city of Thunderhold to the north. Many years ago, Lucius the Great — a Tharbrian warlord — took advantage of a civil war that embroiled one of Atrabilorin’s successors and he and his allied clans swept eastwards and conquered the City State. Since Lucius’s reign several hundred years ago, the City State has come to dominate the region from the eastern border of the Viridian Empire at the Plateau of Bendigroth to the Winedark Sea. Today, the only city that the City State pays tribute too is Viridstan itself.

The City State is situated at the intersection of the ancient Rorystone Road that runs north to Thunderhold and the Old South Road that runs south through the Pazidan Peninsula through Black Baron Pass, over the Bellystone Ford on the River Mageven an on to the elven city of Onhir. Most trade, however, is done by ship, as the Estuary of Roglaroon allows large drafted ships to sail inland as far as the City State. For this reason, the City State supports the important village of Byrny and the newly-refounded city of Modron which is strategically located on the Estuary of Roglaroon, aiding in the Overlord’s campaign to oust the Pirates of Hagrost that prey on the City State’s tradeships from their secret hideout on the River Hagrost.

Though few know his true name, the current Invincible Overlord is Hygelak “the Dread,” a cruel ruler whose elite group of assassins and secret police known as the Black Lotus roam the city and the surrounding lands enforcing his will and eliminating rivals. The army of the Overlord is organized into units called “throngs,” with each “throng” containing 100 men. Throngs of mounted units are called “equithrongs.” Five throngs are called a “vasthrong.” Two to eight vasthrongs and one to four equithrongs are called a “battle.” It is rare for a battle to contain more mounted troops then footmen. Battles are usually augmented with approximately 500 additional troops consisting of mercenaries, militia, peasant levies, engineers, bachelor knights, noble retainers and men-at-arms. Three battles are called a “vasthost,” or an army. The Overlord normally keeps two vasthosts in the field, one composed of regular army types and the other composed of nobles and mercenaries. After a successful campaign, a vasthost will be immediately given a new mission, preventing a successful commander from returning to overthrow the Overlord. The Overlord also keeps a substantial fleet, including a number of pirates and freebooters.

Over the years, there have three major military campaigns (and numerous minor ones) by the City State against the World Emperor at Viridistan, the last resulting in tribute being paid on an annual basis by the Overlord. It is rumored that over the last five years he has greatly reduced the tribute, resulting in tension with Viridistan and the World Emperor.

The City State is the site of several major temples, including temples to Thoth, Odin, Manannan and Nephtlys the Spider God, as well as the temple of Harmakhis and the influential Hellbridge Temple, which holds the legendary Baleful Eye of Morg.

The City State is plagued by the Orcs of the Purple Claw from nearby Dearthwood and from the fell beasts of the Troll Fens and Mermist Marshes to the northwest and southwest. The Overlord has had several strongholds built or occupied by those loyal to him to keep these creatures in check. He has even posted rewards for their slaughter.

2626 GOODNAP (Village): Conventional; AL N; TL 4; 200 gp limit; Assets 5,375 gp; Population 860 (Able bodied 215); Mixed (human 79% [mostly Alryan and Tharbrian, some Altanian], halfling 9%, elf 5%, dwarf 3%, others 4%); Resources: Market. Authority Figure: Kofsyra, male Tharbrian N Ftr10. Important Characters: Kozan, male Tharbrian LE Ftr6 (Kofsyra’s son and heir); Dalia, female human LE Sor6 (Kozan’s advisor and companion from the Hellbridge Temple).

Goodnap is a market town for the farms along the southern shores of the Roglaroon. The area is one of the breadbaskets for the City State and the Overlord takes great interest in maintaining the peace. Lord Kofsyra is concerned over the threat poised by the pirates of Hagrost. His taxes have been raised to cover the cost of stationing the extra company at Northguard and he is looking to mount an expedition to get rid of the pirates once and for all. He is 50 years old and not in good health and will appoint his son Kosan to lead the expedition. He also concerned about his son’s relationship with the Hellbridge Temple. However the Temple has backed several lucrative caravans into Goodnap because of Kosan and Lord Kofsyra is willing to tolerate it for now.

2626 Northguard Tower (Citadel): Conventional; AL N; TL 6; 100 gp limit; Assets 800 gp; Population 160 (two companies of 20 men-at-arms War2s are the garrison; the balance are Com1-2s mundane servants and farmers); isolated (human 96% [Alryan and Tharbrian, some Altanian], others 4%); Resources: Citadel. Authority Figure: Bandan, male human N Ftr5. Important Characters: Nadine, female Altanian N Pys6 (Protector of the Rock Lizard Clan wandering the Queens waster near Northguard tower).

Northguard Tower defends the northern approaches of Goodnap from any forces raiding from the estuary of the Roglaroon. In the last few years the pirates of Hagrost have proven troublesome causing the Overlord to add an extra company (20 men) to the tower’s garrison. This is Sir Bandan first command and he desires to prove himself worthy to the Overlord and to his love, Nadine. Nadine is a Protector with an Altanian tribe wandering the Queens Waste. Bandan met her on patrol several years back and fell in love.

2630 LUCKSTONE (Village): Conventional; AL LG ; TL 3; 200 gp limit; Assets 5,600 gp; Population 896 (Able bodied 224); Mixed (human 72% [mostly Tharbrian and Altanian], halfling 17%, elf 5%, dwarf 3%, others 4%); Resources: Vineyards. Authority Figure: Sulakarn, male Tharbrian N Ftr8. Important Characters: Naise, female human NG Rgr3/Ari2 (Sulakarn’s sister, runs village in brother’s absence); Olwine, female halfling LG Rog6/Ari2 (leader of the halflings from Atwain).

Two hundred years ago the red dragon Xathragot and her brood (2334) destroyed the farms and herds around Luckstone. However several halflings from Atwain contacted their relatives to the west in Wildwood (0633). With the last of their gold the people of Luckstone organized a caravan to Wildwood and brought back many cuttings of grape vines. The vines thrived in the dry climate of Luckstone and the town became famed for the quality of its wines. Sulakarn is Lord of Luckstone and is descended from the leader of the Wildwood expedition. He is bored by the straight-laced ways of the people of Luckstone. He spends six months out of the year at the City State where he partakes in many of the hedonistic pleasures of the city. Currently the leading citizens of Luckstone are trying to convince him to mount an expedition to liberate the halflings of Atwain.