City State Region

This area contains the Upper Pazidan Peninsula (known as the “Roglaras”) as well as many important cities, including the City State of the Invincible Overlord, the rival city of Warwik, the dwarven citadel of Thunderhold, the newly-rebuilt city of Modron and the capital of the Skandiks at Ossary. The great forest of Dearthwood and the Orcs of the Purple Claw as well as the Estuary of the Roglaroon, which travels from its mouth north of Dearthwood to the City State, dominate the area. Legends say this area was once part of the Empire of Kelnore and, later, the capital of the Orichalan Dragon Empire. Rorystone Road stretches from Thunderhold to the City State and the ancient Old South Road runs south from the City State down the Pazidan Peninsula into Altanis and the city of Onhir.

The Plateau of Bendigroth and the plains to the south are home to the many nomadic Tharbrians, whose invasions have shaped so much of modern history. The Skandiks and their longships patrol the waters along the Tharbrian and Pagan Coasts and control many of the coastal villages and islands. The most prominent of these are the hostile Skandiks of Ossary, who currently maintain a wary and fragile armed peace with the Overlord. Trading ships from Modron, Warwik, the City State, Valon, Tarantis and occasionally Viridistan and Karak ply the waters of the Winedark Sea, as do pirates of the Brotherhood of Pirates and the Deathhorn Pirates of Warwik. The Witches’ Court Marshes and the nearby village of Grita Heath are quite mysterious.

Though the region is temperate, weather in Roglaras can range from mild to quite severe. Tornadoes are common in the western plains during late spring and early summer, as are destructive thunderstorms in the east. Spring flooding of the estuary is rare, but when it happens it can be catastrophic, inundating the Dearthwood and causing considerable damage to communities up and down its length. A wide variety of plants dot the landscape from palms in the south and tanglenut trees in the north.