Clovers Crossing's Founding Laws


1. All persons within Clover’s Crossing shall be equal in worth and consideration, free from enslavement and from persecution for their beliefs or actions in any form, except where those interfere with others to the detriment of their health, livelihood, or safety.

2. All persons, other than criminals punished for violent crimes or those deemed unstable of mind by the community, shall be permitted to carry weapons or to arm themselves with magic, so long as their use or possession of such does not endanger others in the eyes of the community law. No person shall, by force or manipulation, cause another to act against their will or contrary to their nature.

3. No person shall, through deliberate action, deliberate inaction, or careless neglect, allow Clover’s Crossing, as a community or as an object, to come to harm.

4. No person shall, through their actions, disrupt in any way the normal workings of the community, except as provided by the channels of government.

5. All accused persons shall be considered innocent until proven guilty, and all shall be free from the arbitrary seizure of property or the duty to house soldiers against their will.

1These laws require a unanimous vote by the current government to alter.