About Clovers Crossing

“It began with a shudder the whole village felt, an unprecedented but soon forgotten tremor. A week later, a sinkhole swallowed the church house during ceremonies, killing the town’s priest and most devout residents. Soon after, screams filled the night, and the paths of dragged bodies led to the churchyard, where every grave bore either the mark of morbid subsidence, or yawned open, transformed into gateways into a chthonic nightmare. None can say when the ghouls came or how many lurk beneath Clover’s Crossing, but what was once a peaceful refuge of the living is now a den of the dead.”

The town of Clover’s Crossing was an abandoned ruin for over 10 years after the church of Pharasma collapsed into a sinkhole, killing the priests and the faithful worshippers. Spoken in whispers, it is said that the night after the collapse, screaming could be heard throughout the town as the remaining living townsfolk were dragged into the pit by humanoid creatures with long, sharp teeth, and pallid flesh stretched tightly over starved frames.

Families in the outlying farms abandoned their homesteads and moved to Dearthmead. The investigators sent by the council from the City State were never seen again.

The South Road takes a wide swath around Clover’s Crossing, but a new road has been constructed connecting the new town to the South Road.

Summary: 15 Years ago Vauran Grimburrow’s son Balthazar left Dearthmead for adventure. Joining the army in the City State, Balthazar was trained in the Legion and became a victorious warrior specializing in close combat with the orc hordes. One night, however, his host was patrolling the hill country near the Path River when they were set upon by a horde of undead. Balthazar fought to the last man, and when his host was lost, he fell, expecting to wake in Pharasma’s boneyard. But a cruel fate awaited him, for when he woke the hunger for human flesh consumed him. By night he journeyed through the countryside on a fevered mission to return home.

Some bit of control remained as he entered the Church of Pharasma in Dearthmead, only to be spurned away by his brother, the good Father Grimburrow. Vauran could not destroy his ghoulish brother however, a shame that will haunt him always. Balthazar left, and discovered the cave system that led underneath the town of Clover’s Crossing. It was there that his hatred of Pharasma burned deep, and he used his knowledge of engineering and his ghoulish minions to cause the sinkhole. He saved the town’s priest however, and enslaved him to regenerate the flesh of the dead townsfolk week after week for 10 years to provide sustenance to Balthazar and his ghouls. The priest lives still, locked away in the darkness with a shattered mind, casting Restore Corpse on his former parishioners to forever feed the horrible undead.

Since then, a small group led by Jona Clay ventured to Clover’s Crossing in hopes of razing the ruins and building a new town on top of them. Out of respect to those who died that horrible night 13 years ago, they agreed to keep the name as Clover’s Crossing, given to the town because of the ferry crossing that exists here. It has now been three years since the reconstruction began and a lot of the primary buildings have been rebuilt or restored. Many of the hovels that were burned that night are still in need of repair or to be rebuilt. The few that were inhabitable have been slowly taken by those who have ventured to Clover’s Crossing to begin a new life.

A few of the families that moved to Dearthmead have returned to start cultivating their farms again. Last year was the first year that they have a harvest that was more than required to feed the local town population. Jona Clay has worked hard to oversee the reconstruction as well as train the Town Guard in order to ensure peace. Esme Currindon was sent along with the group as a representative of the City State. Not one to dirty her hands, she has been instrumental and helping to settle many of the disputes that have arisen so far. She recently received a message from the City State asking when Clover’s Crossing would be able to govern itself.

At this time, the population of Clover’s Crossing is approximately 125. Many of these people do not live within the town proper. Still fearing the events of that night nearly 15 years past, they have taken residence in the many farmhouse-like hovels that dot the countryside.

The five farming families that returned have formed a cooperative that oversees most of the cultivated area around Clover’s Crossing. About a quarter of the population work for the cooperative assisting with the planting and harvesting of the crops or tending to the livestock that provide food to the town. What little is leftover each harvest is stored to protect to ensure a shortage of food doesn’t occur.