About Me

I am a 65 year old gamer from Ohio. I cut my teeth on the Original D&D White Box edition while I was stationed in Misawa, Japan in the 70’s. At one point in time I had an autographed copy of the White Box edition with EGG and Steve Arneson’s autographs. I’ll discuss what happened to it later on. I’ve never really lost my love for the Original version. While I have played versions up to 3.5 and even dipped my toes in Pathfinder, I really enjoy the simplicity that was the Original D&D.

Over the years, mainly due to the travel that was involved with my military career, I also ventured into Tabletop Boxed Games, i.e. those by Avalon Hill. My interest in history, primarily military history and re-enactment, led me to the military miniatures arena. I painted complete miniature armies for the Ancient period and the Seven Years War. It was about that time that my first child was born and needless to say, gaming became difficult due to a lack of time.

So for about 4 years, most of my stuff was setting in some boxes stored away in a closet. That’s when disaster struck. Our place was pretty small and available storage area was even smaller. I had about 10 boxes of books, miniatures, terrain, etc. that I had collected and so my parents had offered to store it at their place in an empty closet in a bedroom that wasn’t used.

Things went fine for a couple of years and then a got a call one morning that there had been a fire at my parents’ home. The loss was pretty devastating. As I went through the boxes praying I could salvage something I realized all was loss when my miniatures were just puddles of solid lead mixed with the different colors from the paint.

I think it was that loss that woke me up to what I was missing, the camaradarie that was found in tabletop gaming. Slowly I worked my way through eBay, conventions, local gaming stores, regaining copies of everything I had lost. Aside from the Original White Box version there had also been a complete collection of everything that was Judges Guild. It had been the basis for my very first campaign world and would become my favorite of all those around at that time.

In the 70’s, I had been such a fan of the Judges Guild material I had even made a trip home from Japan and included a stop at their location in Decateur, Illinois and had the opportunity to meet several of the original creators while I was there.

In 1996, I attended the very first Origins that was held in Columbus, OH. Every year since then I have been in attendance from beginning to end. I have played an unbelievable cross-section of games there from miniatures to collectible card games to play testing new games, i.e. HackMaster.

Currently I run most of my games online but would like to get a small group together on a monthly or semi-monthly basis for some Old School Gaming. I’m currently working on two projects: one is a set of Medieval Economics rules for d20 game systems, and the other is a OSR Dungeon project located in the Wilderlands of High Fantasy in an area southwest of the City State of the Invincible Overlord. As things progress I will post examples from the project.