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Donna Ellery



   Donna Ellery is mainly a self-taught artist, living in the rural Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  Choosing not to pursue art school, Donna hitchhiked around the country after attending University of Vermont for a couple of years, raised goats, camped and generally created mayhem peculiar to the youth of the early 1970's.  Finally settling down in her home state of Vermont to raise her family, Donna became a small business art related entrepreneur.  

    For the past ten years, Donna has worked in glass as her main medium, while illustrating, painting  and creating art pieces/sculpture.  Presently, she continues to learn and increase her skills and abilities in the fine art realm, with glass as a secondary vocation.  Donna teaches art and glass classes from her studio/gallery in McIndoe Falls, Vermont.

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Donna Ellery

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