Reception Details



Overall Feel...




Centerpiece Ideas 

 (In addition to our floral arrangements...)

(Photo Credit: Knottie MrsBruin)


Table Design



DIY Table Cards


I took vintage postcards featuring scenes of Ireland (since we're going there for our honeymoon) and used them as tablecards. I used Avery clear address labels and typed out what I needed. I'm not very happy with the label shadow, but hopefully no one will notice in the long run...



Other Details...


 My step-dad loves to tinker around his worskhop, so he will be making us a rustic sign to put out by the road. Ours will say "Caroline and Tim's Wedding."



We're doing a chocolate bar for our favor because I *lurve* chocolate.

(Photo Credit: Mrs.ErinnElizabeth)

Too cute!

(Photo Credit: MissyNPLT)