Budget Info


You don't have to wander around the Knot for too long to realize that the wedding budget is always a main concern to brides-to-be. It was a particular concern to me for a few reasons:

1.  I had no money to contribute. I went into a great deal of credit card debt while I was unemployed, so the majority of my salary goes to credit card payments and living expenses. I knew that I could come up with a few hundred dollars max. My fiance is a police officer, and unfortunately, that type of job is not exactly well paid.

2. My parents are divorced. My mom and step-dad told me that they would do whatever to contribute to the wedding because they wanted to give me a nice wedding, and they knew that I wouldn't go crazy with the money. Still, with my mom trying to get her own business off the ground, I wasn't too keen on them plonking down the cash. My dad and step-mom are only in a slightly better position as they have my 5 year old brother...and kids cost a lot. :)

So how did I fare? I will have a final report after the wedding, but as of right now are budget is the following (based on 100 people, 4 groomsmen, and 5 bridesmaids):

Expenditure                                     Cost   

Photography                                    $1000.00      

Wedding/Reception  Site            $750.00      

Catering/Tip                                     $1445.00   

Flowers/Décor                                $500.00       

Cake                                                     $392.75    

Invitations                                        $249.00        

Linens                                                  $170.00     

Tables & Chairs                                $450.00

Wedding Dress                                 $1000.00  (Split the cost with my mom)

Accessories                                       $145.00

Gifts for 'Maids/Groomsmen      $150.00     (Fiance and I will split cost)

Incidentals...                                     $205.00

TOTAL:                                           $6456.75