About me

I live in Slovakia with my wonderful wife and small daughter.

I´m a collector of vintage phonographs and gramophones. All of my machines require no electric power to operate. The records are turned with spring driven motors and sound is reproduced through mechanical amplification. Most of these machines were manufactured in an era when a lot of people had no electricity at their home. In other words it is from about 1887 till the end of 1960. More information about history of "talking machine" you can read here,

Vintage gramophones fascinated me from my childhood due to its very nice view and simple function without any electric power. My first crank gramophone I obtained when I was about twelve. Unfortunatelly it was in poor condition and unfuctionally. After a long time I and my brother restored it to its new life. It was a beautiful feeling hear it plays orginal shellac record fom the begining of the twenties century.
The second moment why I like old time gramophones is that my favourite music is jazz from the "Roaring Twenties". I like to hear this music a long time and it was my dream to hear it from original records from that period. 
If you have any question or need advice do not hesitate to contact me tokovsky@gmail.com. I answer everyone ASAP.
First gramophone which I restored together with my brother.                                                     My little treasure with me and gramophones. Sorry, my big treasure is missing (my wife).
It´s in his own now. Gramophone is from Germany (about 1910).                                                                                                                                                                                 
5th of October 2011