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LSCOCC 2018 Fall Schedule of Events

The club is arranging to have a rotating 'host' in the lab on Monday afternoons.    This person is not expected to be there all afternoon if no one shows up to the lab.  If you'd like to be one of the hosts please reply to this email.




Monday September 10       - Updates and computer maintenance, Sjoerd and Paul will be updating the network.   Ie.   We likely won't be able to deal with personal questions, and the network might be down some of the time.


Wednesday September 12 -Computer Karaoke ‘CDG Ripper’ *1 Class.   Eric Marshall

*1 NOTE: a ‘CDG Ripper’ copies (at high speed i.e. ‘Rips’) the digital music and lyrics (‘Graphics’) files from a Karaoke CD to ‘.MP3’ & ‘.CDG’ files on the computer. An ordinary ‘CD Ripper’ (e.g. Windows Media Player) ‘Rips’ only the digital music files on a CD to (compressed) ‘.MP3’ files on the computer.


Wednesday September 19 - Kijiji - buying and selling sharing session

Monday September 24       - club planning meeting and sharing session


Wednesday September 26 - The new Google Mail look.   Windows and iOS


* Denotes change from regular schedule

Wednesday October 3 - Updates and computer maintenance*

Monday October 8 - LSCO closed Thanksgiving *

Wednesday October 10 - Everything - an awesome free and fast Windows search program

Monday October 15 - Sharing session

Monday October 22 - Installing Filebox eXtender & Irfanview to lab PCs

Wednesday October 24 - Irfanview free Image viewer/editor and converter

Wednesday October 31 - Club planning, meeting and sharing session*


Monday 5                - Updates and computer maintenance

Wednesday 7          - Filebox eXtender get to your files faster from wherever on your PC

Monday 12               - LSCO Closed in Lieu of Remembrance Day*

Monday 19               - Sharing session

Wednesday 21        - Computer gadgets, software, and cool ideas sharing session. Please bring along any tech related ideas, software, gadgets you care to share.   This is a sharing session, the more the merrier.

Monday 26               - Club planning, meeting and sharing session


Proposed workshops include: "How to install and use the WaytoPark parking app" used by the City of Lethbridge, (This will be an open session free to all LSCO members.  The app is being revised at this time.a demo of "Google Home" by London Drugs,  a third continuation of the "IrfanView" workshop, more sharing sessions on favorite websites & or programs.


Help Sessions:

If you want one on one help for a specific problem or something you’d like to learn, please email  giving a date and time and what you’d like help with.   The more detail you can give the more likely it will be that you get some beneficial help.  

We’ll try to hook you up with someone who will be able to help you in the lab.    This service is available to Computer Club members only.

Our members have different levels of expertise and areas of knowledge.   Complicated problems may be better solved by going to a qualified computer technician.


Remember the earlier your notice and the more detail you can provide the more likely you are to get help.   Any open dates and times can be used for one on one help or a workshop as long as the session is pre-arranged.


Email to be added to the email list or to ask for help from the computer club.

More stuff

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The computer Lab is available to computer club members 1 - 4 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays.  Unless pre-empted for other classes.  

If the lab is closed ask for the key at the reception desk.

Wireless access is available at:   LSCO-Computer_Lab_guest

Please lock up when you leave and make a note of any problems on the sheet at the front of the lab.

Thank you for keeping the lab running smoothly

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Workshop Fees:  free to members of the computer club, $5.00 non members.  Please pay at the administration desk.  

Pre registration is not required.


Workshops are held upstairs in the computer lab.    Time:  1 - 3 pm

Seating is available on a first come first serve basis.

The computer lab has wifi as well as wired internet access.  You’re welcome to bring your own laptops or portable devices.  Sorry, but workshop facilitators can’t be expected to deal with setting up your internet access or dealing other personal device problems during a workshop.    This is best done on non workshop days.


If you don't want to receive LSCOCC updates please reply to this email requesting removal.


Sjoerd Schaafsma
LSCOCC Chair & Techie Guy
Don't Trip over the Byte Bucket

Suggestions for other workshops are welcome.