Workshop Calendar

LSCOCC 2018 Spring & Summer Schedule of Events

Updated May 14, 2018  Note May 28 Change of schedule

The computer Lab is available to computer club members 1 - 4 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays.  Unless pre-empted for other classes.

Workshops are held upstairs in the computer lab and generally run for two hours.    Time:  1 - 3 pm

Workshop Fees:  free to members of the computer club, $5.00 non members.  Please pay at the administration desk. 

Pre registration is not required.

Seating is available on a first come first serve basis.

The computer lab has wifi as well as wired internet access.  You’re welcome to bring your own laptops or portable devices.  Sorry, but workshop facilitators can’t be expected to deal with setting up your internet access or dealing other personal device problems during a workshop.    This is best done on non workshop days.

Check here for the lab Schedule

 ( includes LSCO classes & other club activities )

Please note:   Empty time slots are available for help sessions if there is no other conflict.     Help sessions are only available to LSCO members who are also Computer Club Members.

The empty time slots are not open times to drop in on the lab.    If you are volunteering to help another member you should log your volunteer time at the LSCO log in computer.    If there is enough demand for a workshop on one of the free time slots this could be arranged.


Monday 19 Monday 19                   Typing and Word processing Session 1 - to be repeated according to need and demand.  Instructor - Carol Roesler

Learn basic skills needed to more efficiently do things like: getting around with email, typing letters, and performing basic tasks on your computer such as saving and downloading files. 

You will be provided with a free typing tutor program which you can either download to your personal computer or use online.  Either bring your own computer, or a USB flash drive to download the typing program.

Wednesday 21 iPhone, iPod & iPad Sharing session

Monday      26    Lscocc Meeting followed by sharing session

Wednesday 28    Photoshop: An overview of some of the capabilities of Photoshop - Presenter: Roy Michelsen

Target audience: photographers of all skill levels interested in digital photo editing
Photographic examples will be used to illustrate what can be done with Photoshop. 
Anything done at the workshop can be done on Photoshop Elements as well as Photoshop CS.
Computer file handling will be a great asset


Monday 2 LSCO Closed    Easter Monday

Monday 9 Regular Updates of Lab computers and Sharing session

Wednesday April 11 - Lethbridge Public Library Electronic Resources - Caroline Moynihan

What is available, and how to access the library's Electronic Resources

Wednesday April 18 - Sharing Session - Share your favourite Web Sites

POSTPONED TILL FURTHER NOTICE   Wednesday April  25 - NB: note time change  **  2 - 4 PM  **  - London Drugs Presents -

POSTPONED TILL FURTHER NOTICE   -How to share photos on TV and other devices   


Monday April 30  - Meeting and sharing session


Wednesday May 2  Sharing session, computers, smart phones, tablets, bring your questions and or bright ideas.

Monday May 7          Sort of Regular Updates of Lab computers (blame it on Microsoft and Windows 10) and Sharing session

Wednesday May 9,  1 - 3  PM  - London Drugs Presents -

-How to share photos on TV and other devices   

- Transferring photos between devices, including cameras, smart phones and computers.

-Bluetooth features.

Monday May 14,  1 -  3 pm  Typing and basic help with Carol

Wednesday May 16,         Email basics and more    Sjoerd

Join us for a waltz, dance, walk or crawl through the wonders of email.   The focus will be on using Gmail, but the basics apply to most email accounts.    Learn how to set up an account and more.

Monday May 21 LSCO CLOSED Victoria Day

Monday May 28 -     Meeting MOVED TO THE FOLLOWING WEEK


Monday June 4 Updates  Meeting and sharing session

Planning for the future of the computer club, Fall schedule, workshops

Wednesday June 6  Basic Photo viewing, editing, viewing and manipulating using the free program IrfanView  presented by Sjoerd

This will be a hands on workshop.

Irfanview is designed to be simple for beginners and powerful for professionals.  If the heavy duty workhorse Photoshop is too much for you, this may be all you need.

The LSCOCC will be taking a break from workshops for the summer months.    The lab will be available at the usual times.

NOTE: Lab Hours:

The computer Lab is available to computer club members 1 - 4 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays unless pre-empted for other classes.

If the lab is closed ask for the key at the reception desk.

Wireless access is available at:   LSCO-computer_lab_guest

Please lock up when you leave and make a note of any problems on the sheet at the front of the lab.

Thank you for keeping the lab running smoothly

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Suggestions for other workshops are welcome.


Sjoerd Schaafsma
LSCOCC Chair & Techie Guy
Don't Trip over the Byte Bucket